No. 49 Phone Holster – Leather – Standard

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No. 49 Phone Holster – Leather – Standard

Our No. 49 Phone Holster design enables you to carry your iPhone® or similarly-sized smart phone in its protective case. Vertical belt loop on the back secures your electronic device securely to your belt (accommodates up to 1.5 inch wide belt), or just drop the holster into your briefcase or handbag. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of our black or vintage brown polished leather. Two-position ball stud closure. May be personalized with three initials on front flap.

Inside dimensions at bottom hole are 5.37”H x 3”W x 1.5”D. (Please measure your device and compare dimensions to ensure a proper fit.)

This phone holster accommodates:

  • iPhone® 4/4S (Phone and additional protective case)
  • iPhone® 5/5S/5C (Phone and additional protective case)
  • iPhone® SE (Phone and additional protective case)
  • iPhone® 6/6S (Phone Only – No Case)
  • iPhone® 7 (Phone Only – No Case)
  • iPhone® 8 (Phone Only – No Case)

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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  1. I bought this about 2 weeks ago. I use it for my iphone 5S which is in an Otter Box – Defender. I was concerned about how it would fit. No problem. It holds the phone securely and it fits perfectly. Another great Col. Littleton product!


  2. I have one for me and one for my son and they take the daily abuse and just get better looking. When my phone becomes obsolete this beautiful leather will be used for something else and so forth and so on. Heirloom quality doesn’t stop!

    Michael Berry

  3. I bought a No. 49 Standard for my first smartphone in 2012. Every day for the last six years it has either been on my flight suit at work on an EMS helicopter or on a belt on my jeans. It has been scrapped against aviation seat harnesses, the sides of the helicopter, every type of EMS equipment, as well as my tractor and other various farm implements. It has never dropped my phone even when not fastened. It has its own patina now, having stretched to fit ever larger phones. I have finally retired it, not because it doesn’t work anymore but because I got a plus sized phone that won’t fit inside it. So now I have a No. 49 Large that holds my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with room to spare.


  4. I was in need of a better holder for my cellphone after I managed to break two of the ones that came with my Otter Box that clipped to my belt. Not only is this a great looking case, it fits my iPhone SE without having to remove the Otter Box protective case. I have no doubt that this case will hold up to the rugged work I sometimes I have to do. The presentation was fantastic and the team provided excellent customer service when I needed help on a few questions. This was a good purchase decision!

    rparker47 (verified owner)

  5. I originally bought the #49 for my first smartphone. I am on the second one now, a Samusung Galaxy S5 in a protective case. It “just” fits using the second hole in the cover. I have worn this holster every day for years now. I work as an EMS helicopter pilot. The #49 allows me to strap it on the waist of a flight suit, giving me ready access to the phone. If I am waiting for my crew to bring a patient to the helicopter, I can easily pull the phone out to check weather, update operations, or alert trauma services without having to dig through multiple pockets, fighting to fish out the phone.

    This holster has taken a beating over the years but just like the Colonel promised, the resulting patina just makes it all the more unique. I can’t think of a better way to carry a smartphone! My #49 Phone Holster lives with me!

  6. This holster was the second Colonel product I received and just like my pocket journal this goes with me every day. It’s carried my phones for quite a while. I like having my phone out of my pocket and away from bodily contact, and this is hands down the best way to do it.


  7. I use the old flip still phone – perfect fit with the #49. Shipped it back to get a rivet fixed – it was back in a week!
    Great product, great service.

    Jeff G.


  8. Just received the holster. This is my second one, I keep one for casual wear on my jeans, and now the second one when I get more dressed. Keeps from having to keep switching back and forth. Love the workmanship, design, and the beautiful materials. Would purchase any product from the Colonel.


  9. Addendum to my #49 review. I have got an IPhone 5S and not a 5C.


  10. I just received my #49 Standard phone holster via UPS. It is a beautiful! The leather is very high quality and the workmanship is second to none. I have got an Iphone 5C with an Otterbox Defender cover and it’s a perfect fit. Special thanks to Patty and Judy for their help. I had ordered a different style holder and it didn’t fit. They refunded my money with no problem and this #49 is perfect. Thanks, everybody. Tell the Colonel to give you a raise!


  11. I absolutely love the Vintage Brown leather! I have had mine for over 3 years now and it just keeps getting better looking. I only have 1 complaint. The protective leather disk on the backside of the ball stud needs to be thicker. Mine has worn through and it has marked up my protective phone case. But, in all fairness, that is mostly due to my own fault. The case was originally for an iPhone 5s. Soon after I bought a Samsung S5 Active. I have it in a protective case and it was too tall for the case to be properly closed. I added an o-ring to the flap to allow me to secure it to the stud. I’m going to be upgrading to the S8 soon so a new case will soon be ordered.


  12. Awesome product, # 49 Phone Holster. This is my second one and the quality never disappoints. My I phone 7 plus fits with plenty of room for easy removal. Thanks Col. Littleton keep up the high quality work and pride.


  13. I have worn out at least three from China. Paying your price for a item that is made in the USA is the only way to go. A modern phone needs a case that I do not have to worry about failing while at work or at play!


  14. Very good quality. Works great for my Kyocera Brigadier. I ordered the #49 phone holster to replace a plastic holster with a clip that kept breaking. Wish I had ordered this holster sooner. It’s very well made and I received it very quickly. Made in USA too. thanks!

    gjm (verified owner)

  15. Too big for my i Phone 4S. But that’s my fault. It is roomy enough for the phone and an additional thin item. Very well made. I bought another phone case but I kept this one for future use. This case is about the size of the old infantry aid pouch from the 60’s.


  16. First time ordering from Colonel Littleton. My phone case arrived on time and it was packaged to show the quality of the the phone case. Quality of the case is much more than what you would expect! The large case is large about 3/4 of an inch “width” to spare for my iphone and it’s case. The phone case has many uses other than to hold a smart phone. Love it….JL


  17. the #49 case is very well made and the craftsmanship is superb. But….the leather is extremely thin on the bottom and the stitches along the bottom are very close and the leather has tore 3/4 the width of the case. Lucky I didn’t lose my phone.Might consider widening the stiches along the bottom and make certain the leather is thick in this area. I have since purchased a new phone and a new case for the IPhone 6s.

    Cecil (verified owner)

  18. This is a very well made case! My I phone6 has a Bodyguardz case it fits very tight at first, But it is getting easier to latch the flap on the case as the leather molds around the phone providing a very secure enclosure for my phone. I am very pleased with it.

    holmanthor (verified owner)

  19. These are beautifully made and made to last. The quality is apparent from the moment you open the box. My #49 holster has lasted through two iPhones and hardly looks worn at all. This is not the typical cheap, throw away product that we all seem to be addicted to. No, this item is top quality and well worth the price. I just got a larger model iPhone and have purchased a larger holster to accommodate the larger size.


  20. Nobody does this better
    The modern world finally caught up with me. I traded my faithful, but dated flip phone, which was always carried in a Col. Littleton holster, for a Samsung Galaxy Core smart phone. Having enjoyed the convenience of a holster for these past years, I checked out the Colonel’s holster offerings for the new phone. The #49 seemed to be about the right size (my phone measures 51/4×33/4×1/4 inches) but I was concerned about the front-to-back depth, which seemed excessive for a phone less than 1/2 inch thick. I called customer service and expressed my concerns to a very helpful lady, who actually pulled one of the holsters out of stock and measured it for me and confirmed that the depth was as stated . She then described some of the other cases that might suit the phone. She could not have been more helpful or more gracious. After more discussion, I told her I was inclined to order the #49, which she stated made sense because I could try it and return it. I received the holster yesterday. It is a very nicely crafted item of substantial cowhide and very evenly stitched edging. The depth is as advertised but it works for my phone! As shown in the catalog, it has two eyelets to secure the top flap over the stud. Simply using the upper eyelet to cinch the flap down over the top of the phone prevents any movement within. It is not too big at all.
    If you have never ordered a Col. Littleton item before, you are in for a real treat when your item arrives: the packaging is beautiful; the Moon Pie is unexpected; your case arrives in a cotton cinch bag; the little unexpected pieces of literature are entertaining and you know that you are dealing with people who know what they are about and care for their customers. Well bought!

    lakllr (verified owner)

  21. Excellently made case and fits my IPhone 6 with room to spare. I have no doubt that it will hold up as well as the other products I have purchased. I expect to pass this along to my grandson but would guess that he will be carrying something else other than an IPhone in it. Your product quality and customer service is outstanding.

    Donald (verified owner)

  22. I bought the No. 49 for the iPhone 6 with a Piel Frama 676 case. The phone in that case just fits. I love that combination. The No. 49 will house an iPhone 5 or 5S in an OtterBox Defender but not the iPhone 6 in that case.

    The No. 49 is extremely well made, and is attractive and rugged. Unlike even a very good belt clip, the No. 49 will not fall off. It provides excellent protection for the iPhone, which can be inserted and removed quickly with ease. The No. 49 is a high quality product. I recommend it without hesitation.

    The Colonel Littleton No. 49 with Piel Frama 676 for the iPhone 6 is an unbeatable combination.

    Robert (verified owner)

  23. First thing – the customer service I received over the phone before I made my purchase was truly top notch customer service!!!!!! I regret that I didn’t take note of the very polite and helpful lady’s name. Suffice to say that she was very helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. This made placing my order very easy.

    Now on to the review of the No. 49 Phone Holster – Belt loop model. With my iPhone 5S in a lifeproof case the phone fits just fine. There is a little extra room up and down – approx. an extra 1/4″. Width and depth have ample extra space…… One could say that the holster could possibly be made with a little less width and depth. As these cases are made to fit a variety of phones, I understand why as a consumer sometimes you have to go with something like this. That said, in the future, it would be nice to see a holster that was tailored slightly closer to the iphone that is wearing a heavy duty protective case.

    As a full time fire fighter who also works part time on a farm in the spring and fall, I was looking for something to carry and protect my phone. I don’t need fashion or trendy. I want/need a product that works and stands up to the rigors of my use. Well, I found what I was looking for in this case. I went with the black color as it matches the other stuff on my belt while on duty.

    This case exudes quality craftsmanship. The holster is only a couple days old, but I look forward to many years of use (as long as I have a phone that fits in it) and can’t wait for it to take on a subtle broken in, and well worn look.

    Well done Col. Littleton, well done! You and your employees are the type of people I enjoy doing business with, because you obviously “get it”. I will be back for a another holster – probably because I want a second one, and not because I’ll wear this one out! Thank You.

    [email protected]

  24. Awesome!!
    This piece is truly a joy. I purchased it because I could not find a case that would accommodate my iPhone BOOK BOOK case that is available at TwelveSouth. They sell a case that makes your iPhone look like an antique book. The Col Littleton holster fits it perfectly!! The quality of this item makes me feel like I have a side arm and I am on horseback traveling into hostile territory west of the Rockies. I have a new addiction it is anything made by this company. Col Littleton’s staff was very polite and they sent me a small moon pie and a bag of coffee. Imagine that… customer service…. amazing.


  25. Nice but not too big…
    Great quality, but its way too big for an iPhone in a normal sized case. I would save your money.


  26. Remarkable capacity
    The #49 Phone Holster for the iPhone 4S is not only a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. So many phone cases seem to fall apart in daily usage, but this holster is made to last. It is not only large enough to accommodate my phone itself, but also my “Little Pocket Book” leather and birchwood “inner case” that completely encloses my phone, offering my phone a double layer of protection, as well as providing a small wallet. The #49 Phone Holster is the only leather vertical phone holster sized large enough to snugly hold my phone within this inner case. Thank you, Col. Littleton, for this handsome, capacious, and sturdy product.


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