“Believe in Mayberry”

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I think everybody, everywhere in the country wants to believe somewhere, there’s a Mayberry. I think people in New York City – somedays they think, ‘boy, life’s gotta be simpler than this, I mean somewhere (Colonel chuckles), this just can’t, can’t all be like this’. A small town, people want to go to a small town cause they’re kind of unique or they’re, uh, they’re kind of real, I think. They’re not – you know, you go to big cities and somebody has, they got urban planning, urban development, the flower pots are in the right place and the sidewalks have the right stuff and it’s all engineered. But small towns are not engineered. They don’t have, they don’t have enough money to engineer it so, it’s just, it’s just real. And, I’m thankful everyday I wake up and I’m in this little town and – it’s, uh, it’s kind of simple and simple’s not always bad.”

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