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Dear Colonel 9/2/16

Letters From Our Customers

Colonel rarely meets a picker he doesn’t like, but every now and then somebody really stands out, and that’s the case with this guy. Meet Colonel’s new favorite artist, John Hound Brown, a good ole southern storyteller and a Col. Littleton fan to boot. He’s been a touring and session drummer for some of Nashville’s biggest artists, as well as a singer/songwriter doing what he loves most – crafting his own stories and songs. If you ever want to get a good ole dose of the south, just listen to a John Hound Brown song, because he can deliver it in spades.

Check him out at and have a listen to Colonel’s favorite song, “Funeral in the South.”

Hound wrote, “Holy Cow! THANK YOU, Colonel…it really was truly an Honor meeting You! And getting another Colonel Littleton Panama Hat. Can’t be “Hound” without it! And no company could ask for a better staff with soulful folks like Sarah Scott Howdyshell representing the lost art of putting your Heart in what one does like… Colonel Littleton. ‘Peace LOVE & BBQ,’ Hound.”

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