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A Valentine Memoir

A Valentine Memoir From the Colonel

When I Was 3… I drew a Valentine for my Mother and she cried.

When I Was 9 And In The 3rd Grade… I gave the pretty girl in the fifth grade a Valentine. The next day she winked at me in the hall.

When I Was 15 And In The 9th Grade… I gave my girlfriend a box of Valentine candy in a heart-shaped box. She blushed and walked away.

When I Was 17 And A Senior… I gave a dozen red roses to my steady girl. We held hands and walked down the hall.

When I Was 19 And Away At College… I sent one rose to my steady girl back home. I couldn’t afford a dozen.

When I Was 25… I gave my steady girl future wife “A Rose and A Baby Ruth” along with a kiss. She appreciated the sentiment, but didn’t remember the song.

When I Was 50… I just told my wife I loved her and gave her a kiss.

When I Was 60… I just gave my wife a hug, and she knew I loved her.

When I Was 90… I think I’ll wink at my wife and wait for her to smile.