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No. 5 Cinch Belt – American Buffalo

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No. 5 Cinch Belt in American Buffalo

It isn’t often that a totally new design in men’s belts comes along, especially one that says adventure, ruggedness and Americana all in one package. The No. 5 Cinch Belt could have easily been worn by the U. S. Cavalry or by Teddy Roosevelt on his trek through Africa. What makes this belt so unique is its lever-action buckling mechanism, which gives it a snug fit and a style that will generate conversation each time you wear it.

Designed with jeans or a well-worn pair of khakis in mind, the belt is made of American Buffalo leather. Edged Stitched. Made in our Col. Littleton Workshop.

Available with Solid brass hardware and 1 3/8″ wide belt strap (Requires a 2″ belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware), or Stainless steel hardware and 1 3/16″ wide belt strap (Requires a 1 5/8″ belt loop to accommodate buckle hardware.)

Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag and gift box.

“The only thing I would change about this belt if I could,”says the Colonel,“would be to make them all look as if they had been worn about 5 years when they go out the door.”

Made in our Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville, TN USA.

Belt Size Chart:

Small – Fits sizes 26″ – 32″

Large – Fits sizes 34″ – 42″

XLarge – Fits sizes 42″ – 50″

Belt Fit Guide

  • Our belts are sized based on the exact inside circumference of the belt when buckled in the front, center position.
  • Our unique side adjusting feature allows 8 inches of adjustment in 1-inch increments.
  • Measure your waist circumference and compare to our sizes to determine fit. Our belts sizes should compare to your waist size rather than your pant size, since pant sizing may vary by manufacturer.
  • If you are between sizes, we recommend going up a size. For example, a Large Belt fits waist sizes from 34-inches to 42-inches, so if you have a 33-inch waist, select the belt in Large.

American Buffalo – “Expect a leather that is unapologetically rugged with more character, nicks, scrapes and variations in color.” ~ Colonel (Read more about American Buffalo Leather here)

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  1. I can’t say enough. Fantastic product and service. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you!!!

    robertathwkia (verified owner)

  2. I was just looking for a buckle to repair an existing belt, when I stumbled across your website. I saw the cinch belt, and HAD to have one.

    Just received my belt today. I was surprised at the ease of buckling, and how secure it is-not to mention very comfortable. The buffalo leather is very soft.

    And the lady who answered the phone and took my order was very nice and helpful in providing information on the product.

    J. Whitcomb

    pikecaro (verified owner)

  3. The packaging and personal information material about Col Littleton Co. and their products was appreciated. The Bison No. 5 cinch belt is a real beauty. Pictures from the internet fail to reveal the true features (leather varied pattern marking and hue of the leather), even the underside of the belt is attractive! Workmanship and solid brass hardware presents a statement by anyone wearing this belt. Forget the price of this item – it’s in a class by itself, so treat yourself! You only go this way once in a lifetime. You will not be sorry….

    RBKaiser in Idaho.

    richardbkaiser (verified owner)

  4. My belt came in today. WOW, what a nice piece of craftsmanship. The attention to detail is amazing and the way it was packaged was outstanding. Thanks for the moon pie – brought back a lot of memories.

    ou81 (verified owner)

  5. Amazing leather and attention to detail. Would highly recommend.


  6. I was looking for a good quality American made belt, which isn’t easy to find. This belt far exceeded my expectations.

    miketucholski (verified owner)

  7. I love my new belt! It was a wonderful gift from my husband and I couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased. I have received many compliments from work, Dr’s office and grocery store! It’s fun telling folks about such a unique place to go!


  8. Your #5 Cinch Belt is pure Genius!
    Beautifully made, elegant and a delight to wear. Have been searching for something like this for years and finally I found the perfect product. Thank You!


  9. The No. 5 American buffalo cinch belt in stainless is a fantastic product. If you have an appreciation for some of the finer things in life, the design and adjustability on this belt gives it a unique look that sets it apart from others you’ll find. From the locking clasp to the subtle “waves” of the Bison leather, this belt will stand out and compliment any outfit it’s paired with. The attention to detail from the belt itself to the packing of the items is second to none. And the moon pie… well, just order this belt!

    ktorchia (verified owner)

  10. My american buffalo number 5 belt is outstanding! It’ s easy to adjust to size and the buckle assembly is perfect.


  11. I have three belts purchased from you.they are the very best in quality and show. thanks

    jovidrine (verified owner)

  12. col Littleton has excellent quality. I have a front pocket wallet. It’s simple and very function. My wife purchased a buffalo cinch belt for me. I receive many compliment on the unique style.


  13. Great belt! I ordered through Amazon because I had a gift card there, but since the order was fulfilled by the Colonel, it arrived without delay. Beautiful belt that fits my khakis perfectly. Lots of compliments!


  14. This is my first belt from the Colonel but it won’t be my last – I’ve ordered the No. 5 in black.

    This belt “feels” terrific. I had to watch the video a couple of times before I understood how the “cinch process” and latch worked, but once I received and tried it on, I couldn’t be happier. It’s snug without being tight, the adjustment process is perfect for my in-between size and fits much better than a belt sized 38 or 40 or 42, etc.

    The buffalo leather is very attractive, and I’ve no doubt it will wear well “for a lifetime”. The brass is heavy in a positive sort of manner: it reminds me of the way things used to be made in America, and still are (if one looks carefully).

    Finally, I appreciate the personal touches provided by the Colonel: the email from the person who fulfilled my order; the leather coaster sent with the order; the instruction guide written in plain English; and the attractive box the order was sent in.

    Finally, one suggestion: I can appreciate that “moon pies” may be popular in parts of the US, but I’m a Type 2 diabetic and never developed a fondness for them, let alone now that I have to watch my glucose. So, perhaps these could be made optional or another coaster sent, instead. The gesture is appreciated, but might be made optional.

    Thank you for an excellent belt and for supporting US manufacturing!


  15. Great looking belt. Not solid buffalo unfortunately though as it’s glued and sewn onto a a piece of regular leather. Also, the brass buckle part is too wide for a lot of pant loops.

    RearickChiropractic (verified owner)

  16. December 24th, Christmas Eve; my 56th Christmas Eve to be exact, but the number really isn’t important. My secret is important, a secret I’ve kept for for 47 years. As I sit here on the couch, the silence broken only by the occasional tinkling of a single large ice cube touching glass as it floats in two-fingers of Kentucky’s finest (ok, maybe three fingers, but who’s really counting on Christmas eve?).

    My wife and kids are asleep, the presents are under the tree, and in the darkness I enjoy the simple beauty and glow of the lit Christmas tree. I sit here alone as I have so many times before, each Christmas Eve for the last 46 years; and therein lies my secret. This year however, I have a recurring thought as I take a sip of liquid amber; “I don’t need another belt, I’ve got plenty of belts.” I’ve got a black belt and a brown belt, and let’s face it, if you’re a guy those are pretty much all the belts you’re ever going to need. And since they don’t usually wear out, I’ve got all the belts I’ll need for the rest of my life. No, I don’t need a new belt.

    But that’s not the secret, that’s only a detail; a small detail of this particular Christmas Eve. My secret goes back, way back; 46 years back. Back to a time when life was good, life was pure, and life was simple. Back to a time when there was no hate, no evil, and the greatest trial and tribulation of life was walking to the bus stop in winter. Way back; back to a time when I was innocent. My brother and I shared a small bedroom, in a small house, in a small suburb in West Virginia. Winters were cold and wet, and while we got a fair amount of snow during winter, a “white Christmas” was seldom seen. I remember as a child worrying how Santa could make his rounds without snow. My mom reassured me that Santa put wheels on his sleigh when there was no snow; to a nine-year old that made perfect sense, and I never worried about it again.

    A few days before Christmas of 1970, as my brother and I lay awake, my father opened the door to our bedroom. I can still see him, his silhouette against the light of the hallway; I can still hear him, his exact words; “Mark…Alan…, your uncle Dilbren was killed in a car accident this evening…we’re going to be going to Baltimore in a couple of days…” With that he closed the door, leaving us alone in the dark stillness of our room.

    Dilbren was my mother’s brother, now deceased at the age of 30. His ’69 Stingray hit a patch of ice on the interstate sending it out of control, across the median and into on-coming traffic. A few days later we were in Baltimore; my first funeral, the first death that ever touched me. I remember the viewing, and I remember walking down the sidewalk outside the funeral home with my father as he tried to explain it all. And I remember my fear, the fear of a nine-year old that Christmas wouldn’t come that year. The day would come and go, but I wouldn’t be home.

    Several days later we were back home, and yet after having lost her brother, after seeing her parents lose their son, my mother still had the strength to convince me that Christmas would still come. She said that Santa knew when children were away, and for those special families he made a second trip after Christmas. She told me he would still come, and with all my might I tried to believe her.

    I remember that morning, a Saturday, and waking up before everyone else. So cold was our little bedroom, and outside snowflakes the size of 50-cent pieces were sinking to the snow-covered ground. I stood there watching them through our bedroom window; so quiet, in complete silence they fell. I stepped out of our room into the hallway, careful not to wake anyone. I was so nervous and afraid as I crept down the hallway, my bare feet on the cold linoleum floor. Where the hallway opened to the living room I stopped…

    At 56 the word “joy” doesn’t make it’s way into everyday conversation, at least not often nor easily. Quite frankly I can’t remember that many times I would have used the word at all. Getting married 22 years ago on the beach at sunrise; the birth of my daughter, the birth of my son, but that’s only three. The first moment of “joy” that I ever felt was standing there alone in that hallway 47 years ago, looking at our lit Christmas tree with all the presents underneath. Somehow Christmas had come; I didn’t miss it after all.

    It’s that moment I’ve tried to keep all these years; that moment of standing there alone and looking at our Christmas tree; that moment of joy.That’s my secret, that’s what I’ve kept to myself all these years. Each Christmas Eve through high school, college, law school, and now with a family of my own, I still try to keep that moment. After everyone has gone to bed and fallen asleep, I plug in the Christmas tree. And there, alone in the darkness, I sit in silent reverence hoping to capture that singular feeling if only one last time.

    At 56 you hope to have what you need, and like I said, I don’t need another belt. But somehow the planets lined up just right, and through the miracle of the internet I stumbled across Col. Littleton’s website. I don’t need another belt…, but boy that number five “cinch belt” sure looked cool. No one buys me Christmas’ presents any more; I buy myself something, stick it under the tree, and Christmas morning I open it to maintain the illusion of Christmas gift-giving. Tomorrow morning I’ll open a present that I wrapped this evening, a number five cinch belt in American Buffalo. But don’t worry, there are no surprises, I thoroughly knew the belt before wrapping it.

    The first thing you notice is how much the belt weighs, you can feel it in your hand. It tips the scales at 11 oz’s (but that’s me easing it onto the scale I use at the office for mail, so don’t quote me on that). It’s also thick, 1/8″, and 1/4″ where the sliding, adjustable strap overlaps. When you un-latch the belt you’ll feel it fall, yet somehow, it’s the shear heft of the belt that makes it….comfortable. I’ve never thought of a belt as comfortable, it’s just something you wear to hold your pants up and nothing more. Guide this belt through your belt loops, position the clasp, and lock it into place; you’ll feel how comfortable it really is. I had the same concern of course, of “latching” the belt, but trust me, it locks firmly into place and isn’t going anywhere. Like all new leather it was stiff at first, but it quickly “warms up.”

    After 21 years of marriage I know how this will play out; I’ll open the box on Christmas morning and show everyone my brand new belt. At some point, maybe halfway through the second French Press of coffee, my wife would pick up the belt, try it on around her waist as an “accessory” over her robe and head toward the mirror. She’ll turn from side to side, admiring the belt from as many angles as possible, and at some point, knowing her like I do, she’d say: “I want one of these…,” and I’ll just smile. I’ll just smile because under the tree is another box with her name on it, a black number five with the silver latch.

    Another Christmas Eve, another year of my secret kept; but now the single cube of ice in my glass is nothing more than a sliver of frozen water. I take one last sip and crunch that sliver of ice before swallowing. I’ll get up in a minute and go to bed; but as I sit here I have one last thought: I don’t need another piece of luggage, I’ve got plenty of luggage…but boy that No. 3 Grip sure looks cool…


  17. I love this belt already. I’ve only had it a few days, but the adjustment hooks and cinch closure are like nothing I’ve seen on any other belt and the uniqueness of the buffalo leather only makes it better! There’s a reasonable chance that this belt may outlast ME, and that’s not a bad thing.

    rthuber (verified owner)

  18. Just received my no.5 cinch belt and I love it! This is my second Colonel Littleton belt. Really neat design on this belt. One of a kind. Thanks!


  19. This was my first COlonel Littleton product. Let me say, it has not been the last. Three additional items have been ordered since this arrived. Why? The quality and craftsmanship is incredible. KNow the old “They don’t make ‘um like they used to”? Well, this belt is made with an obviously attention to detail. Materials are outstanding and the look is just out of this world. I’m 51. No one has ever complimented me on a belt until I got this. I get comments regularly. Thanks Colonel and Semper Fi!!

    usmc7236 (verified owner)

  20. Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it! Love all of our Colonel Littleton purchases!

    Nycalls4 (verified owner)

  21. Just got my belt!!as expected it looks great ! It is great! I look forward to wearing it but I need some boots to go with it 🙂

    intruder714 (verified owner)

  22. Just received my second Littleton belt, the Buffalo. Fantastic belt and superb craftsmanship. Perfect for jeans and sized rite for a concealed carry holster. Clever buckle and rifle sling-like adjusting hardware. Perfect belt for an outdoor man. Many thanx to the Colonel and kudos to Patty in Customer Service.

    mikemccabe43 (verified owner)

  23. Just received my #5 cinch American Buffalo and couldn’t be happier. The quality and workmanship are what you would expect from the Col. Happy to add it to my Col. Littleton collection.

    jim.jones (verified owner)

  24. Love my belt and I wear it almost everyday with jeans . I did have an issue on sizing . I wear a size 40 jean and I’ve always ordered at least 2 inches bigger and so I assumed that with an adjustment all the way to 42 I would be covered . No it wasn’t , but do not fear . There was just enough space after the last 2 holes to put my Dewalt to work . I went back about a half inch and nope that was not enough either . So I had about another inch to play with and I went all the way and drilled matching holes there . Belt now wears perfect . Thanks Colonel and for all your great products and I do not expect this review to be printed but I just wanted you to know maybe your sizing is a little off of I’m a bigger boy than I thought . At least it motivates me to drop a few pounds .Thanks again

    Note from Col. Littleton: Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the good feedback. Since your Dewalt came in handy no exchange is needed, but I am happy to offer exchanges on belts if the size does not fit. Best Regards, Colonel

    dakota1234 (verified owner)

  25. The best craftsmanship and leather I have seen. I bought one a while back and have ordered a few more for gifts. Absolutely, the BEST!

    paulpriestner (verified owner)

  26. I received a gift certificate for Christmas so I ordered this belt for myself via the phone. The operator was courteous and efficient. The belt arrived on schedule and I was surprised to find it neatly packaged and having that personal feel. The quality of the belt was just as I expected from the Colonel having purchased several items before. I think this belt will outlive me. Thank you.


  27. Just received this belt! Outstanding craftsmanship, remarkable quality! Thanks Colonel for being stellar!


  28. Got this belt for ‘myself’ for Christmas. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. If you’ve never been to their stores in Lynnville, it is worth the drive…what a treat. Sarah and company are wonderful!


  29. Just got my American Buffalo Cinch Belt. I love it! Joy packed it just as ordered. It arrived just as promised and I couldn’t be happier with the service. This is top quality stuff. You pay handsomely for it, but I don’t mind paying more for top quality merchandise. Thanks again Colonel! Steve *****

    sandcpurvis (verified owner)

  30. Rugged top quality belt with that American Buffalo leather is hard to beat. Thanks for the fast shipping


  31. Very impressed with the quality, craftsmanship and the appearance. Easy adjustment and fastening. Buffalo is the way to go, now we need more buffalo. Keep it up colonel.

    dontbothertoemail (verified owner)

  32. Purchased for my husband for our Anniversary; a gorgeous piece of workmanship! I wanted it for the buckle, he likes it for the “American Buffalo”! Next I’d like a journal of my own. . .


  33. I purchased this while back, No. 5 Cinch Belt in Cowhide, my next purchase will be a the same in Buffalo hide, I just love the way it works, the way it looks, very easy to adjust, needed during the holidays.


  34. This is my second purchase.I The American Buffalo belt is beautiful.It fit great! I will be making other purchases in the future. Customer service was outstanding


  35. First purchase from Col Littleton, to my surprise this belt appears it is going to last me for a very long time. I found out about Col Littleton from pinterest and am very happy I did. The buckle is very cool, and leather is very nice quality.

    lestat101 (verified owner)

  36. I bought my husband the American Buffalo cinch belt for Christmas. He loves it and says it is very comfortable. Not only a fabulous item, but the service we received while shopping in the store was “stellar”! Thank you!!


  37. Best belt I’ve ever owned!….what an interesting design, and the quality exceeds all expectations!….this belt will last me my lifetime, I’m sure!!……need more stars to describe this belt….at least 10 stars!!…..


  38. I love this “American Buffalo” belt. It is worth every nickle and then some. My wife loves this belt on me and she bought it for me for my Birthday.


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Our Warranty

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Our Leather
Our Craftsmanship
Our Craftsmanship

I see a real resurgence in the country today for products made in America. Our focus is to design and create products that speak to the time-honored traditions that have made this country great such as handmade craftsmanship, authentic rich leathers and quality workmanship. There’s a nostalgic feel about the products we make . . . most of them could have been made 100 years ago and many are made using turn-of-the-20th-century methodology and machinery. Our products are true Americana; forged as our forefathers intended by people who care and take pride in making a beautiful product.