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Valentine’s Day Tips and Gift Ideas

  1. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th A simple hand written note goes a long way to remind your significant other how much you care.
  2. Be Creative! – If you’ve forgotten to get a card, be creative and innovative. My Valentine to my wife, Susie, constructed at the last minute on the kitchen table of Sweet and Low, peanuts, Rolaids, and Toothpicks.
  3. Personalize you Gift Add a name, initials or date to your gift. Personalization conveys a greater degree of thoughtfulness.

P.S. Gifts to Avoid:

For Women: Cleaning supplies, a weight scale, a gift card to Harbor Freight

For Men: Socks, matching outfits, a “knit your own beard” kit

EXTRA BONUS:<> Give your wife 11 red roses and tell her the 12th rose is her.

GIFT IDEAS guaranteed to make the best impression.


No. 10 Writing Board

Possibles Bags

No. 16 Document Bag with Shoulder Strap

No. 28 Pocket Journal

No. 5 Foxfire Knife

No. 27 Wallet

No. 3 Dresser Caddy

Colonel Cologne

No. 1 Belt

American Buffalo Wristbands

No. 4 Heart Coasters

Knots & Beads Bracelet

Wayfarer Handbag