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Make Hay When the Sun Shines

hayfieldWe hope you all are enjoying your summer.

This has been a busy one for us.

We launched a new website, our team is working on our 2015 catalog at this very moment, and a whole slew of exciting new products made the trip from the Colonel’s head to the manufacturing floor.

There are also the projects that Colonel gets so passionate about, like the ANDREW JACKSON TAVERN that has been under restoration on Foxfire Farm.


And, an old smoke house has recently been added to the list. (shown below)

Moving the Smokehouse


We may not have mentioned it before, but our Master Carpenter who has done beautiful work with the restoration also happens to be a full-time farmer with a degree in agriculture.

So like the old saying goes, WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING, YOU MAKE HAY! The tavern has taken a back seat to a pretty orange Allis Chalmers tractor.

Meanwhile, take our new website for a spin and keep your eye out for new product. When the summer winds down with the first hint of autumn, we’ll have the hammers going and hands a hewin’ again on the tavern.

Things never stop moving around here. Colonel likes to say,

“Life is like a bicycle, if you stop peddling, you fall over.”