“Three Rings and Twenty Seconds”

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Colonel’s Words of Wisdom Video Transcript Colonel: “I don’t believe anybody can get as many emails as we do about our customer service people. There’s a real person that answers the phone, that’s to start with. The phone has to be answered by the end of the third ring. And if you put somebody on […]

“Father’s Day”

fathers day dvl video

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom Video Transcript Colonel: “When I think about Father’s Day, it’s always pleasant. Because when I think of my dad, you know, he was somebody that tried to help you and I think everybody has some kinda something that they feel like they got from their father. And my father, he was […]

“Plastic and Velcro”

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Video Transcript Colonel: “I somehow think that things had a lot of character at one time. And, I don’t think plastic and velcro is something that’s going to be a family heirloom. I just don’t deal in that, and uh, I take a lot of inspiration from old pieces of something that I pick up […]

“How’s Your Conduct?”

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Colonel’s Words of Wisdom Video Transcript Colonel: “When I was a kid growing up in the country, in a small town, a lot of the older men, when they’d meet a boy, I guess rather than saying, well you know ‘How are you doin’?’ or ‘How are you feelin’?’ or something like that, they’d say, […]

“Always Do More”

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Colonel’s Words of Wisdom Video Transcript Colonel: “I want things to be right. I don’t have anywhere for second-rate anything. I’m just not in the second rate business. And I say this even when I go speak to young people or college groups or wherever I go. One thing I always speak on in my […]

What Our Customers Say…

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Every day, we receive notes from our customers telling us how they feel about our products, customer service, and our company in general. Here is just one of the many we’d like to share: Dear Col Littleton, I wanted to take a moment and let you know about a mishap that I had with one of […]

Colonel’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Cropped image of Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving dinner

Like lots of folks, I’ve always pictured Thanksgiving as a time when a one-horse sleigh traveled through the woods to grandma’s house where family gathered to eat turkey and the trimmings from a big platter. When everyone was nice and stuffed, the family would gather around the fireplace in the sitting room and enjoy being […]