No. 11 Survival Belt

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Product Description

I’ve always been intrigued by products with hidden compartments or secret features… like a walking cane with a concealed sword, a belt buckle that shoots bullets, a pen with a tape recorder or a writing desk with a secret door.

So, the No. 11 Survival Belt just seemed to be a natural for me. I admit it was a challenge.  It took me several months on and off to figure it out. Man’s most basic instinct is that of survival. You’ve heard the theory of “survival of the fittest,” but I tend to believe the most likely scenario is “survival of the best prepared.”

This belt obviously is not the complete survival kit, but I’m thinking access to 27 feet of 650 lbs. strength per inch, military spec parachute cord has to come in handy in a lot of emergency situations. Just unsnap two brass snaps to release the cord. The cord is made up of eight individual strands, which can also serve useful purposes.

I know I’ve been in many situations in which I could have used it. If you’re an outdoorsman, you probably have, too.  And, you know, with jeans or work pants it makes a pretty neat belt if all you want to do is hold up your pants.

Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of native American steer hide with solid brass hardware. With unique adjusting hooks, one size fits Sizes 34-48. Three colors available: Olive Drab, International Orange, Navy Blue

(Requires a 2” belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware.)

(U.S. Patent D720097)

Note: If you have an occasion to use the belt in an emergency situation, send us a photo and tell us your story; and we’ll restring your belt for free.

No. 11 Survival Belt – List of Uses

Life Line – Boot Lace – Gun Sling – Arm Sling – Dog Leash – Saddle Girt – Bridle Reins – Tourniquet – Make a Raft – Fish Stringer – Horse Halter – Animal Snare -Secure a Load – Tie a Bandage – Water Bucket Line – Secure a Bandage – 4-Wheeler Tow Rope – Backpack Shoulder Strap – Drag a Deer Out of Woods – Make an Emergency Litter – Secure a Boat…Canoe…Kayak – Secure a Food Stash in a Tree – Sewing Thread…Inside Strands -Fishing Line…use Inside Strands – Tie Tree Limbs Down to Make a Shelter -Lower Food and Water…Supplies…to a Person Stranded in a Pit

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Olive Drab, International Orange, Navy Blue


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  1. Rob
    4 out of 5


    Just a suggestion.
    Please make the belt wider to accommodate the cinch buckle. IMO that would complete the rugged design of the belt.

    VR, Rob

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