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No. 37 Leather Satchel – Vintage Brown



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    • Full-grain, polished American steerhide with soft dry-milled leather side gussets
    • Solid brass and copper hardware with cinch buckle closure and personalizable plate
    • Inside dimensions: 13″ H x 11″ W x 3.25″ D
    • Carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap
    • Shoulder Strap Length: 34.5″-42


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No. 37 Leather Satchel – Vintage Brown

This is a business bag with attitude – none of that “same ole, same ole” mentality here. This No. 37 Leather Satchel is a bag that will definitely not go unnoticed. With its two unique pockets on the front flap, a pocket under the front flap, and a leather inside pocket, you’ll have plenty of room for your cell phone, daily planner, note pad, camera, keys, etc.

Made of our vintage brown, polished leather with soft dry-milled leather side gussets. Solid brass hardware. Copper tube at spine equally distributes weight of bag when loaded. Cinch buckle closure. Carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

Inside dimensions are 13″ H x 11″ W x 3.25″ D. Solid brass serial-numbered I.D. plate under front flap.

May be personalized with three initials on the front brass oval plate. This ruggedly handsome bag should be a favorite for years to come. Product packaging includes protective cotton canvas dust bag. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop.

Shoulder Strap Length: 34.5″-42

Leather Satchel Bag Weight: 3.75lbs. Overall outside bag dimensions 14″ H x 13.75″ W x 3.5″ D

(U.S. Patent D654267)

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  1. I received my No. 37 Satchel last week. I love the details, it looks very unique and expensive. I can not wait to order my next bag, No. 3 Grip.

    correo148 (verified owner)

  2. Love this bag. Large enough to hold my iPad Pro, my laptop, a portfolio and charging cables. Light enough where you don’t feel like you’re dragging around an anvil. Better yet, it looks great and has a distinct style.


  3. I’ve had this three years now, and I continue to be as happy with it as I was the first day. The craftsmanship is excellent, as one would expect, and the style is timeless. I will enjoy it for years to come, and will offer it to my son, if I don’t already gift him with his own!


  4. The No. 37 satchel is absolutely beautiful and extremely useful. I am more than pleased with the product and service I received from Colonel Littleton.


  5. I have multiple Col. Littleton products. My no. 37 satchel is a fav and I use it continuously. Product excellent. Recently a rivet popped out on the latch. No big deal in my mind. I called the company; delightful lady took my information and gave me instructions for return to repair. Within a few days it was returned fixed (no charge) along with a small gift and a hand written note – and a moon pie. Superb customer service. I will buy more of the Colonel’s products. Thanks to the associates for a good experience.


  6. I had been wanting a no. 37 satchel for several years but could never talk myself into spending the money on myself. My wife surprised me with the buffalo version for Christmas and to celebrate a new role at work. I’m so happy that she did as the design, craftsmanship and quality far exceeded my expectations. The satchel has proven to be a great ice breaker as I meet people for my new job. Beautiful, durable and functional with true heirloom quality. I’m excited to know that my son will someday be carrying this bag and sharing with people that his father once carried it. You just can’t put a price on that!


  7. After living in the greater Nashville area for 5 years, I decided that a Saturday ride to Lynnville would be a nice date with my wife. We took the ride and pulled into town and the Lynnville Blueberry Jam Fesitival was going on! We had live music and lots of food to keep us occupied! The perfect small town…like America used to be. I own a few small Colonel items, but was ready to jump and purchase a high-end bag. I settled on the No. 37 Satchel which was the perfect size and look I was seeking. It is just amazing. Built to last, and built to impress. I own several Saddleback and Filson bags…they are nice…but no contest in my opinion. Joyce was just exceptional in showing me the different bags, and she was just so personable and knowledgable. I would highly recommend purchasing this bag ( this is a “buy it for life” investment), and if you can, treat yourself to a personal visit. Great company…great staff…and a great small town, USA! Thank you Colonel and Joyce, too!!


  8. Let me first confess, I used to be a saddleback leather devotee. Oh the stuff is well built and tough BUT, it always lacked detail, refinement and to be quite honest ….. its just too heavy. I saw the satchel in a hotel store in Nashville, and admired the look, the compartments, and the lighter feel. The quality is far superior to saddleback leather and the bag is lighter and easier to carry. This is one of the best briefcases i have ever owned and it is tough as nails. I use it as my travel bag when I fly. Armed with the Satchel and The No.! Grip as my primary baggage, I can easily take 3 days worth of clothes in the No. 1 Grip, and my laptop, notebooks, files and charging accessories, passport and papers etc in my satchel..

    jpilot62 (verified owner)

  9. I just received my No. 37 today. Rarely is something so exceptional that it brings a smile to my face, like happened when I opened the box and looked at it in person. I was torn between the No. 37 Satchel or the larger No. 83 Book Bag. After putting my “stuff” into it e.g., my Macbook Pro Retina 13″, a book, and a thin notepad, there was still a little room on the side for my Mac cords and a glasses case. I still have the two front pockets for passport, mints, etc., so it looks like it’s going to be a keeper. I’m also sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a thin file folder for a few papers/notes that I’ll need to carry in the main compartment as well.
    Okay, the satchel is just as described by so many others–clearly a lifetime purchase so it deserves 5 Stars but I do have one “negative” thing to mention. Now I realize that this is too strong a word and “negative” is not a word that should not be used in connection to such a exceptional product–I mean how many times I have a spent over $700 and smiled like I did today. But I sure wish the Colonel would make an exception and add a large back pocket like the one found on the back of the No. 40 Campaign Bag to the No 37. I realize the Colonel has every right to not make “custom” products but it just seems that this small feature would be an extremely helpful addition that would hold a newspaper, airline ticket, etc., and would take an exceptional product even further into a class of its own. If there ever is a day when the Colonel changes his mind, I sure hope I can send mine back to be retrofitted, however unlikely that will be :). Best, +Ron

    Ronald (Ron)

  10. Craftsmanship is 5 stars. I’m sure it will last for decades. I had the opportunity to hold the American Buffalo version of the bag too and while softer, the Brown leather seemed more distinguished to me while the American Buffalo was more casual. The brown leather version would go better with a suit – in my opinion.

    Strap is too short, even with the extension, if you want to wear it across the shoulders like a messenger bag. And I’m only 6’1″. Perhaps if you are 5’9″ or below, it will be better for you. I also agree with one of the reviewers that the prongs will stick you in the chest, but if you bend them down that is no longer the problem. The only drawback is you’ve just locked the bag at a fixed length. The most disappointing is that even though they manufacture the bag there and have a leather work shop, you can’t special order a longer strap even if you want to pay for it. A longer strap would allow me to carry the bag on my shoulder longer – like when I travel – but I will figure out a way past this limitation. Perhaps I’ll just pack this bag in my luggage and use my travel case for the plane and just pull this out when I go meet a client. Not sure, still working on it.

    The bag will fit my Lenovo X1 Carbon, just barely, I will try out laptop condoms to see if they can fit too, but I don’t hold out much hope. I wish the bag had a small divider in it to secure the laptop a bit – be a little more electronics friendly. Maybe a half height divider coming from the bottom or a simple leather strap about 3/4ths the way up that allowed you to secure the laptop against the side closest to your body. That way, when you open the bag, you can see and access everything else – cleanly, without the laptop falling over and blocking it.

    Also, for me personally, I would have liked to have seen the organizer moved to the other side of the compartment, on the far side so you don’t have to take the bag off to see things in it. Eventually, I’m sure I will memorize where things are which will help, but since I keep the laptop on that side of the compartment, it still things things difficult to access. I have to push everything away to get to it.

    Reversing my setup doesn’t help, putting the laptop on the outside and the smaller lighter items closer to my body – try it, you’ll see – it doesn’t work.

    Overall, I am happy with the bag. It is good quality and will last the rest of my life.


  11. Beautiful. High quality. But the the strap not as great. It is of nice leather like the rest of the satchel. It has a unique feature that allows you to adjust its length: two bent prongs that insert into a series a holes in the strap. While sylish, the prongs will dig into your chest when you carry the satchel across your body (on shoulder opposite the side of your body you carry it).

    Note from Col. Littleton: A longer strap for the No. 37 Satchel is available. We sent Dennis a longer strap to help with the adjusting hardware placement. To obtain a longer strap, please email [email protected]


  12. Great bag for caring tablets and small scale laptops. The bag has lots of covered pockets as well a sturdy latches to keep things from falling out. The design and layout of the bag were thought out and ideal for everyday usage.


  13. One of my favorite all time bags bar none! Just can’t go wrong with this one. Unfortunately I began carrying a bigger laptop and this bag will not hold a 15″ Macbook. But rest assured I simply used that as an excuse to buy the #42 Courier bag. Great quality as are all Colonel Littleton products.

    David L

  14. This satchel has everything – style, functionality, and durability. Again this is my second satchel – as my portfolio was stolen so was my first satchel. Leather quality is superb. Passport fits easily in the top compartment and is easy to access going through security and customs. Holds my computer, iPad, my portfolio, and all my connectors. Love the satchel – it will be passed down to my daughter!


  15. As others have stated, the No 37 Satchel is simply a masterful work of art. The craftsmanship and quality of this bag are unmatched. I purchased this bag for my wife as a graduation gift and she was thrilled! The Satchel is the perfect size and can easily serve as either a handbag or a travel bag. In particular, the historical elements of this bag (WWII inspired closure snaps) and unique design elements (solid copper support bar)typify the distinctive design elements. This is an outstanding product!

    walker14n (verified owner)

  16. A leather masterpiece

    I purchased this satchel in 2010 since a backpack was cumbersome on the bus. After much searching this satchel fit the bill for size, quality, and particularly for having a single-compartment (external pockets do not affect internal-compartment usage). The leather strap securing the cinch buckle closure is a bit tight but I never use it. I have received many compliments, and often defend its expense and ultra-quality as a periodic luxury. My only complaint is a shifting stabilizing rod which, however, Col. Littleton offered to replace with a capped one for a fee, but I declined since I would miss the satchel. Alas, though close to retirement, I sometimes think continuing to work allows me to use the satchel which would most likely be unused.

    Mad Hatter

  17. Thank you mom
    I love the #37 Sachel. It’s perfect for traveling. My computer and misc items fit nicely. I had been looking for a leather case for quite a while and decided on this one after much deliberation. I clearly chose wisely and am very pleased.

    My mom died in March and I took some of the insurance money to buy myself something to remember her. So this Sachel has great importance to me. So I think of this as mom’s last gift to me.

    Rest in peace mom!


  18. One of the few things I own that I’m sure will last my lifetime
    This bag is extremely well made and quite versatile. I consider it one of the best things I own. I compose orchestral music for films and games and conduct orchestras for a living, but I’m a southern boy at heart who believes in good ol’ American craftsmanship. So I believe that carrying a hand bag can be seen as both “high society” and “masculine” if it’s the right bag – and this one fits the bill. My job requires daily access to my “things” and quite a bit of travel. It fits my score paper, pencils, laptop, ipad, headphones, conducting batons, flask full of good bourbon (for those uninspired days), etc., and still leaves room and easy access in the front pouches for my wallet, passport, iphone and keys. I read the reviews before purchasing – many of which said, “I always get compliments…etc” I didn’t really believe it, assuming it was just something you say to express your feelings about a fine product. But it’s true. I’ve had it for two years and I get compliments almost daily! Clients, random folks at a coffee shop, fellow impatient passengers in line at the airport, musicians in the orchestra when I plop this thing onto the podium…you name it. I love this bag. The price tag is a little scary but I figured I could either buy a $100 bag every two years for the rest of my life, or a $700 bag once. I believe I’ve made the right choice. My only complaint is that when I have to walk a lot, I’d prefer to wear the strap across my chest, so my shoulder doesn’t get tired. But the strap is just a little too short to wear it that way and I’m of average height and build. I’m thinking of asking if the Colonel can make a longer strap for me.
    Other than that, awesome product. Do yourself a favor and get one!


  19. #37 satchel, #2 shave kit, #20 portfolio
    My lovely wife has purchased this bag for me for our anniversary. Along with the portfolio and leather shave kit they are all of EXCELLENT quality and workmanship. MADE IN USA! (for a fresh change). Where I work its my job to agonize over details. These items are all VERY HIGH quality. Strong and durable. A lot of thought went into each design. I would recommend this brand to anyone who doesn’t care to change bags every season (too expensive for that nonsense). If you want to keep something for years and years then look no further. They look like I got them from my granddaddy. Your kids and grandkids will probably inherit yours! Service was top notch. Processed and sent our order same day. To our surprise they also included coffee and mugs for my wife an I (compliments of the Colonel) and of course his favorite cookie. My wife thinks Colonel is quite a gentleman.


  20. Excellent
    I really love this bag. The leather is terrific and the bag is so well built.

    In your new photos, it looks as if you have added screw-on “bulbs” to the brass bar to keep the bar from sliding through the loops at either end. The bar itself is a great idea. This is a smart addition because the bar I have from an older model slides and has to be repositioned from time to time to prevent it from coming out. Can the newer bar be purchased separately?

    I use the two outside pockets for checkbooks which frees up the breast pockets of my jackets. Now I never have to be concerned about checkbooks sliding out of my coats.


  21. The finest bag I own
    This has to be the colonel’s finest design. I own many bags. I must be a collector. I went through Nashville, Indiana Sunday and received numerous comments on this Satchel. The only small problem is the points on the brass adjustment for the shoulder strap. My suggestion is a leather keeper to go around it. Thanks, Colonel,, for a marvelous bag. Art – Santa Claus, Indiana


  22. Awesome Bag – 100% Worth The Money!
    There isn’t much today that you can purchase for any price that you can feel that you got 100% of your money’s worth. This bag is the exception to the rule. I wanted to purchase this for several years and just kept putting it off, wondering if I would be disappointed after I received it.

    This is hands down the finest bag that I have ever owned, totally love it! I have an i-Pad with a thick rubber armor on it, my Mac Air, my Moleskin notebook, two mobile phones, an i-Pod, pens, a book, business cards, and small personal items. All fit nicely in the bag. There have been a couple of comments about the horn on the strap, I just set mine into position then tapped them down with a rubber mallet, perfect, don’t even know they are there.

    The Best!

    Ken K

  23. Great – but
    I love this bag but if you travel by plane, it is a real convenience to have an open sleeve on the back to stick your boarding pass, newspaper, or Kindle / Ipad. Having to open everything up to get these out before putting in the overhead in a real problem.

    Also, as long as I am dreaming, A model that is 14″ wide would be great.

    Everything I have from you is great. But I want one of these as well.


  24. Great travel bag
    I purchased this bag after having the opportunity to visit the Colonel’s store and checking out the bags in person. By far the best bag for carrying an iPad as well as other items for a trip. This bag in of the utmost quality and the leather is phenomenal and looks even better when well traveled. It is great for going through airports and the right size for under the seats. It protects my iPad, iPhone and also has plenty of room for documents, pens, etc. this bag is true to the Colonel’s reputation of producing the very best in quality leather products. Certainly not overpriced!


  25. Top notch style and quality reminiscent of a bygone era.
    The style and quality are top notch, bar none. I love this bag. I don’t need to carry a full size briefcase everyday and this is the perfect size for my daily commune. I can carry my No. 18 portfolio, ipad, kindle, a couple client files and my business calculator with room to spare. I’ve been stopped several times in line at the coffee shop or deli by other men asking who made the bag because they loved appearance and size.

    I must also compliment the colonel’s staff. Not only are the products styled after a bygone era but so is their customer service; polite, helpful, and personable.


  26. the Best Excellent Bag ever!!!
    I finally am using this, and live in the Connecticut area….NY area….I looked at all the details of this bag…..talk about UNBELIEVABLE. This bag is perfect, fits books, journals, pens, pencils….energy bars…and not to heavy not to light..perfect leather quality…literally nothing to complain about….just an absolute classic….would even get two of them ..(might just do that) I have a saddleback leather bag and colonels line as well….I would have to say that the Colonels’ line is clean cut and saddleback leather is rought type…both are excellent leather bag companys….The colonel’s bags are absolute gems…my goodness….the compliments I receive are amazing! triple looks and finally people question me “Sir, that is one nice bag where did you purchase it ” ? lol….my response is “go online and ask the Colonel, the website will help you”! lol, no, I do give them the website. I collect leather bags..this has to be the best…par excellence….the bags are precise, excellent, and the leather is 10 stars….without a doubt Im getting the courier bag as well….


  27. Beautiful Craftsmanship-Great Bag
    I finally got my No.37 Satchel; I had my eye on it for a while.
    The picture doesn’t prepare you for the quality/colour of the leather, the feel of the bag, the small details of the latch pockets upfront, the closure clip, etc. And how it feels carrying around… it’s a beautiful piece of amazing craftsmanship.
    And it is somewhere between a shoulder-strap bag and briefcase and fits the mobility needs of a someone with a laptop/ipad, cell phone, important documents, etc. It is done “just right”.
    Thank you Colonel.


  28. No. 37 satchel
    I love my bag, I receive many compliments with it. I use it everyday to work. Well built bag, has held up very well. I have made many other purchases after this and impressed with all the items.

    Col. Long

  29. Great Bag
    I purchased this bag about a year ago and love it. The bag has a great look and is built rock solid. The front brass closure is great.
    I use this bag for moving my business items from home and work. I would recommend this item to anyone that is looking for a smaller briefase that is GREAT!



    No words can fully describe the beauty of this item. It is simply gorgeous. Allow me to suggest something though…the metal with two protruding horn used to adjust the length of the shoulder strap is somewhat sharp. I suggest a leather cover or a rubber be made to protect both user and the bag from scratches.


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