Campaign Luggage Stand


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Campaign furniture, which can be folded up, packed and carried from place to place, has been used by armies since the time of Julius Caesar. I’m especially intrigued by the elegance and ingenuity of the campaign furniture used by British officers and civilians in the 17th and 18th centuries who lived the genteel life while traveling to India, Africa, North America and the South Seas.

Our campaign luggage stand is made with this same feel of elegance and attention to detail. It’s more like a fine piece of handmade furniture and certainly not your regular hotel fare. Made by our craftsmen here in Lynnville from American cherry with a soft, natural cherry finish. Accented with brass hardware and leather straps. A copper tube supports the luggage stand and adds another unique feature.

May be personalized with three initials on brass plate. Dimensions 21 7/8″H x 19″W x 24″L.

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