man wearing no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
man wearing no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware
no2 brown leather ranger belt with silver plated hardware

No. 2 Leather Ranger Belt

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No. 2 Leather Ranger Belt

The Ranger belt, inspired both by western and sporting influences and a bit more casual in feel, has long been a staple in the gentleman’s wardrobe. Brown bridle leather with a four-piece silver-plated buckle and keeper set.

Our Belt Collection was designed by Colonel Littleton with more than a nod to the military and sportsman’s tradition. When the belt first came out, the general reaction was “Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?”

The uniqueness of this collection of belts is in its’ adjusting feature. The traditional front buckle allows only three inches of fluctuation. Colonel’s belt adds another 8 inches, adjusting in one-inch increments. This means that one size fits almost everyone, which also makes it a great gift item. Here’s how it works. Rather than adjusting and readjusting the belt in the front and messing up the leather, you park it in the middle position, where it belongs, and make any necessary adjustments on the side. That way if you have on bulkier trousers, a heavyweight shirt, or layers for warmth… if you lose a few pounds or, heaven forbid, gain a few… your belt accommodates all these variations nicely.

Aside from being one of the most functional and practical belt collections on the market, this collection looks uncommonly good… especially with khakis and jeans, for which it was designed.

1  3/16 inches wide

Belt Size Chart:

Large – Fits sizes 34″ – 42″

XLarge – Fits sizes 42″ – 50″

Belt Fit Guide

  • Our belts are sized based on the exact inside circumference of the belt when buckled in the front, center position.
  • In addition to the standard front buckle positions, our unique side adjusting feature allows another 8 inches of adjustment in 1-inch increments.
  • Measure your waist circumference and compare to our sizes to determine fit. Our belts sizes should compare to your waist size rather than your pant size, since pant sizing may vary by manufacturer.
  • If you are between sizes, we recommend going up a size. For example, a Large Belt fits waist sizes from 34-inches to 42-inches, so if you have a 33-inch waist, select the belt in Large.

Made in our Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville, TN USA.


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  1. No. 2 Leather Ranger Belt: This belt is my second leather belt from the Colonel. Both belts are outstanding in craftmanship and details. The Ranger belt with the silver plated buckle and keepers are a step above and the adjustable fit works perfect for one that gain a pound or two. A great ideal on the fit adjustment and on superior craftmanship Colonel!

    dean1658 (verified owner)

  2. I have been looking for a new Ranger Belt for a long time. Middle age spread took care of my old one. This belt is beautiful. The side adjustment feature works great and I found the perfect setting for comfort. I especially like the natural leather look. I make lots of Colonial Period reproductions here in Williamsburg and appreciate fine craftsmanship. Well done.

    rbmyers01 (verified owner)


    Where else on this planet can you find skins from two of America’s most cherished creatures thoughtfully packaged together in a user-friendly fashion statement that screams “I care about global warming AND public safety!”

    The No. 2 Ranger with jewelry-grade stainless steel fittings brilliantly evokes the original Texas Ranger-inspired billet & cinch strap holsters designed to carry the Colt Repeater and cartridges back when men were men and wore long mustaches and greasy hair. Sprinkle in buffalo hide cinch and alligator billet strappings from Colonel’s Private Stock, and you have a singularly iconic belt that checks ALL the boxes.

    Now, the 7,885 year Mayan Long Calendar predicted the end of the world in 2012, possibly due to global warming. But, thanks to an intrepid group of civic-minded sharpshooters, the threat of unbridled buffalo flatulence was headed off at the pass in the late 1800’s.

    Fast-forwarding a century or so, Ted Turner needed a cheap, renewable meat source to open a fast food chain. Allegedly, he purchased a Third World nation’s-worth of land and carbon offsets, got the scientist from Jurassic Park to clone buffalo eggs from a hungover mosquito that got lost at Burning Man, and resurrected the original hairy, pea-brained All-American Land Cruiser.

    Well, Ted’s gain in Bison Burgers and Buffalo Wings was also the ticket for the new CL Buffalo franchise out of Lynnville. And leave it to Colonel to score some choice alligator road-kill hides from the Cajun cast of Swamp People. Who says you can’t think big and live large in a small town?


  4. I bought the ranger belt several years ago and guess what I am still wearing it. It is tough as well as good looking. Belts that I had had before eventually came unsewn at the seams. When I saw this one made out of bridle leather with no seam I was sold. Eventually I guess I will wear it out some how by I am not sure how. Great product Col.


  5. This (No.2 Leather Ranger Belt) is the 6th item I have purchased from Col. Littleton. It is, as all the items, top quality, well made, and will last a lifetime. I met the Colonel in December 2017 at his shop and he was quite the gentleman. His staff is outstanding! Quality and dedication like this are hard to find these days!


    farnett (verified owner)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and very well made. Will last forever and is timeless in look and fashion. It’s my go to belt for out on the town.

    Michael Berry

  7. After looking for a decent belt in stores, and not finding one, I checked with the Col. and found this belt. This is a typically fantastic product as you would expect from the Col. and with great service.

    elmercparker (verified owner)

  8. I bought no.2 belt as my gift belt.It is fantastic silver shining belt.This belt is pleased me very much.Thank you Colonel to design so much beautiful belts for us.Blessings. Marie


  9. There are very few suppliers that are both quality goods and quality people. My Ranger belt was a gift from my wife dating back to the early days of Col Littleton. It was my faithful companion, enjoying nearly daily use, ever since. With conditioning and care it’s lasted over 15 years. Who knows how many people I’ve referred to Col Littleton. When a small tear appeared in the leather I contacted the Col Littleton team with my sad news, hoping for a repair or replacement part. When they decided to keep it for forensic (and possibly historical) purposes, the Col Littleton team called with the news they were replacing it with this design free of charge. My beautiful new belt arrived a day later. I look forward to another decade and half of quality and service from this belt. I’ll be a lifelong customer. Thank you for the quality and care.


  10. Have worn this belt for 5 years and love it. Wear it everyday except sundays


  11. I just received this as a gift from an old friend. I did not know of you company before. Great belt: unique and top quality!


  12. Another great product from the Colonel. This is my 4th Littleton belt (I already have three cinch belts). The ranger belt is exactly what I’ve come to expect from the Colonel – style, quality, craftsmanship, durability. It’s worth every penny. Highly recommended!!!

    Nehru (verified owner)

  13. This is a very classy and well made belt at an excellent price. I will never wear it out. The loops might be tight but that is good. The buckle is very nice. Love it a bunch!

    judo.jim (verified owner)

  14. I love these belts so much, I’ve bought three! I have a #1, 1 #2 and a #5.


  15. Wow what an awesome belt the craftsmanship and beauty is simply amazing. The attention to detail and level of pride put into this product is a rare commodity in this day and age. Keep up the great work Col.


  16. This is a very nice accessory. The silver adds an old school western look without looking silly. The side adjustment is a good feature – all in all a casual weekend classic.
    If the Colonel turns this model out in black, I’d buy one for office attire as well.
    Typical Littleton workmanship and style.


  17. This is my third item from Colonel Littleton and I could not be more pleased! The silver buckle and loops make a spectacular looking belt, and the adjustable hooks work perfectly.


  18. Been wearing the Colonel’s adjustable belts for years. Great belts. Like the style of the new RANGER BELT – wearing with khakis.

    mfl (verified owner)

  19. I have three belts from this company. This one I have had problems with. The rings in the belt are held in place with snap fasteners, which came loose. I sent the belt back under warranty, but now they are loose again. I am proud owner of two cinch belts, they work fine.

    Note from Col. Littleton: We have changed the snap fastener design on this belt so the snaps are more secure.


  20. I bought one
    Of these ranger belts for my husband who is from
    The beautiful state of New Mexico . He’s a Dr and wears his boots and ranger belt to the hospital every day ! We got his dad one too! They love this belt for its comfort
    And class!

    Cheryl (verified owner)

  21. I have worn ranger belts for over 30 years. I usually go through a belt every year and a half at a cost of @$50.00 per belt. Not anymore, I have owned and wore the Colonel’s Number 2 belt everyday for 8 months with little to no wear showing. Well work the money and the workmanship is top notch, even so far to make sure each screw is perfectly inline.

    Wilkersonr (verified owner)

  22. only one place to find such an classy belt which cause so many compliments and notice “COLONEL LITTLETON.’ THANKS FOR OUTSTANDING LEATHER WEAR.GREATLY PLEASED WITH EVERYTHING ORDERED.


  23. I’ve always liked Ranger belts and have had a number of them over the years. This one is the best ever! I love the adjustable feature that lets the buckle stay in the same position no matter what kind of pants or how many layers you’re wearing.

    rmblaine (verified owner)

  24. I can’t put into words how pleased I am with this belt. I received it only today, but the quality is clearly fantastic. The buckle and other metal accouterments appear flawless and sturdy. The leather is thick and looks equally flawless. The belt is, in my opinion, the perfect width for everyday wear. Although, it is sturdy enough to handle a holster or sheath, should the need arise. I also got a kick out of the packaging. It was shipped with various Col. Littleton literature and information about products, and the belt itself was in a draw string canvas bag. It also included a leather coaster and a moon pie. Luckily, I didn’t have to adjust the belt after the moon pie!

    In summary, this is a great product, truly an heirloom piece. I’m sure I’ll be buying more from the Colonel!


  25. Can’t believe we received this beautiful belt the very next day after I placed the order! Nobody told me about the surprise gifts! What a treat! The belt is awesome. Beautifully crafted fine leather. We’ve been looking online forever it seems and when we saw this company featured on the local news we checked it out. So happy we did. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail is superb. Can’t wait to see the new catalog!! Thank you all.


  26. Very nice, beautiful finish, love the quality and craftsmanship, good looking girls will ask you out


  27. A Ranger Belt fit for Texas (or anywhere for that matter)…. I do so love these fine products which are examples of professional leathersmithing! This belt is just outstanding in craftsmanship, detail and adjustability! I have been looking at ranger belts for some time, but never took the plunge. Now I have a great belt which looks great with jeans or a traditional German hunter’s jacket and Linen pants! Just another example of how COL Littleton “Strives to be Stellar” in all aspects of the business.I had to return the Colonel’s newest IPhone 6 case, not because of the case, but tingling in my hands. Of course, an exchange for the belt was gladly granted without hesitation, and shipped out quickly! that you so much for making timeless products at home in America! From one colonel to another…thank you for your Service to the public and those who serve!


  28. Another Home Run form the Colonel
    I have purchased several of the Colonels products as of late and each one seems to be better than the last. Purchased this belt due to the quality and uniqueness of the design. During a meeting last week received numerous comments and even had several try it own. A great complany with a high quality product. Have now went to two belts in my closet the Ranger belt and the Cinch belt.
    Customer for life!


  29. Very beautiful
    I think this belt is the most beautiful belt I have ever seen!
    Excellent metal decorate on it,
    Very smooth touched leather.


  30. What a Belt!
    My spouse bought this for me last year for my birthday. She knew I was a Col. Littleton fan. I love it and it is made with the construction of a old world craftsmanship and the beauty you can only appreciate in high quality leather.
    Thanks Col. for being there with great products.


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Our Warranty

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Our Leather
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Our Craftsmanship

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