Colonel Coffee – 2 Flavors – Includes 3 Bags

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Colonel Coffee

If I had to, I guess I could survive without coffee, but it would surely be a lackluster existence. Coffee … that morning aroma that makes getting up worthwhile … that afternoon pick-me-up … that perfect complement for sumptuous desserts and late-night soirees … steaming hot, freshly ground mugfulls by the fireplace on a winter’s day.

The Colonel’s Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee grown above 2000 feet elevation, which is the ideal location and growing conditions for the world’s best coffee. It’s rich and robust – serious coffee for the serious coffee drinker.
Available in Medium Roast and Southern Pecan blends.

Gift packaged in your favorite blend combination (three 12 oz. packages of ground coffee).

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  1. Dear Colonel and Crew:)

    After my sis-in-law dropped a bowl on my official Col. L. coffee mug, I discovered it was severely cracked and chipped in two places. I sent a picture of my broken mug (along with an email explaining that my heart was broken as well), the Crew at Col. L sent me a replacement for free…no questions asked!
    The only caveat was to keep the new one away from said sis-in-law… 🙂
    This is the way people need to run their business…with a giving and understanding heart. Thank you Col. L and Crew for being an example to businesses everywhere.
    Andrew Doyle


  2. Delightful shopping in both of your stores during our travels this month. Nothing like touching, smelling and seeing The PURENESS of your leather products, coffee etc… Purchased your coffee which is DELICIOUS to our sensories of taste and smell. Congratulations on many years of great quality, great customer service. Many Blessings to all of you. Bill W.


  3. I’ve never posted a review of anything in my life, but I ordered the Southern Pecan coffee and after a full week of a pot every morning, this is the finest tasting flavored coffee I have ever bought.

    It has not once been bitter and is very well balanced…doesn’t give the impression of having a cup of coffee with a piece of pecan pie in the bottom of the cup! The flavor is flawlessly balanced. Silky smooth.

    Thank you Colonel! I’ll be back for more.

    joelb2520 (verified owner)

  4. Today we visited the town of Lynnville, TN. We stepped into one of the most unique stores. Stepping into Col. Littleton’s you immediately notice the fragrance of leather and the beauty of fine craftsmanship. As coffee enthusiast we were excited to see the selection of coffee. Needless to say the coffee flavor and aroma is worthy of bearing the Colonel’s name. Do yourself a favor and purchase it.


  5. I bought the Colonel’s Fancy blend in the store in Lynnville. We had our first pot this morning and it was great! Very good aroma and taste. Highly recommend.

    Henry Greer

  6. I called and ordered bags of already ground coffee. I requested medium roast and Southern pecan coffees. I love Colonel Littleton’s coffees. I have a Keurig coffee maker and have the reusable coffee filter. The Colonel’s coffee is delicious. It’s only $10.00 a bag. You can call and order it.


  7. Excellent blend of coffee, ground perfectly, non bitter, balanced, with a very fresh flavor. After blending our own for years of Central and South American beans, I bow to this blend of the Colonel’s! Great source of excellent coffee.

    markmaurer (verified owner)

  8. I’m a coffee snob now. Medium roast is my favorite by a smidge. I just won’t buy any other coffee!

    volmom50 (verified owner)

  9. Tried the Fancy we received with a last minute Christmas gift order and the whole family was sold with our first cup! Then served it to our Christmas company and they loved it too! Placed two orders Christmas night and received our coffee two days later. Does it get better than that? This is such a smooth and subtle flaver we drink it black where usually we have to add creamer to flavered coffees .

    golden199 (verified owner)

  10. We were visiting family in Pulaski, TN and took the whole gang to check out the store! The store and products are beautiful! We bought the Colonel’s Fancy and it smells just as good brewing as it tastes!


  11. It’s the Butler again. This stuff if good!!!

    rbutler143 (verified owner)

  12. Who would have thought you could get the best coffee on the planet in Lynnville, Tennessee!

    volmom50 (verified owner)

  13. I got a bag of medium roast as a gift. After one cup I order three more bags. It is the best brew to ever pass my lips!


  14. Our go-to gift for friends who love a daily cup of coffee!

    Heidi (verified owner)

  15. LOVED the roast when it was beans I could grind (5 stars for the beans). The medium roast mellow and the roast of each bean was consistent.

    Now it appears the Colonel is grinding it for us. It still tastes good and makes it easy to pack some along when traveling.

    Here’s hoping both choices become available!

    [email protected] (verified owner)

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Our Craftsmanship

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