Colonel’s Leather Gift List

2013 Free Personalization on Colonel’s Gift List

(Monday Dec. 2nd10:00am CST to Tuesday Dec. 3rd12:00 noon CST).

Pros for giving a Colonel Leather Gift:

-Made in the USA

-Personalized just for the recipient

-Guaranteed to last a long, long time

-Not subject to “Re-Gifting”

Cons for giving a Colonel Leather Gift:

-Negative reactions from those who didn’t receive a “Colonel” gift

Warning: Giving Colonel Leather Gifts may cause mild euphoria to both giver and receiver.

Gift Ideas from Colonel:

1. No. 18 Portfolio

2. No. 5 Foxfire Knife

3. No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase

4. Front Pocket Wallet

5. Camp Bracelet

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