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18 Items to Help You Get Organized in 2018

As the new year rolls around, one of the top resolutions made is to get organized. Since this is usually one of my top resolutions, I listed 18 products to help us all get organized in 2018.

Leather No. 2 Agenda

No. 2 Agenda

Start your new year off right by getting and staying organized with the No. 2 Agenda. No matter how high-tech the world gets, the agenda is an ever-popular planning tool for many.

Leather No. 15 Pouch Leather No. 15 Pouch

No. 15 Pouch

Handy little pouch for keeping your ear buds and Bluetooth where you can find them. Also great for organizing credit or business cards, change, or anything easy to misplace.

Leather No. 3 Dresser Caddy

No. 3 Dresser Caddy

The perfect place to keep your keys, change, watch, and other small items you carry in your pocket all day.

Leather Photo Album

No. 16 Photo Album / Scrapbook

Photo albums and scrapbooks are among our most prized possessions, because they house our memories and preserve our joys. Don’t let those photos from 2017 sit around any longer. Organize them for you and future generations to enjoy!

Leather Phone Holsters

No. 60 Phone Holster (standard size)

Always have your cell phone right where you want it in the new year! The No. 60 Phone Holster has a vertical belt loop on the back to secure your iPhone®7 or 8 securely to your belt. Or, just drop the holster into your briefcase or handbag.

Leather Pocket JournalLeather Pocket Journal

No. 23 Pocket Journal

Making lists or taking quick notes will be a breeze when you have this handy little pocket journal in your briefcase, purse or pocket!

No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase

No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase

Start each work day organized and ready to go with our No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase with its inside front and back canvas dividers with pockets for pen, business cards, calculator, cell phone, etc. It’s roomy enough for your file folders and laptop computer too!

Leather No. 4 Billfold

No. 4 Billfold

Our No. 4 Billfold is aclassic gentleman’s folding wallet with plenty of room for all of your wallet needs. It has a compartment for bills, four credit cards slots, one ID card and two hidden pockets.

Leather No. 11 Pocket

No. 11 Composition Pocket

The No. 11 Leather Composition Pocket is perfectly sized to carry a standard composition notebook. Many small tablets fit nicely, and it comes fully loaded with the Col. Littleton No. 30 Composition Journal Register. Staying organized is made easy with the front inside panel that provides pockets for business cards, pens, note cards, etc.

Leather No. 20 Travel Portfolio

No. 20 Portfolio

The No. 20 Portfolio is easily transportable, travel-sized, and perfect for jotting down ideas or anything else you’ll need to remember.This portfolio is the ideal size for your bedside table, automobile or shopping excursions.

American Buffalo Leather Wastebasket

No. 20 Wastebasket (American Buffalo)

What better way to start organizing than to clean out old papers. Our No. 20 Wastebasket in American Buffalo is just the ticket to handle the task in style!

American Buffalo Leather No. 4 Card Case

No. 4 Card Case (American Buffalo)

If you’re looking for something to only carry the bare essentials likebusiness cards, credit cards, ID cards, etc…this little jewel will suit you well. They’ll all be tucked neatly into the single pocket.

Leather No. 2 Shave Kit

No. 2 Shave Kit

This is not your usual “pop-open” shave kit. The combination of leather and canvas produce a shave kit pleasing to the eye and durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel for years. With all of its pockets and compartments, the No. 2 Shave Kit will keep you organized during all of your travels.

Leather No. 30 Composition Journals

No. 30 Composition Journal

Great for executives, writers, journalers, note takers and list makers. Inside cover has pockets for business cards, pens, and comes with a Colonel Littleton pencil and brass paper clip.

Leather Possibles Bag Leather Possibles Bag

No. 1 Possibles Bag (small)

The small No. 1 Possibles Bag might be used to stash your jewelry, accessories, coins, etc. Use it to hold your valuables in your golf or travel bag. The possibilities are endless.

Leather No. 15 Checkbook Wallet

No. 15 Checkbook Wallet

My wife holds the record for the amount of stuff that can fit into one wallet. So…I made this one for her!It has six slots for credit cards, a large pocket for bills, a removable checkbook cover with pen slot, and ample room for receipts, etc., etc., etc.

Leather No. 19 Notebook

No. 19 Notebook

“This leather notebook is my contribution to the world of organization,” says the Colonel. This professional-standard three-ring notebook offers an attractive way to keep your notes, presentations and documents in precise order.

Strong Box

No. 1849 Strong Box

Extraordinary detail but small enough for your desk or tabletop with a brass lock and keys. Perfect to organize and safely keep your little treasures.

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