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Andrew Jackson Tavern Restoration – 19th Century Windows

The Art of Replacing 19th Century Windows

One of the challenges to this building was that all the windows had to be replaced. Colonel and Payton reached into their supply of materials and found just what they needed to build new ones. New, but old – in the same style as the rest of the restoration on the building.

Watch the video as we show you Payton installing a new window from beginning to end.

Andrew Jackson Tavern Windows

Here’s some commentary from the Colonel as he visits the guys in the workshop:

Colonel's Talking Windows

All the windows are made with reclaimed materials and have the look and feel of windows that would have been installed 200 years ago.


Above is one of the old windows. Below, Corey and Payton spend time in the workshop building all new windows, which are made of authentic material down to the poplar wood, pegs and the waves in the glass.

Looking from the inside, a new window was installed to replace a door that had been added, bringing the building back to its original configuration.

On the other side of the building, a new window replaces one of the same size that had existed before.

The back of the tavern where four new windows were installed.

On the front of the tavern, a space was cut at the top for a new window. If you watched the video, then you saw how it was done!

The windows are completed and Colonel is happy with how they look!