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Product Description

In today’s world of high-tech communications, sometimes it just feels good to handwrite your observations, thoughts, ideas and experiences for your own reference or to preserve for future generations. This leather-bound journal offers the perfect repository for whatever crosses your mind. Made of our vintage brown leather, which is dry milled to achieve softness.

Filler contains 130 sheets of ruled, recycled “desert haze” paper, laced into the journal with 1/8″ leather lacing. When full, insert may be removed and filed away. (Replacement fillers available.) Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop, the journal is 9” H x 7” W with a two position closure. May be personalized with three initials on front strap. Makes a great travel companion. Colonel’s No. 2 Lead Expedition Pencil included.

This item is also available in American Buffalo

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Pommel Shield Option

In the late 1800’s U.S. Cavalry Saddles featured brass pommel shields.  These shields not only indicated the seat size of the saddle but also had a slot through which a leather strap could be threaded to anchor a bedroll or other necessities.  This No. 9 Journal is offered with a Brass Pommel shield riveted securely on the front to give it a more distinctive look and feel.

“If you had your father’s journal, what would you take for it? It’s never too late to start a journal.” -Colonel


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7 reviews for No. 9 Journal with Ruled Filler

  1. Kit
    5 out of 5


    I have solved its only problem!
    I coveted this Journal from the moment I first saw it on the Orvis site. After a year, I got it, for a present, with only daily mentions to my wife!

    I need to keep a log, disassemble into a Levenger Circa System for permanence of business notes, sketch and remove to occasionally frame (I am a professional artist pat-time…and a Forensic Physician full-time). And yes, I am a bit compulsive: I have (literally) hundreds of sketch-books, Journals, and note-books. Always looking for the perfect one. Ah, but that was then, this is now.

    Here is why.

    Quality: it just ‘feels’ right. It is a bit hefty, but then it dawned on me: if one wants to always have a journal at hand, why not have one always at hand? Duh? It isn’t THAT heavy, and one won’t forget it at the restaurant table, the office desk, or the conference room work-station as easily. And it looks so good. One can also find that its size actually makes it easy to simply tuck under an arm…and carry a baby, too! (after all…as the Col. says…it is a journal for them to have one day, too.)

    Utility: pen is taken to the unlined paper beautifully. As is pencil, and charcoal stick. How often one finds journals even with 60-weight paper that bleeds, or wrinkles when putting ink or watercolor later to a sketch with a water-brush! I have with this journal/paper layered sketches with inks, and charcoal, and pencil, and brushes…the curl makes the drawing look wonderful, the color of the paper (Colonel…don’t even THINK of changing paper suppliers!) adds a grace to an otherwise “simple” rendering, causing it to become elegant. (go on the web and search for ‘sketchbooks and journals nof the Masters…and see how this one leads!)

    Flexibilty: this is the real reason I decided to write this review. I hate ring-binder or metal-curled spiral note-books and journals…but how ELSE to get the pages to be flat? After experimentation, I discovered a simple ‘trick’ with the No. 9. Tie the knots at the top and the bottom of the ferrels on the outsides of the leather shields, top and bottom in their usual places. Then, with the extra loose ‘room’ one is able to gracefully open the entire journal flat! Sure, the edges of the fillers loosen…but that makes no important differene. No worry…even if one ties the knots to within one mm of the cord ends…shoot…there is no way one will not see the knot has not held. Re-tye to TWO ‘mms !

    Choose a page at the end of the book to write an ‘Index.” disassemble each month, or two, or several…or when one is prolific…every two weeks! Separate the pages. Keep the true journal entries. Put the business notes in your files. Frame the sketches (or not).

    Question: is the paper of the ‘lined’ re-inserts the same high quality tanned re-cycled that also takes ink, and color, and charcoal, and pencil as well as the un-lined? If so, I might even try journaling on the right, and sketching on the left side. (Note from Col. Littleton: The lined No. 9 Journal insert is indeed the same paper as the unlined insert)

    I do plan to get a quality pencil with replaceable 4B or 6B drawing/writing thick leads. The #2 pencil is cool…but who wants to carry a sharpener everywhere?

  2. William
    5 out of 5


    Very pleased with this product. Got it with my newborn son’s initials on the journal to document our adventure together!

  3. Matthew
    5 out of 5


    Replaced another leather journal cover
    I’m really enjoying the journal. The paper works well with fountain pens and that’s important to me. The construction quality is great and my little one loves the moon pies.

  4. Drew
    5 out of 5


    Fantastic product
    My first Colonel Littleton product and a gift for Father Day. It has quickly become one of my most prized possesions. I cannot find a single fault with this beautiful journal.

  5. Russell Smith
    5 out of 5


    Near-Perfect Writing Companion
    Late in 2010, I began writing a journal every day, having abandoned the practice several years ago. Going full-time on Chiefist prompted me to start again. As my friends know, I like, use and admire high quality products, preferring a nice fountain pen to a Bic any day. So I looked around for a nice journal, and found an outstanding one in the Col. Littleton No. 9 Journal.

    Col. Littleton, a purveyor of fine leather and other goods out of Tennessee, sells its wares directly and via a few distributors. I found the journal through Orvis. I ordered the journal with ruled paper (paper comes in unruled, fly fishing and golf versions as well), and monogrammed with my initials.

    Upon receiving the journal, I first noted the excellent quality of the leather. While soft, the leather feels sturdy in your hands, which adds a sense of permanency in journal writing. I like that feel a great deal. The feel also puts me in a contemplative mood whenever I write in it, even for quick-hit notes. If possible, I believe the high-quality and even beauty of the journal contributes to better thinking. Winston Churchill observed that, “We make our buildings and then our buildings make us.” That insight seems true of this journal as well.

    The second aspect of the journal I noted — its heft. It measures 9″ x 7″ x 1.5″ and it weighs more than most journals of that size. The leather and the high-quality, thick paper both contribute to the weight. Normally, I consider the weight as contributing to the sturdy feel of the journal. On travel around town, and out of town, it can make the journal a lot to carry. I’ve begun traveling with smaller, lighter, journals (including the Col. Littleton No. 23 Pocket Journal, and Field Notes memo and steno books) to meetings around town to jot down notes. When on overnight travel, by car, train or plane, I’ll usually take the Col. Littleton journal with me, although sometimes opt for lighter notebooks.

    The journal comes with a pencil, but I’ve replaced it with a very nice, and thin, Kaweco fountain pen.

    The pen makes a light and excellent writing companion for the journal. As noted above, the journal paper has some thickness in it and the fountain pen ink looks great on it.

    The leather serves as a journal cover, and paper insert holder. Col. Littleton sells refills, which you must tie into the leather cover.

    The first time I replaced the insert, I worried about tying it in improperly, needlessly as it turned out. The system adds a level of elegance and almost rustic beauty to the journal.

    I use this journal almost every day. In it, I record my daily thoughts, reflections, hopes and concerns. It also contains the record of my daily walking, in miles and steps taken. I treasure it as I do few of my possessions.

    All of those positive qualities noted, I would change a few things about the journal. First, the insert system generally prevents the paper from lying flat. As a result, writing on the left-hand side of the page (for a right-handed writer) proves challenging. In fact, with this insert, I’ve taken to only writing journal entries on the right-hand side. I use the left-hand side to write in landscape (often sketches of charts), and preserving articles or other items of interest

    That system has worked out fine, but I’d prefer to write on both side of the page. (Lines on the left-hand side of the paper would help, too.)

    Second, the journal closes via a small brass knob on the front. That closure sticks out slightly from the rest of the journal, and therefore makes stacking other items against the journal (for example, books) awkward. As a workaround, I’ve taken to placing the journal as the item closest to the outside of the briefcase or bag I’m carrying it in. That works fine, but I’d prefer a different closure, which allows the journal to take a completely rectangular shape, or no closure at all.

    Finally, the cover page of each insert contains a quote from Col. Garry A. Littleton. It’s a decent, although unspectacular quote, in terms of conveying wisdom. It clearly belongs in the company’s marketing materials for the journal. But I’d prefer to use that space as I see fit; the company should remove it from the insert covers.

    However, those requested improvements should not detract from an outstanding and cherished journal. Now on my second insert, I’ve used the journal for over a year. Because of the Colonel’s focus on singular quality, I’ll use it as my main journal for years to come.

  6. Shannon S.
    5 out of 5


    Beautiful Journal!
    I have always had a goal to start a journal. I can’t think of a more beautifully crafted journal than this one to begin this journey. The craftsmanship is impeccable and almost too nice to use. My husband bought this for me as a Christmas present last year with my initials monogrammed on the front cover. I highly recommend this journal as a gift for yourself or someone special!

  7. Will Baldwin
    5 out of 5


    A Treasure Piece
    I have owned my journal for nearly 6 years now and have logged in many hours of writing on the pages. This thing is absolutely beautiful and just gets better the more wear it gets. The quality is fantastic and I have really enjoyed writing down things that I know my family will enjoy reading years after I’m gone. I have purchased over 15 different items from the Colonel over the years and I can honestly say that I have never been dissapointed in any way. These are good honest folks that stand behind everything they do. Thanks Colonel, I am a customer for life.

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