Colonel’s Daily Journey: The Outpost

Colonel's Daily Journey: The Outpost

Follow Colonel on his Daily Journey as he starts his day with a visit around the workshop, checking in on all the employees and seeing what everyone is working on for the day.

Video Transcript

Colonel: “One thing I like to do every day when I get to work I always make it kinda a habit to go around and visit with all the folks in the workshop and you know just kinda say ‘hello’ and kinda get the day going, and everything. I kinda work out in this area most of the time its kinda where I do my projects and work on a few, a few ideas . . . it kinda comes and goes and everything. But I sorta like to go back in the workshop get the day going by just saying hello to the folks and make sure everything’s goin’ good and everybody’s off to a good start.

“There’s a leather horse going out here.

“How is it?”

Kelly: “How’re you doin’?”

Colonel: “Doing a logo, huh? Alright. I messed up mine a while ago so I’m glad you can do it.

“What about it, dude?”

Matthew: “What about it?”

Colonel: “Splitting ’em out? Come on through here. Hi.

Kelly: “Hi!”

Colonel: “This is Tammy. Tammy does a lot of our edge-coating. Hello, Miss Tammy.”

Tammy: “Hello”

Colonel: “Good morning”

Tammy: “Good morning, Colonel”

Colonel: “How are ya? You putting these rounds together?”

Tammy: “Yes”

Colonel: “What are they?”

Tammy: “Coasters.”

Colonel: “Coasters! Alight, coasters, good enough. Shanna-lou, how are you?

Shannon: “Good, how are you?

Colonel: “Good. I think Miss Shannon always . . . she does everything. She kinda glues and she kinda puts stuff together and hardware and everything else, so uh.

“Hello ladies, how’re you? What are we doing?”

Candy: “We are putting together Navigators.”

Colonel: “Navigator bags.”

Candy: “Yeah, yup. So I’m showing her how to do it.”

Colonel: “Showing her how to do it, alright.”

Candy: “Yup.

Colonel: “Keo! Hello, Keo. What are you putting together?

Keo: “Sewing the gusset on the No. 5 Grip.”

Colonel: “No. 5 Grips!”

Keo: “Yes, sir.”

Colonel: “Putting the gusset in. Looks like you’ve got you a good job going today. Got a lot of it.”

Keo: “Got a lot of them, yeah.”

Colonel: “What about it ladies? How about a double . . . boom! What is it?”

Melanie: “Wayfarer pocket.

Colonel: “Wayfarer pocket! No. 5?”

Maraya: “That’s No. 3

Colonel: “No. 3 Grips! I was close. Good morning. Coasters, looks like.”

Renee: “Yes, sir”

Colonel: “Coasters and more coasters.”

Renee: “Lots of coasters.”

Colonel: “Lot of coasters. Burnin’ thread. Alright, good deal And Miss Candice.”

Candice: “Hi, Colonel!”

Colonel: “Greetings, Miss Candice.”

Candice: “How’re you, Colonel?”

Colonel: “And it’s . . . What is it? Number somethings . . .”

Candice: “No. 1 Grips.”

Colonel: “No. 1 Grips! My favorite, No. 1! Alright. Handles, hardware, the whole bit. Well, alright.

“We go by this everyday. That’s kinda what happens, right there. That the deal. That . . . that’s . . . that’s the only rule we got. Anyway.

“Good morning, Gina!”

Gina: “Good morning, Colonel”

Colonel: “Are they doing everything right?

Gina: “Yes, sir, everything looks good.”

Colonel: “Everything looks good.”

Gina: “Yes, sir.”

Colonel: “Alright, let me look. You know you are the final say. You know you . . .”

Gina: “Yes, sir.”

Colonel: “You know you got the final say! If it don’t suit you, it don’t suit nobody. Alright. Your husband doing alright?”

Gina: “He’s doing alright.”

Colonel: “Is he acting right?”

Gina: “No.”

Colonel: “Ok (laughs) Alright, I got to go do it. Alrighty! See ya!”

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