Rugged & Vintage Leather

Only for those who appreciate that rugged, unique and unusual PREVIOUSLY-TRAVELED look and feel.

“If you don’t want your leather to look new out of the box . . . if you gravitate toward aged, worn and well traveled . . . if you don’t mind if we drag the hide behind a pick-up truck or beat it up a little to make it unique, this category is for you.

Sometimes these hides just show up from the tannery – hides that are softer, marked with scratches, uneven in color . . . maybe with nicks, scrapes, insect bites or barbed-wire scratches and sometimes we help them along a little. When I come up with a rugged hide like that, I know it’s going to make somebody out there very happy. It’s kind of like that same feeling you get when you put on your favorite pair of very old jeans.” Colonel