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Front Pocket Wallet – American Buffalo

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Front Pocket Wallet in American Buffalo

If you’ve never carried one, I predict you’ll quickly become addicted to the ease and security of the front pocket wallet American Buffalo. This small, compact wallet weighs about one-half ounce. Designed for your front pocket, it carries folding money, driver’s license and two or three credit cards. When you think about it, what else do you really need?

3.75″ x 3″. Two pockets. Made in the USA in the Col. Littleton Workshop of our American Buffalo leather. Product packaging includes a protective drawstring cotton canvas dust bag.

May be personalized with three initials.

American Buffalo – “Expect a leather that is unapologetically rugged with more character, nicks, scrapes and variations in color.” ~ Colonel (Read more about American Buffalo Leather here)


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  1. Perfect wallet and durable quality. Great for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a hulking wallet that makes your back hurt.


  2. Have had the wallet for about three months now and love it. I was surprised by how thin the leather was when I received it (in a good way). I spent a lot of time debating on this version versus the version with the flap. I think if I was going to do it over, or when I decide to replace this once, that I would go with the flap version. I wish it held the cards just a bit more snugly. I have had the cards tip out if it is set in a gym or work bag. The bison leather is beautiful and I am confident it will age very well. The monogram is a great touch. Overall, this was my first front pocket wallet and I am very pleased with it and the great customer service from Col. Littleton. Will be back for more.

    dpatricksullivan (verified owner)

  3. Great wallet. Nice supple leather and just right for my purposes!


  4. This is my first front pocket wallet and I so happy I made the switch. The design and quality are perfect and the wallet is amazing!

    jjheberle (verified owner)

  5. Great wallet & fantastic quality!


  6. Very nice front pocket wallet! Small and compact, yet holds everything I need. I still fumble around when I am getting cash out, but that’s ok. Love the buffalo leather!

    chipram (verified owner)

  7. My previous wallet was a leather front pocket wallet from Colonel Littleton. It lasted through years of daily abuse and still had plenty of life left. At this point I would never buy any other brand of wallet. I’m excited to now own the American Buffalo front pocket wallet. Also, my new wallet arrived the day after I ordered it with free shipping. Thank you for crafting these fine leather products!

    justinbcarter (verified owner)

  8. Amazing wallet!!! Second one in 10 yrs and went Buffalo this time. It’s a beaut and all should spoil their loved one with one of these a few times in their life!

    stephencpowell (verified owner)

  9. I am very pleased with the product. You couldn’t ask for faster shipping.

    jwrigh11 (verified owner)

  10. This was replacement of one or your leather front pocket wallets that I had for about 7 years. I decided to get an American Buffalo one. It’s beautiful! I never was a front pocket wallet fan until I bought my original. I don’t carry much, so it is perfect. Thanks. Chip

    chipram (verified owner)

  11. Excellent quality, I’ve used one without a flap for may years. I like the compact but simple design.


  12. Wow great craftsmanship. Never owned a front pocket wallet but definitely looking forward to it. Definitely going to shop here again. Received it in two days.

    musgrove823 (verified owner)

  13. Finding a special gift for a special son is perfect. I am pleased to find such quality in a product and especially since it made here in the U.S. by fine craftsmen.


  14. I got these for all of my groomsmen and they came in looking great! Being able to have them personalized makes these a great gift for a wedding. Special thanks to Lisa for taking care of all of these for me!


  15. This is my second Colonel Littleton front pocket wallet. My previous wallet was a gift and lasted for approximately 12 years and was just beginning to show signs of wear. Highly recommend these products and will continue to purchase and share with friends and family.


  16. This is what I’ve been looking for. An elegant wallet that I could fix comfortably in my front pocket. It is strong but not stiff yet so far after a month no sigh of weakness

    randallsimmonds62 (verified owner)

  17. The wallet is very comfortable in both front and back pockets and the American buffalo leather is both soft and sturdy. I look forward to using this wallet for years to come!


  18. Extremely pleased with this wallet. It is functional for what I carry, secure in the front pocket, quality stitching and love the American buffalo leather…..soft and beautiful natural textures. Thanks for another great product!

    bryan1brewster (verified owner)

  19. Great wallet! The perfect size and plenty of room for cards and cash. I’d be willing to bet it will last for many years to come.


  20. This is the perfect front pocket wallet. The best gift I received for Christmas this year. Fits perfectly in your front pocket and has plenty of room for cash and cards. I will recommend this to my friends.


  21. Beautiful, soft bison hide leather that is durable and stylish. Perfect size for sticking in your front pocket to run errands (or go for a walk) with just a few credit cards and cash.


  22. My son told me that he needed a new front pocket wallet. I had been wanting to buy something from Colonel Littleton, so we decided to buy two American Buffalo front pocket wallet. We could not be happier with our selection. Holds six to seven credit cards with no problem and light weight. You will appreciate the attention to detail of the craftsmen. Received the wallets in two days.

    irabedenbaugh (verified owner)

  23. My American Buffalo front pocket wallet arrived yesterday. Everything about it is top shelf! From the welcome email to the prompt shipping to the packaging, everything about the transaction was great. I really enjoyed opening the box to find not only the wallet, but the documentation, the coaster, and the Moon Pie – all great touches!

    The wallet construction is very well done. It holds my license, debit cards, and a few business cards with no problem. I opted for the initials on the leather, and I’m glad I did. The look really sets it apart. And of course it smells awesome, too.

    I’m looking forward to using this wallet for years to come. Thanks Col. Littleton!

    mlightfoot (verified owner)

  24. Received my American Buffalo front pocket wallet yesterday and love it. The quality is stellar and the leather is soft. Awesome product and fast friendly service.

    arson933 (verified owner)

  25. I ordered one of these for a trip to Europe this past fall as it had been recommended to me that a front pocket wallet would be more secure than my standard back pocket billfold. Now I’m finding its tough to go back to my standard billfold. Really functional and comfortable. I’d say its good for about 5-7 cards (anything more and it may get too stretched out) and around 10+/- bills. This is what Jerry would’ve recommended for George Castanza.

    mattmozzoni (verified owner)

  26. Just what I was looking for in a minimal front pocket wallet made in the USA. The leather stitching and quality is awesome! Nothing you don’t need and everything you do. Holds cash just as well as any front pocket wallet I have owned all with out magnets or a metal clip. I usually carry a few bills and 4 cards. Super light weight its almost like carrying nothing. Packing was great and shipping was very fast.

    jinks2 (verified owner)

  27. I just received my AB front pocket wallet today and it’s beautiful – the leather is pristine and the Colonel’s presentation was immaculate as it came with a few cool facts. I had the original front pocket wallet for the last 6 years…it was still kicking but I decided a fresh wallet would be a great idea. This is absolutely beautiful and I’m excited to show it off!

    dirtbikermc4 (verified owner)

  28. just purchased this item. looks like a great product. Like the quality packaging also. Moon Pie nice touch!!


  29. I bought my wallet at the private stock store in Lynnville ,TN. The store staff were absolutely awesome! Very helpful and knowledgeable on all products. The lady knew and told a lot of history about the company and the Colonel. I actually got to meet the Colonel awesome down to earth man. I have owned several different wallets, everything from carhart to trayvax (tactical aluminum wallet) NOTHING compares to Colonel Littleton’s products. The leather grade and craftsmanship is unparalleled. Any and all things I buy from now on will be Colonel Littleton’s made!


  30. Elegantly simplistic in design. Solidly built, smooth leather and finish. I can hardly tell it is in my front pocket and find myself checking to be sure it is there. With other, thicker wallets, there is no doubt that it is there: you and everyone else knows you have a front pocket wallet. I like subtle much better. Well done!

    randall.holland (verified owner)

  31. A while back I started searching the internet for a new wallet. I knew I wanted to upgrade to a front pocket wallet, but didn’t really know what I was looking for. After much deliberation I finally landed on this one and I’m glad I did. I’ve been carrying it for a few months now and have only good things to say about it.

    Right now I have 5 bills in it, but that varies between 1 and 9 or so. It always holds whatever I put in the front pocket, from parking vouchers to receipts to folded post-it notes. In the back pocket I have my drivers license, 4 credit cards, insurance card, and a couple of business cards. When I first got it only a couple cards wanted to fit, but I was able to stretch it little bit, simply by occasionally adding another card, and it happily holds them now. It seems to me that it would hold more if I asked it to. I highly recommend this wallet.

    rk208309 (verified owner)

  32. Just received my buffalo front pocket wallet. It’s great looking and the quality of the leather and construction is very high quality. Fits my pocket without any bulk. I’m amazed at how much it holds. If your looking for a top notch product, don’t hesitate to buy this wallet.
    Richard P

    richard (verified owner)

  33. Just got mine in the mail today, and I really glad I bought it. When you open the package, there’s a complimentary Moonpie included, which being from NC is my all time favorite cookie. So I was won over immediately by the southern hospitality. Moonpie or not, this is a quality made product that is going to last for years. I’m really glad that I went with the buffalo, because it has more character than the steer hide. Super light weight and I can barely feel it or see it in my pocket. Just superior quality craftsmanship. And make sure to pay the extra to get your initials on it, because your buddies are going to want to steal it when they see it!

    troybeasley (verified owner)

  34. Wow! I just opened my new wallet. I have carried my wallet in my front pocket for the past 30 years. I needed a new wallet and found this one, it is perfect! The simplicity is what is so amazing, The flap is better than a clip. Thanks for thinking outside the box and bringing more function with less to put in your pocket. I can see me purchasing these as gifts for my boys when they are old enough for a real wallet.

    gregory.w (verified owner)

  35. I just received the American Buffalo Front Pocket Wallet, and I love it. I normally carry a breast pocket wallet, and I love the minimalistic nature of the Colonel’s Front Pocket Wallet.

    Jeff (verified owner)

  36. Very nice wallet, it stores more than it looks. I am very happy with the buffalo products that Col Littleton offers. I wish they had more products in buffalo….

    lestat101 (verified owner)

  37. This wallet is such a great design. The craftsmanship and and attention to detail is great. I bought one and liked it so much. I love
    The smell of the leather so I just ordered one more for a
    Gift. Have no doubt in purchasing this wallet you will enjoy it.

    maldomich_k9 (verified owner)

  38. Excellent Product! Very well made! Quick delivery even with having it customized with initials. I would highly recommend it!

    colin (verified owner)

  39. If you are on the fence about buying one of these…. It’s time to get off the fence and pull the trigger! Extremely nice quality. It’s not what you pay, it’s what you get for what you pay. This wallet will most likely be the last one I own!

    thedavidcreel (verified owner)

  40. My husband wears scrubs every day and he wanted something he could stick in his front chest pocket that would hold his cards and cash. I gave him this with his initials on it for a present and he absolutely loves it. It is small and compact, but holds everything he needs. He was very impressed with the quality and loves that it is made in the USA!

    Mary A. (verified owner)

  41. I have tried many times to find something that would replace my wallet in the back pocket and use something for the from pocket…nothing ever worked. Until I found this front pocket wallet. I have had it now for about 8 mos. and love it. It is perfect. I don’t even have a back pocket wallet anymore. Plus Buffalo…you can never go wrong!!

    William (verified owner)

  42. This wallet is beautiful!! I am a woman who carried a card wallet and a wristlet. This wallet made me eliminate the unimportant things & carry just the essentials. I watched a YouTube review by The Colonel where he showed his wife”s wallet and I had to order. I currently carry 8 bills and 3 receipts in the flap, 11 plastic cards, and an At A Glance small business card size address book. I started with about 5 cards only but his wallet does stretch. I’m sure I can still add more but whats in there now is perfect. It’s still small and I can carry it in my jeans pocket. I stumbled upon this site and am so pleased with the quality and customer service! Sarah followed up with order details and was very kind and professional. The world needs more USA made items and great customer service. Order this wallet you won’t be sorry. The design, material, and quality is worth it. Thank you for a great wallet.

    patycake1221 (verified owner)

  43. This wallet is a great size for all my credit cards/gift cards as well as being thin enough to slide in my pocket easily. Talked to the staff in the store who were very friendly and helpful and told us how the goods were made, quality stuff!


  44. Beautiful skin. It is carries exactly what you need for most days. Excellent product and made in the USA!!

    kclaf (verified owner)

  45. this is a great front pocket wallet, well made and great looking and just the right size. Fast shipping as well

    357cxx (verified owner)

  46. I’ve had my new wallet for 3 weeks and it definitely was a great choice. I will never go back to the bulky wallets I have carried my entire life. The quality of the product is evident and it is almost undetectable in my pocket.

    gjgiglio (verified owner)

  47. This is the perfect size for carrying the essentials! Hardly know it’s in my pocket. Thanks for yet another great product from the Colonel.

    jblinnan (verified owner)

  48. Just received the Buffalo front pocket wallet – great design and quality build.

    Michael (verified owner)

  49. Wow- I just received my American Buffalo front pocket wallet today. PERFECTION!!! Don’t think about it- buy it!!! Great Job Col. Littleton & team!!!!!

    Jason (verified owner)

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Our Warranty

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