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Black Friday-Limited Edition Release

Release Details

Friday, Nov. 23 @ 10am CST – New Products Release in our Private Stock-Colonel’s Creations section. Click Here to Shop.

Friday, Nov. 23 @ 12pm CST – New Black American Alligator Products Release in our American Alligator section. Click Here to Shop Alligator.



Colonel has created a number of Limited Edition Products made in our Specialty Workshop featuring unique leather and alligator options. Special release between Friday, Nov. 23rd and Sunday, Nov. 25th. SOMETHING NEW RELEASED EACH DAY!!!

Be on the lookout for color combinations you haven’t seen before and the release of a large number of products in Black American Alligator.

When we first introduced Black American Alligator a few weeks ago, the initial offering sold out within three hours. BLACK is BACK…so get it while it lasts!!!


Release Details

Friday, Nov. 23 @ 10am CST – New Products Release in our Private Stock-Colonel’s Creations section. Click Here to Shop.

Friday, Nov. 23 @ 12pm CST – New Black American Alligator Products Release in our American Alligator section. Click Here to Shop Alligator.





Colonel’s Gift Guides

For all of your holiday shopping needs! And remember…you can shop early with no worries!! Holiday Returns are extended until January 31st, 2019.

FAST, FREE Shipping Guarantee – All US Orders ship to US customers with Free Ground Shipping. Same Day shipping on orders placed by 2:00pm CST.

Tech Lover Gift Ideas

25 Stocking Stuffers – $50 or less

Black Friday-Limited Edition Release

12 Gifts for Him – $100 or Less

12 Must Have Gifts for Her

Ultimate Gifts For Guys

Gifts for a Friend

Top 10 Gifts for the Distinguished Traveler

10 Perfect Gifts for the Office

7 Gifts to Last a Lifetime

23 Gifts to Give Yourself!


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Ultimate Gifts For Guys

Whether it is your dad, son, boyfriend, or husband…finding the right gift for any guy can be hard. Make this the best holiday ever by giving him something he will really use and cherish for many years to come!! The Colonel has rounded up some of his favorite items (most can be customized with initials) that will be sure to please any guy.


  1. No. 4 Belt in American Alligator – $385.00     2. No. 4 Billfold – $215.00     3. No. 18 Tablet Portfolio – $195.00     4. No. 3 Grip in American Buffalo – $990.00     5. No. 2 Shave Kit – $295.00     6. 1943 Navigator Briefcase – $1,050.00     7. The Traveler, Leather Tumbler Sleeves – $49.50


  1. No. 1 Belt – $98.50     2. Front Pocket Wallet in American Alligator – $196.50     3. Col. Littleton Cologne – $96.50     4. No. 18L Legal Size Portfolio – $207.50     5. No. 4 Grip Travel Bag – $1,375.00     6. No. 30 Composition Journal – $159.50     7. 1942 Attache – $925.00


  1. No. 16 Document Bag with Strap – $495.00     2. No. 18 Portfolio – $157.00     3. Tumbler Set, Leather Traveler & Stainless Steel Cup Set – $69.50     4. Front Pocket Wallet – $50.00     5. No. 5 Cinch Belt – $120.00     6. No. 3 Dresser Caddy – $65.00     7. No. 1 Duffel Bag – $950.00


  1. No. 2 Possibles Bag (Medium) – $65.00     2. No. 4 Belt – $100.00     3. No. 83 Book Bag – $940.00     4. No. 1 Grip Bag – $855.00     5. No. 6 Key Ring – $29.50     6. No. 7 Football Shave Kit – $240.00     7. No. 3 Foxfire Knife – $85.50


Be sure to enter the code “4HIM18” in the Order Notes section during checkout, and I will include an extra gift in your package.



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Gifts for a Friend

The important things in life – Good Friends, Good Health and Peace of Mind. Good friends are a lasting joy throughout life. In good times and bad, good friends keep you laughing…they lend a caring hand and a listening ear.  If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to show your friends how much you appreciate them, I’ve compiled a list of good “friend” gifts.

Each leather product on this list is handcrafted in our workshop in Lynnville, TN, USA.

FAST, FREE Shipping Guarantee – All US Orders ship to US customers with Free Ground Shipping. Same Day shipping on orders placed by 2:00pm CST.

Leather Tumbler Set – $69.50

No. 1 Flyswatter – $55.00

Tech Cord Holder (Set of Three) – $37.50

No. 1 Leather Note Card Case – $51.00

No. 2 Shoehorn – $52.50

Single Football Coaster – $35.50

No. 2 Possibles Bag-Medium – $65.00

No. 3 Dresser Caddy – $65.00

No. 23 Pocket Journal – $69.50

No. 6 Key Ring – $29.50

No. 10 Pouch – $53.50

No. 20 Portfolio – $100

Camp Bracelet – $32.00

Can Caddy (Single) – $42.00


Click HERE to see the entire Col. Littleton Product Line


Be Sure to enter the code “Friend” in the Order Notes section during checkout, and I will include an extra gift in your package.  (I’ll even send an extra Moon Pie so you don’t have to share.) Offer ends November 14, 2018.  OFFER CODE “FRIEND”HAS EXPIRED.


Get “Hooked” on Colonel Belts

Find the perfect belt for you or choose one for someone special. Our unique adjusting features allows the belt to increase or decrease 8-inches along the side. Need help selecting a size? Scroll down to see our Belt Size Chart and fit guidelines.

No. 1 Leather Belt – (Available in Sizes: Small, Large, XLarge)


No. 2 Ranger Belt (Available in Sizes: Large, XLarge)

No. 4 Leather Belt (Available in Sizes: Large, XLarge)

No. 5 Cinch Belt (Available in Sizes: Small, Large, XLarge)

No. 10 Big and Tall Belt (Available in Size: XXLarge)

Belt Size Chart

Belt Fit Guide

  • Our belts are sized based on the exact inside circumference of the belt when buckled in the front, center position.
  • Measure your waist circumference and compare to our sizes to determine fit.
  • In addition to the front buckle position options, our unique side adjusting feature allows for 8-inches of adjustment in 1-inch increments. A size Large fits waist sizes from 34-inches to 42-inches.
  • If you are between sizes, for example, a 33-inch waist, we recommend going up a size and selecting the large belt. Our belts compare to your waist size closer than pant size since pant sizing varies by manufacturer.


10 Reasons To Tell Your Wife Why You Bought A New Col. Littleton Bag

  1. I was on the internet looking at a new car and I bought this bag instead. I saved us $60,000 dollars!

  2. I just thought you would have wanted me to.

  3. I just felt out of my comfort zone without it.

  4. I had an out-of-body experience.

  5. The guys at work said I deserved it.

  6. It’s a long-term investment.

  7. To reward myself for being such a great husband.

  8. The health department condemned my old one.

  9. My therapist recommended it for my self image.

  10. I needed it to go with my new look on that Harley I’m saving up for.


Feel free to use these “reasons” for any other things you need to buy.



Shop the entire Col. Littleton Business Bag Collection HERE.

Colonel’s Campus Style

Time to get the college students in your life ready to head back to school. Send them on their way with my back to school essentials….guaranteed to increase their IQ! Ok…maybe not, but they will look right smart!

Back To School Essentials


Colonel’s Back To School Essentials

  1. No. 18 Tablet Portfolio
  2. No. 21B Ashley Crossbody Handbag
  3. Front Pocket Wallet
  4. The Traveler Leather Tumbler Sleeve
  5. No. 30 Composition Journal
  6. No. 9B Tote
  7. No. 22B Derby Crossbody Handbag
  8. Pencil Case
  9. No. 60L Phone Holster 
  10. No. 16 Document Bag


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12 Gifts for Him – $100 or Less


I’ve put together a Gift Guide to help you buy gifts that will be utilized and cherished. Almost every gift in this selection can be personalized, which shows that you didn’t just run into a store and grab a shirt or necktie…you put some thought into something uniquely for him.     

Each leather product on this list is handcrafted in our workshop in Lynnville, TN, USA.

FAST, FREE Shipping Guarantee – All US Orders ship to US customers with Free Ground Shipping. Same Day shipping on orders placed by 2:00pm CST.


Leather No. 20 Travel Portfolios

No. 20 Portfolio – $100.00

“In today’s fast-paced world, there’s just too much to remember. And, when the brain hits overload, there’s no easy, add-on memory chip solution. I decided an easily transportable travel-size portfolio was just what I needed to jot down ideas or anything else I wanted to remember,” says the Colonel. It’s 9”H x 6”W size is ideal for his bedside table, automobile, in a meeting or just on the go. The front may be personalized with his three initials in the lower right corner for that special personal touch! Available in 4 color options.

Col. Littleton Cologne

Col. Littleton Cologne – $96.50

“Fragrance is an individual thing; and as you know there are even subtle differences in a particular fragrance, depending on the wearer. But, I can promise you, I won’t have him smelling like a coconut or eliciting the ‘run for cover’ response when people see him coming.” Classically understated-unmistakably cool and refreshing, with just the right splash of citrus, Col. Littleton Cologne is a totally delightful experience in fragrance.

No. 3 Possibles Bag (Large) – $75.00

He can use this bag to hold valuables in his golf bag, business bag or travel bag. The possibilities are endless. Handmade in our Workshop of soft, dry-milled leather in vintage brown. Round leather lace drawstring threads through brass eyelets. Copper tab on drawstring ends. 9.5″H x 7.5″W. May be personalized with his 3 initials on brass tag.

Leather Pocket JournalPencil, Canvas Dust Bag, Register

No. 27 Pocket Journal – $80.00

Leather journal cover, made in Colonel’s Workshop of soft and pliable dry-milled leather, fits our journal register (which may be reordered) like a book cover. Also works with other journals of similar size. Available in vintage brown, saddle tan and black. Comes with an archive box so he can use it today, file it away and preserve it for the ages. May be personalized with three block initials on the leather journal in right, lower front corner and his three initials and year engraved on the archive box.

No. 49 Phone Holster-Large – $99.50

Our No. 49 Holster-Large design enables you to carry your iPhone® or similarly-sized smart phone in its protective case. Vertical belt loop on the back secures your electronic device securely to your belt (accommodates up to 2 ½” belt), or just drop the holster into your briefcase or handbag. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of our black or vintage brown polished leather. Two-position ball stud closure. May be personalized with three initials on front flap. Inside dimensions at bottom hole are 6.25″ H x 3.75″ W x 1.5″ D. (Please measure the device and compare dimensions to ensure a proper fit.)

No. 4 Leather BeltNo. 4 Leather Belt

No. 4 Belt – $100.00

Our Belt Collection was designed by Colonel Littleton with more than a nod to the military and sportsman’s tradition. The uniqueness of this collection of belts is in its’ adjusting feature. The traditional front buckle allows only three inches of fluctuation. Colonel’s belt adds another 8 inches, adjusting in one-inch increments. This means that one size fits almost everyone. A great gift item for your special guy!

Leather Front Pocket WalletLeather Front Pocket Wallet

Front Pocket Wallet (with flap) – $60.00

Made of black, brown or saddle tan native American steer hide, tanned right here in Tennessee. Dry milled to achieve incredible softness. Two pockets. Edge stitched. 3.9″ x 3″. Handmade in the Col. Littleton Workshop. May be personalized with his three initials. Holds up to 10 bills and 6-10 credit cards.

Leather Pouch

No. 1 Pouch – $50.00

He could probably think of a hundred uses for this small leather pouch. It’s a perfect little pouch for him to toss into his car or briefcase for keys, change, mints, stamps, etc. At 5 3/4″ wide x 3 1/2″ tall closed, it’s small in size but with a lot of carrying power. Solid brass ball stud fastener. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of soft, vintage brown dry-milled leather. May be personalized with three initials.

No. 3 Foxfire Knife

No. 3 Foxfire Knife – $85.50

Put a little tradition into his lifestyle. Nothing says tradition and Americana like a gentleman’s pocket knife. This knife features bone handles and a stainless steel locking blade. Solid brass bolsters. Dozens of hand steps provide a superior knife technically. Hand finished and hand buffed for that special look that can only be achieved at the hands of a craftsman. 3″ long when closed. May be personalized with three initials in the bone handle and the year in the brass bolster.

Leather Card Wallet

No. 3 Card Wallet – $44.50

He’ll be making a good first impression when he presents his business cards in this leather card wallet. Or, he can use the card wallet to hold up to five credit cards. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop in our brown or black dry-milled leather. Edge stitched for durability and a finished look. May be personalized with three block initials.

No. 2 Eyeglass Case – $53.00

When the Colonel decided to create a new eyeglass case, he went right to the heart of what we do best. He made a case that will stand the test of time. He used our brown polished leather and topped it off with a solid brass post closure. Now, that’s a keeper. Edge stitched. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop. May be personalized with 3 block initials.


Leather Coaster Set

Round Leather Coasters – $87.50

Our Leather Coasters will definitely make an impression when displayed in the home or office.  Set of four coasters are made in our Col. Littleton Workshop of Italian bridle leather. May be embossed with one initial.


The Traveler – 20 0z. or 30 oz. (personalization available) – $49.50

The Traveler – 27 oz. (personalization available) – $49.50

Leather Tumbler Set – 20 oz. Traveler (personalization available) AND Stainless Steel Cup – $69.50


The Colonel’s latest creation, The Traveler (leather tumbler sleeve), is quickly becoming one of our TOP gifts for any occasion!

Three sizes to choose from: 20 oz. and 30 oz. (fit Yeti ®) and the 27 oz. (fits ORCA ®)

Also available to make your gifting even easier, the Colonel now has available a Leather Tumbler Set (includes No. 20 Traveler AND Stainless Steel Cup). It is your one stop shopping!

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Gifts That Go Beyond the Father’s Day Necktie

For a long time, I have felt a little sorry for all of the dads out there when it came to the receiving of gifts…especially when Father’s Day rolled around. While a tie or “Worlds Greatest Dad” mug are nice gifts to receive, getting them year after year…after year, might not rank very high on the list of favorite gifts. This year, go beyond the standard Father’s Day necktie and give your dad a gift he will cherish for many years to come…and might even pass down to you or your children one day!

FREE 2nd Day Air shipping upgrade for orders $150.00 or more

During checkout, select “Ground Shipping” option, and enter “2nd Day Air” in our checkout order notes box to receive FREE 2nd Day Air shipping upgrade.

(Valid for orders $150.00 or more. Shipping will be upgraded when order is processed. Offer expires June 13, 2018 at 2pm CST.)

Be sure to enter code “FathersDay” in the Checkout Notes, and I will include a special gift for your Dad.

Click on each to shop personalized Father’s Day gifts.

  1. Col. Littleton Cologne
  2. No. 5 Foxfire Knife
  3. No. 1 Grip Bag
  4. No. 5 Adjustable Cinch Belt
  5. The Traveler Leather Sleeve for Yeti Tumblers®
  6. No. 2 Shave Kit
  7. No. 23 Pocket Journal
  8. No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase
  9. No. 2 Lynnville Panama Hat in Khaki
  10. Leather Possibles Bag – Large
  11. No. 2 Eyeglass Case
  12. No. 9 Writing Journal
  13. No. 4 Classic Billfold
  14. No. 2 Dresser Caddy
  15. No. 60 Phone Holster – Large for iPhones 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X
  16. No. 1 Adjustable Colonel Belt
  17. No. 10 Writing Board (Lap Desk)


Special Promotion code “FathersDay” expires June 17, 2018.

12 Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts They'll Actually Want

Groomsmen gifts have gotten a bad rap over the years. Who hasn’t been given an engraved glass mug or flask…both of which are probably still in the box at the bottom of your closet. Give them a gift they will not only think is cool, but one they will actually want to use for years to come. I’ve put together a list of groomsmen gifts (most of which can be personalized) that are sure to please.

1. The Traveler – Leather Tumbler Sleeve (personalization available)

Leather Tumbler SleeveLeather Tumbler Sleeve

2. No. 2 Leather Suspenders (adjustable)

No. 2 Leather Suspenders

3. No. 1 Brass Knife (personalization available)

No. 1 Brass Knife No. 1 Brass Knife

4. Front Pocket Wallet(personalization available)

Leather Front Pocket Wallet

5. Possibles Bag(personalization available)

Leather Possibles Bag

6. No. 6 Key Ring(personalization available)

Leather Key RingsLeather Key Rings

7. No. 3 Dresser Caddy(personalization available)

Leather Dresser Caddy

8. Belts (adjustable)

Brown Leather BeltBlack Leather Belt

Brown Leather Cinch BeltBlack Leather Cinch Belt

9. No. 23 Pocket Journal(personalization available)

No. 23 Leather Pocket Journal No. 23 Leather Pocket Journal

10. Tennessee Triangle(personalization available)

Leather Tennessee Triangle Pouch Leather Tennessee Triangle Pouch

11. No. 3 Foxfire Knife(personalization available)

No. 3 Foxfire Knife

12.Single Can Caddy (personalization available)

Leather Can Caddies

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