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No. 9 Leather Writing Journal

In today’s world of high-tech communications, sometimes it just feels good to handwrite your observations, thoughts, ideas and experiences for your own reference or to preserve for future generations. This leather-bound journal offers the perfect repository for whatever crosses your mind. Made of our soft, dry-milled leather in vintage brown or black with vintage brown trim.

Filler contains 130 sheets of recycled “desert haze” paper, laced into the journal with 1/8″ leather lacing. When full, insert may be removed and filed away. (Replacement fillers available.) Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop, the journal is 9” H x 7” W with a two position closure. May be personalized with three initials on front strap. Makes a great travel companion. Colonel’s No. 2 Lead Expedition Pencil included.

4 Refill Options available:  Ruled, Unruled, Golf and Fishing.

This item is also available in American Buffalo

Featured in Art of Manliness Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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  1. I have been using my No. 9 Journal for over 13 years and couldn’t be happier with this product. The quality is, without a doubt, an A+. The workmanship is second to none and the journal looks exactly in the same condition that I bought it in January of 2006. I think it’s wonderful that a variety of refills are available for it and would recommend this great product to anyone looking to journal. Thanks Colonel.


  2. Love Lynnville, Love the Col. and Love my #9 journal. When I determined that I wanted to start journaling every day, I knew that I wanted a journal that would last, was a convenient size and that was not with some fly by night company that would not be around for me to order the refills needed over my lifetime. I looked far and wide and the Col. Littleton’s was the only choice for me. The Col. does business the old fashion way, ie…the right way!!
    Thanks Col.


  3. I purchased a #9 a few years ago and gave it to my son who went to Peru for 2 years. I purchased 1 for my Navy pilot son and another one for myself this year. This along with a fine fountain pen will allow me to chronicle my thoughts, musings and even the mundane daily events that make up a life. Thank COL Littleton

    hillja1957 (verified owner)

  4. I have purchased 2 of these in the past year or so as gifts for other people. One will be given this year for Christmas (2018) My brother in laws response to the one I gave him last year at Christmas says it all: ” It is humbling to receive a gift like this. “

    apexfence (verified owner)

  5. When I bought my first one I fell in love with it. I filled it up and bought a refill and I am half way done with that one. My first review of this journal was a 5 star but since then my opinion has changed. the workmanship is the best of the best will last a person there lifetime but, You can not lay it flat because of the way it is attached and it is very aggravating when your trying to write and the other half wants to keep closing on you and the closer you get to the back of your journal the worst it gets. I will not be buying any more. they need to find a better way to attach the filler. But the leather is very nice and the color of the paper is also very nice and easy on the eyes. Just beware of it not laying flat.


  6. I have several Colonel products and am always impressed with the personal and friendly way they transact business. First rate people making first rate products. Cost of goods is meaningless in today’s world- Colonel’s products shine and you absolutely get more than you pay for.

    Mark (verified owner)

  7. I give it five star for the workmanship and quality . I bought the no. 9 Journal mid “17” and i have to say the closer you get to the last pages the harder it is to write in. You have to hold the left half of the whole thing straight up and down so the right side will lay flat enough to write in. If you want to write on the page to the left you have to force it to lay flat as possible . It is very uncomfortable. This is because of the how it is made to add a refill, if you look in the picture you will see the laced leather piece that holds it in. It’s hard enough when you start at the beginning but it is better then when you get to the back.


  8. I love, love, love this journal. I’ve had mine for several years, and it is still absolutely beautiful! I have refilled it multiple times. I love having a journal with a secure closure so pages aren’t wrinkled when I drop it in my brief case. I’ve had many different types of journals through the years, but this one is my forever journal.


  9. This is by far the best journal I have come across. Every detail is well thought out and the craftsmanship put into the No. 9 journal is outstanding.The first time you feel it in your hands and the aroma of leather hits your nose, you know you haven’t just bought a journal, you bought a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.


  10. My remarkable wife gave me this beautiful journal for Christmas. It’s superbly crafted of quality materials which make it feel like an old friend right out of the canvas bag (& it smells delicious!). I find it an ideal creative spot for story ideas, drawings, etc.
    Please be aware that the pen loop is sized for the included number 2 pencil, which means only a slender pen, such as a Cross Century II will fit comfortably.
    Also, I’d prefer a flat front closure such as a snap, to the current brass brad because the knob sticks up just enough to prevent other books, etc. from stacking properly.
    Nevertheless, none of these minimal idiosyncrasies will hinder your enjoyment of this journal. It’s an instant heirloom.


  11. I’ve had mine for several yrs. it fits well into my backpack, and is easy to write in with or without a flat surface. Over the years it has developed a nice patina, and is the most durable I’ve ever found. I teach golf and use it for notes on my students…id be lost without it.

    [email protected]

  12. I was looking for a tough rugged journal that could keep up with the constant on the go. This journal has lasted the test of time and keeps going. Very easy to replace refills. I’d recommend to anyone buying a journal.


  13. Journals come and go, however the No. 9 has been with me for many years. Spend a few dollars and add your initials. Quality that impresses all who have the opportunity to see it. I continue to reorder the the No.9 Journal refills. You will enjoy sharing life’s experiences with generations of your family.


  14. I have this Journal and I love it the craftsmanship is great and so soft, I have a lot of Journals and this by far is the best. I no doubt will not buy any other one’s.


  15. Quality. That is the word that comes to mind. It was exactly what I was expecting and exactly what I wanted. Sometimes you just know something is quality when you hold it in your hand for the 1st time. That was the case here. This was my 1st Col. Littleton purchase, but won’t be my last.


  16. Pure Class!

    markraymd (verified owner)

  17. Colonel Littleton’s goods are unsurpassed, and the No. 9 Journal is no exception! It’s a top quality product and great for recording daily events, ideas, etc. Pure Class!

    markraymd (verified owner)

  18. I absolutely love my No.9 Journal. I’ve refilled it many times. I carry it with me most everywhere I go, and always get compliments on it. It keeps my life book and journal contents. I would highly recommend it.


  19. My wife bought me this journal as an anniversary gift! She knew I have had my eye on it for some time now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent craftsmanship and the personal details that went into this journal and the packaging were awesome. Can’t wait to start writing in it.


  20. I have had some Journals in my time but this one is by far the best I have ever had. Once you start writing in it your hooked, it’s addicting. I have never been this excited to write in one. I love the pencil that come’s with it also. Thank you for your fine work. Chrysler


  21. My little brother gifted me this journal. It will long be one of my prized possessions. If I so happen to win that drawing, I will get him the leather briefcase that he is saving up for. I have used many types of journals over the years but I am in love with the size, the flexibility, and the smeeellll! It is absolutely divine. As soon as I opened up the box, I smelled that sweet leather. I am forever in love with this journal.


  22. An extremely well made journal that is impeccably made and well thought out. One of the few journals these days that fits my minds eye of what a journal should look like. Buttery soft leather, stitching is top notch, cuts are well made for the closure stud and refills are priced reasonably for what you get. I’ll have a separate review of the refills under their category. I love the size of this journal as well…so many journals these days have gotten smaller and smaller. I collect journals as well as having a few custom made for me…InkLeaf and Teranishi are two that I have had made from Horween leather and utilize Clairefontiane inserts. Those are truly ‘writing’ journals….this No. 9 is much more a a true ‘collecting’ journal…big enough to glue/tape in items, write or use water colors or acrylics…about the only journal of similar style I’ve ever seen is Renaissance’s offering. So from a true connoisseur of quality leather and fine writing instruments and paper, this is a keeper. Well made, functional and the one arbiter above all: The Colonel’s service. It is truly second to none. Highly recommended.


  23. Two words: Very nice!!!

    rbutler143 (verified owner)

  24. I received this as a Christmas gift last year. I have enjoyed it tremendously the past six months. The leather on this item is butter soft. It makes a man feel as if he stepping back in time on an adventure with Churchill every time it’s used. It is truly a wonderful piece.

    [email protected]

  25. Colonel Littleton’s products are of the highest quality. I absolutely love the journal. I use it daily. The refills are great too. There is nothing better than to have a quality product in your hand when you want to write!!


  26. This is a well made and sturdy journal. Almost every time I have it on my desk I receive comments regarding the journal. The leather wears nicely and has even survived me spilling coffee on it. Mine is 5 years old now and I have been through a few of the ruled refills. Great product and fast shipping.


  27. This one is 100% top quality, you definitely get what you pay for. It’s sturdy, dependable, crafty, and worthy. I would buy this one over and over


  28. I consider myself a self-described “leather connoisseur”. I have never hesitated to spend hard earned dollars on products of superior quality and wish I was more articulate and able to describe Colonel Littleton products the way it deserves.
    The entire story—
    My wife and I were in Nashville this year for our anniversary over New Years. We stayed at the Omni Hotel and there is a store within the hotel that carries the Colonel Littleton brand. We strolled through the shop and fell in love at first touch. His leathers are of the highest superiority available. The chosen hardware is heavy, solid and made to a level that will last forever.
    As we looked around, I came across the No. 83 Leather Book Bag. The size of the bag was perfect and light weight. I use it as my everyday carry “man bag” because it helps me stay organized. The leather is “glove soft” but thick enough to last a lifetime. I looked at the price and thought, I love it, but don’t need it. To my delight, my wife wanted to purchase if for me as an anniversary present. Wow!!!
    So, it began… I now own:
    No. 83 Bookbag
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Brown
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Black
    No. 28 Leather Pocket Journal – Vintage Brown
    No. 9 Journal – Brown (Not for me, for the wife for her birthday)

    All I can say is Colonel, keep up the good work, shut up and take my money!!!!

    dtillinghast (verified owner)

  29. I’ve given two of these as gifts. One is on their third refill. We recently met for breakfast and he was carrying it with him. I cannot tell you how proud I was to have a gift used in such a way. The other is ‘new’ to journaling. I’m hoping the journal will inspire their journey. No flowery prose here. Simply buy it and reward yourself or someone you love.

    dkotzman (verified owner)

  30. A wonderful gift of soft leather, quality workmanship and heirloom legacy. The Moon Pie included in the packing was the finishing touch of a thoughtfully run company. Now to the business of filling the pages with words hopefully crafted with as much focused effort as the journal. Thank you, Colonel Littleton.


  31. This is a phenomenal product. The leather and craftsmanship is top of the line. I was also impressed by how quick I received my personalized order. The journal was also packaged and shipped with extreme care. Great to see a company go the extra mile.

    lukegromer (verified owner)

  32. I ordered 3 of these for Christmas gifts, when I checked on them prior to wrapping and handing out the gifts it was clear they were beautifully made. The leather was butter soft, the engraving on the front strap was beautifully done. One person opened the gift and immediately said “this will be an heirloom” another also commented on how much he liked the packaging of the journal. All in all they were big hits and I think I’m going to have to purchased one for myself. Highly recommended.

    jimkuhr (verified owner)

  33. Fantastic journal. Great leather. Got it for an Xmas present for an aspiring writer. If she doesn’t keep it I’ve got dibs!!

    hassonje (verified owner)

  34. I bought the fishing journal for my husband a few years ago as a gift and I am so glad I did! This is an heirloom and will be around for generations to come. Our son already loves to pick it up and go back and relive fishing adventures. The quality is amazing and I know of no other place to find this type of craftsmanship.


  35. We live in a world of iThis and iThats. I’m like most and enjoy them all, the only problem is the next year there’s always something better. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to the Col.’s products–they’re timeless–and that’s especially true for the No. 9 journal. It’s a beautiful look and almost simple design. No metal binding, pages are held in place by a leather string–a genius, simple and beautiful approach. I’ve looked at this Journal for years, I’m so glad I decided to get it. I have no doubt this will become a family heirloom.

    ckundred (verified owner)

  36. After receiving my great great grandfathers journal from the late 1800’s I decided it was time to start my own. I decided to go with this and it is a beautiful constructed journal that will be a great hand me down when I am gone. I am very happy that I went with such a fantastic company that makes a great product.


  37. This journal provides the most effective project note taking platform that I have used in the past 25 years. The quality and workmanship is excellent and it can be used in all types of business applications.

    Tim (verified owner)

  38. Over the years my No. 9 journal has been alternately frost bitten then heat stricken then soaked with sweat, rain and rivers.

    Despite the punishment, not a stitch has broken or a brass rivet loosened and the thick leather cover is as supple as the day I bought it; it has become as essential to my ramblings as my rifle or fly rod. Crafted out of brass and thick leather, the No. 9 elicits reflection every time I fold back to leather to sketch a bird or lie about another fish.


  39. It’s a family heirloom…darn things full of lies, but it’s a fine journal.


  40. Spectacular Craftsmanship
    It is obvious that this journal was made with extreme care, and skill. Everything about it seems perfect. The fresh leather, the rustic feel, and its strong body embodies the user in a very comfortable way.

    I received this as a Christmas gift this year, and it was definitely one of the highlights of what I received. Do not let the price distract you away from this great journal; it is in no doubt, worth it. I know that this will last me a lifetime, and hopefully longer for my posterity to read.


  41. We’ve purchased gifts for others but never anything for myself until the #9 journal. Sarah was of great assistance at the retail store. She showed me how a left handed person could loosen the leather cord in order to have the pages lay flat. I had it shipped since we were traveling and it arrived today with a note from Joy concerning loosening the leather straps. Great Customer service! Now a leftie can use a handsome journal too! Thanks Sarah! I will use this for years and years.


  42. Love my new journal! This is my second purchase from Colonel Littleton and everything is top notch. My only criticism is that I wish the pen/pencil holder was a little bigger. I use pens that are wider which are easier to hold but they do not fit in either my portfolio or my new journal 🙁
    Other than that, they are perfect!

    The ordering and delivery process is super fast and efficient!

    denise1 (verified owner)

  43. You Won’t Be Disappointed
    This is the best journal I’ve ever owned. After years of attempting to journal with spiral notebooks and store-bought journals, I received this as a birthday gift and I was ecstatic.

    The quality is top-notch; in fact, it still looks brand new almost a year in. The leather is pliable and well-cared for. The included notebook serves its purpose well, and I just purchased another to swap in soon. It also comes with a pencil, but I switched that out for one of my nicer pens. This is a great item to take wherever I go: quality leather goods always get compliments.

    Shipping was fast and it came in a surprisingly nice box for extra safety. Add on the various pack-ins that come with it and it’s well worth the price. I hope (and plan) to use this for years to come.

    Mark (verified owner)

  44. As with all Colonel Littleton products, this journal boasts the finest quality leather and perfection in all the details! Ours goes with us everywhere we go…even on camping trips! It’s almost 7 years old now and the more it travels, the prettier it becomes! Paper refills are the same high quality as the originals. Highly recommended!!!


  45. this journal makes me want to write in it! it is perfect for one who wants to record one’s thoughts and events in a more intimate manner…handwritten.


  46. If every business were as awesome as Colonel Littleton’s, we’d still be awaiting World War I. They do everything right and this journal is no different. It is just the best. I’ve filled two and a half refills and just purchased three more to supply me for the next two years as I’m going out of the country on a mission. I’m fully confident in this journal’s ability to keep me company for those two years. Thanks for being awesome Colonel!


  47. This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that I’m confident will see me through my lifetime. I removed the pencil and instead use a pen, which I clip onto the front clasp of the journal. Like other reviewers mentioned, it’s easiest to write on the right hand side, the left hand is best for doodles, diagrams, etc.

    The one dilemma I have is finding the best way to preserve the used paper filler. It would be nice if the Col. offered some kind of simple hardback book cover that could house the filler.


  48. I have solved its only problem!
    I coveted this Journal from the moment I first saw it on the Orvis site. After a year, I got it, for a present, with only daily mentions to my wife!

    I need to keep a log, disassemble into a Levenger Circa System for permanence of business notes, sketch and remove to occasionally frame (I am a professional artist pat-time…and a Forensic Physician full-time). And yes, I am a bit compulsive: I have (literally) hundreds of sketch-books, Journals, and note-books. Always looking for the perfect one. Ah, but that was then, this is now.

    Here is why.

    Quality: it just ‘feels’ right. It is a bit hefty, but then it dawned on me: if one wants to always have a journal at hand, why not have one always at hand? Duh? It isn’t THAT heavy, and one won’t forget it at the restaurant table, the office desk, or the conference room work-station as easily. And it looks so good. One can also find that its size actually makes it easy to simply tuck under an arm…and carry a baby, too! (after all…as the Col. says…it is a journal for them to have one day, too.)

    Utility: pen is taken to the unlined paper beautifully. As is pencil, and charcoal stick. How often one finds journals even with 60-weight paper that bleeds, or wrinkles when putting ink or watercolor later to a sketch with a water-brush! I have with this journal/paper layered sketches with inks, and charcoal, and pencil, and brushes…the curl makes the drawing look wonderful, the color of the paper (Colonel…don’t even THINK of changing paper suppliers!) adds a grace to an otherwise “simple” rendering, causing it to become elegant. (go on the web and search for ‘sketchbooks and journals nof the Masters…and see how this one leads!)

    Flexibilty: this is the real reason I decided to write this review. I hate ring-binder or metal-curled spiral note-books and journals…but how ELSE to get the pages to be flat? After experimentation, I discovered a simple ‘trick’ with the No. 9. Tie the knots at the top and the bottom of the ferrels on the outsides of the leather shields, top and bottom in their usual places. Then, with the extra loose ‘room’ one is able to gracefully open the entire journal flat! Sure, the edges of the fillers loosen…but that makes no important differene. No worry…even if one ties the knots to within one mm of the cord ends…shoot…there is no way one will not see the knot has not held. Re-tye to TWO ‘mms !

    Choose a page at the end of the book to write an ‘Index.” disassemble each month, or two, or several…or when one is prolific…every two weeks! Separate the pages. Keep the true journal entries. Put the business notes in your files. Frame the sketches (or not).

    Question: is the paper of the ‘lined’ re-inserts the same high quality tanned re-cycled that also takes ink, and color, and charcoal, and pencil as well as the un-lined? If so, I might even try journaling on the right, and sketching on the left side. (Note from Col. Littleton: The lined No. 9 Journal insert is indeed the same paper as the unlined insert)

    I do plan to get a quality pencil with replaceable 4B or 6B drawing/writing thick leads. The #2 pencil is cool…but who wants to carry a sharpener everywhere?


  49. Great!
    Very pleased with this product. Got it with my newborn son’s initials on the journal to document our adventure together!


  50. Replaced another leather journal cover
    I’m really enjoying the journal. The paper works well with fountain pens and that’s important to me. The construction quality is great and my little one loves the moon pies.


  51. Fantastic product
    My first Colonel Littleton product and a gift for Father Day. It has quickly become one of my most prized possesions. I cannot find a single fault with this beautiful journal.


  52. Near-Perfect Writing Companion
    Late in 2010, I began writing a journal every day, having abandoned the practice several years ago. Going full-time on Chiefist prompted me to start again. As my friends know, I like, use and admire high quality products, preferring a nice fountain pen to a Bic any day. So I looked around for a nice journal, and found an outstanding one in the Col. Littleton No. 9 Journal.

    Col. Littleton, a purveyor of fine leather and other goods out of Tennessee, sells its wares directly and via a few distributors. I found the journal through Orvis. I ordered the journal with ruled paper (paper comes in unruled, fly fishing and golf versions as well), and monogrammed with my initials.

    Upon receiving the journal, I first noted the excellent quality of the leather. While soft, the leather feels sturdy in your hands, which adds a sense of permanency in journal writing. I like that feel a great deal. The feel also puts me in a contemplative mood whenever I write in it, even for quick-hit notes. If possible, I believe the high-quality and even beauty of the journal contributes to better thinking. Winston Churchill observed that, “We make our buildings and then our buildings make us.” That insight seems true of this journal as well.

    The second aspect of the journal I noted — its heft. It measures 9″ x 7″ x 1.5″ and it weighs more than most journals of that size. The leather and the high-quality, thick paper both contribute to the weight. Normally, I consider the weight as contributing to the sturdy feel of the journal. On travel around town, and out of town, it can make the journal a lot to carry. I’ve begun traveling with smaller, lighter, journals (including the Col. Littleton No. 23 Pocket Journal, and Field Notes memo and steno books) to meetings around town to jot down notes. When on overnight travel, by car, train or plane, I’ll usually take the Col. Littleton journal with me, although sometimes opt for lighter notebooks.

    The journal comes with a pencil, but I’ve replaced it with a very nice, and thin, Kaweco fountain pen.

    The pen makes a light and excellent writing companion for the journal. As noted above, the journal paper has some thickness in it and the fountain pen ink looks great on it.

    The leather serves as a journal cover, and paper insert holder. Col. Littleton sells refills, which you must tie into the leather cover.

    The first time I replaced the insert, I worried about tying it in improperly, needlessly as it turned out. The system adds a level of elegance and almost rustic beauty to the journal.

    I use this journal almost every day. In it, I record my daily thoughts, reflections, hopes and concerns. It also contains the record of my daily walking, in miles and steps taken. I treasure it as I do few of my possessions.

    All of those positive qualities noted, I would change a few things about the journal. First, the insert system generally prevents the paper from lying flat. As a result, writing on the left-hand side of the page (for a right-handed writer) proves challenging. In fact, with this insert, I’ve taken to only writing journal entries on the right-hand side. I use the left-hand side to write in landscape (often sketches of charts), and preserving articles or other items of interest

    That system has worked out fine, but I’d prefer to write on both side of the page. (Lines on the left-hand side of the paper would help, too.)

    Second, the journal closes via a small brass knob on the front. That closure sticks out slightly from the rest of the journal, and therefore makes stacking other items against the journal (for example, books) awkward. As a workaround, I’ve taken to placing the journal as the item closest to the outside of the briefcase or bag I’m carrying it in. That works fine, but I’d prefer a different closure, which allows the journal to take a completely rectangular shape, or no closure at all.

    Finally, the cover page of each insert contains a quote from Col. Garry A. Littleton. It’s a decent, although unspectacular quote, in terms of conveying wisdom. It clearly belongs in the company’s marketing materials for the journal. But I’d prefer to use that space as I see fit; the company should remove it from the insert covers.

    However, those requested improvements should not detract from an outstanding and cherished journal. Now on my second insert, I’ve used the journal for over a year. Because of the Colonel’s focus on singular quality, I’ll use it as my main journal for years to come.

    Russell Smith

  53. Beautiful Journal!
    I have always had a goal to start a journal. I can’t think of a more beautifully crafted journal than this one to begin this journey. The craftsmanship is impeccable and almost too nice to use. My husband bought this for me as a Christmas present last year with my initials monogrammed on the front cover. I highly recommend this journal as a gift for yourself or someone special!

    Shannon S.

  54. A Treasure Piece
    I have owned my journal for nearly 6 years now and have logged in many hours of writing on the pages. This thing is absolutely beautiful and just gets better the more wear it gets. The quality is fantastic and I have really enjoyed writing down things that I know my family will enjoy reading years after I’m gone. I have purchased over 15 different items from the Colonel over the years and I can honestly say that I have never been dissapointed in any way. These are good honest folks that stand behind everything they do. Thanks Colonel, I am a customer for life.

    Will Baldwin

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