black brown leather tumbler sleeve traveler for yeti 20 and 30 oz rambler
black brown leather tumbler sleeve traveler for yeti 20 and 30 oz rambler
black brown leather tumbler sleeve traveler for yeti 20 and 30 oz rambler
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with stainless steel cup
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with stainless steel cup
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with stainless steel cup
front of no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with stainless steel cup
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with product stamp
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with stainless steel cup
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with stainless steel cup
no 20 black brown leather rambler sleeve with yeti stainless steel cup
Woman holding black brown leather tumbler sleeve for Yeti 20 ounce rambler

Black Brown Leather Tumbler Sleeve – The Traveler for Yeti Rambler® 20 oz. and 30 oz.



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    • Fits Yeti Rambler® and  Ozark Trail® 20 and 30 oz tumblers
    • No. 20 Traveler – for 20 oz. tumblers measuring 3.5” x 6.9”
    • No. 30 Traveler – for 30 oz. tumblers measuring 4” (top) x 2.75″ (bottom) x 7.9”)
    • Stainless steel cup not included with purchase
    • May be personalized with three block initials
    • Made in America
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

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Black and Brown Leather Tumbler Sleeve – The Traveler (for Yeti Rambler® 20 oz. and 30 oz.)

Colonel designed the Leather Tumbler Sleeve for the Yeti Rambler® to enhance one of his favorite products. Black Leather body with Brown Trim.

“Being a leather aficionado, I’m partial to the look and feel of our new sleeve. Since I carry my Yeti Rambler® everywhere I go, I designed the handy sleeve not only for aesthetics but with a carry strap for no-spill convenience. When I’m heading out in the morning, I’m usually on the phone while trying to juggle my beverage tumbler, leather briefcase, keys, umbrella, product samples, etc. Now, I can finally make it to my destination without spilling my drink all over everything.  You can literally carry your tumbler with one finger, keeping it upright.

“I have personally road-tested our leather tumbler sleeve for almost a year as have many members of the Col. Littleton team. We have pronounced it good to go and can assure, by personal experience, that you’ll get noticed when you carry it. There’s nothing like it out there.”

Our black and brown leather tumbler sleeve is made of soft, dry-milled leather which has been ribbed on a hand-cranked embossing machine for a distinctive look. Polished leather trim. Nickel-plated hardware. Easy carry handle folds to the back when not in use.

Great for everyday living . . . carry it to the office, meetings, beach, golf course, sporting events, concerts, road trips . . . just hook it over your finger and charge ahead. Comes in two sizes. May be personalized with three block initials. Handcrafted in our Workshop – Lynnville, TN USA.

(Stainless steel cup not included with purchase.)
Fit Note:  The Leather Tumbler Sleeve is designed for a snug fit.  The first time you slide it on the cup, expect a little resistance which will decrease with use.

No. 20 Traveler (for 20 oz. tumblers measuring 3.5” W x 6.9” H)

No. 30 Traveler (for 30 oz. tumblers measuring 4” W at top x 2.75″ W at bottom x 7.9” H)

Also fits Ozark Trail® 20 and 30 oz. Tumblers. This leather tumbler sleeve is designed to fit these two cups and will not fit cups with a different shape or size such as the Orca® tumblers.

Remove Leather Sleeve BEFORE washing Cup. To remove, push up on cup bottom.

Yeti Rambler® is a registered trademark of Yeti Coolers, LLC.


No. 20 & 30 Traveler Leather Tumbler Sleeve (U.S. Utility Patent No. 10,537,168)

No. 20 Traveler Leather Tumbler Sleeve (U.S. Design Patent No. D881,657)

No. 30 Traveler Leather Tumbler Sleeve (U.S. Design Patent No. D880,955)

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  1. Just received my tumbler sleeve and I love it. It looks good, it feels good and it smells good. Who would have ever known how handy the little handle would be? If your hands are full you just slip your little finger through the loop and off you go!

    mdoolen (verified owner)

  2. Better than expected with the great looks. A fantastic gift for my wife and she loves it. Her go-to morning cup on her travels now.


  3. My husband and I both have had the 30 ounce tumbler sleeves for over a year. I have been so pleased I decided to get the 20 ounce. The handle makes it so easy to carry your cup wherever you go. Thanks for such a great product.


  4. Bought two of the Leather and two of the Black Brown Sleeves as gifts. Now I cannot decide if they are going to make it or if I am keeping one of each for myself. These are really great items. The people in my office are already jealous!

    jrsmith2399 (verified owner)

  5. Full transparency: I was fortunate enough to win one of these on a drawing on a yeti Facebook group(only mine was all brown leather) and what can I say I absolutely love it. And I had to buy my wife this black and brown one. To start with the packaging it came in was ‘Stellar’. You get that fragrance of fine leather when you open the box. (You can’t imitate that. I would dare you to try.) The packaging material and the old timey print products are wonderful. they truly do care about presentation and customer satisfaction. (And I’m talking about the one I won for free) I literally just ordered this one for my wife. The leather looks great / feels great. If I could add photos on here I would. (I will be posting photos on the yeti discussion / sells group group page that I won this on

    wolftoothapec (verified owner)

  6. My son first gifted me a Littleton phone case about a year and a half ago. It has served me well and still looks beautiful. When I noticed in your catalog that you have a simple but ingenious way to carry the unwieldy 30 oz Yetty tumbler I ordered one for both my wife and myself. They work just as advertised, and look beautiful. Thank you, John Burwell

    jwburwell (verified owner)

  7. Absolutely exceeded expectations! Beautiful leatherwork and fits the Yeti perfectly! It was ordered, delivered, and received in less than a week! The customer service was fantastic – I received the day it was delivered thanking me for my purchase. I will order again!

    jennybaylorbear (verified owner)

  8. Your Facebook page popped up while I was scrolling so I clicked to see your products. I was so impressed by what I saw, I decided to buy 2 of your 20 oz tumbler sleeves. I placed the order Thursday afternoon and got a notice they shipped Friday and here it is Saturday afternoon and I already have them! I must say, the quality is superb and the leather smells so good! They are perfect. Customer service is over the top. You made this gal happy! I’m looking forward to shopping with your company again soon.


  9. My husband surprised me for Valentines Day with the Yeti Tumbler Sleeve and added my initials for a special touch. I LOVE IT! The quality is outstanding and the workmanship stellar. Thank you for this product and all the others you have. Definitely will be coming back to order more soon!

    Lisa Graham


  10. My daughter bought this for my husband and he loves it. He loves carrying his yeti by the handle of the sleeve since his arms are usually loaded down when he visits the job sites he oversees. Many workers have noticed and inquired as to where they may also obtain one.


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