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Colonel: “I think everybody loves a good story, and this is one of my favorite stories. It’s a story about a school teacher in the second grade … she had these kids and there was a little new girl in the class and the new girl just didn’t seem to get along, she just didn’t join in, she just didn’t participate – I don’t know, there was something about her that just – she didn’t connect, and the teacher couldn’t connect to her. So one day, the teacher asked the kids … she said ‘I want you to get a pencil and a piece of paper out and just draw me a picture of whatever you want to draw.’ So she was going around the room and she stopped at a little boy, drawing and just looked down at his paper and said, ‘Son, what are you drawing?’ and he said, ‘Oh, I’m drawing a picture of a firetruck.’ She said, ‘That’s nice.’ He said, ‘I’m going to be a fireman when I grow up’ and she said, ‘Well, that’s a nice picture.’ The little girl who never said anything was just drawing away … she walked over to her and said, ‘honey, what are you drawing?’ and the little girl never looked up, she just kept drawing, and said, ‘I’m drawing a picture of God.’ And the teacher kind of smiled and said, ‘Well honey, you know we don’t know what God looks like.’ and the little girl looked up and said, ‘Well, you will when I get through with this picture’. (Colonel chuckles) So, um, that’s a good story.”

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