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Colonel and the Tavern – A Love Story

Colonel is Featured in County Life Magazine

Fern Greenbank, publisher of County Life Marshall Magazine and community storyteller, wrote a wonderful article about the Colonel saving the Andrew Jackson Tavern and the history that goes along with it . . .

Colonel and Ms OrrColonel visits with Miss Sarah “Kip” Orr, June 2014.

Fern writes, “The colonel is known to love good old-fashioned stories and, well, anything old. This is one of those good old-fashioned stories. Man falls in love with old things. A little remnant of the Adams Inn and Tavern, believed to have served as a resting spot for Andrew Jackson on his way to the Battle of New Orleans, was sad and neglected. Man goes to the aid of the forlorn structure, scoops it up in his arms and carries it home to nurse it back to health. You could call it love story.”

But, this isn’t just about loving old things, this is about the act of preserving a piece of America’s history; it’s about saving a significant remnant of a rural Tennessee county’s past before it vanishes, leaving only the memories of those who called it home.

The cover picture was taken one afternoon in June 2014 when Colonel visited with Miss Sarah “Kip” Orr, age 96. He felt a need to see her, to get her blessing, and for her to know that her home place was now in his caring hands. Her family, starting with her great, great grandfather, owned the former inn and tavern which remained in the family for more than 100 years.




Read the article on Colonel’s attempt to save this historic building and the priceless gift it has become: