No. 60 Leather Phone Holster – Standard (for iPhone® 7 or 8)





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No. 60 Leather Phone Holster Standard Size

The No. 60 Leather Phone Holster has a vertical belt loop on the back to secure your iPhone® 8 securely to your belt (accommodates up to a 1.5 inch wide belt), or just drop the holster into your briefcase or handbag. Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of our black or vintage brown polished, full-grain leather. Ball stud closure. May be personalized with three initials centered on front flap.Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag and gift box.

Inside dimensions are 5.5” H x 2.75” W x 0.5” D. (Please measure your device and compare dimensions to ensure a proper fit.)

This No. 60 Leather Phone Holster Standard size accommodates:

  • iPhone 5/5S/5C®
  • iPhone SE®
  • iPhone® 6/6S (4.7 inch screen Phone only – no additional cover or case)
  • iPhone® 7/7S (4.7 inch screen Phone only – no additional cover or case)
  • iPhone® 8 (4.7 inch screen Phone only – no additional cover or case)

For iPhone® 6/6S,iPhone® 7/7S or iPhone® 8 (4.7 inch screen) with an Otterbox®, Lifeproof® or other large case please consider the No. 60 Phone Holster – Large size.

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Last Chance Sale items are available in limited quantities. Some items sell out quickly; and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Even though we remove sold-out items from Last Chance promptly, it is possible that you might submit an order for an item that has just sold out. Should this happen you will be notified by our Customer Service Department that the item is no longer available.

Last Chance Sale items are non-returnable.

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  1. This is a great phone holster. Super well made, and I can tell a lot of thought and care went into it. The stitching is immaculate and the only down side to owning it would be if you have to upgrade a cell phone to something that wouldn’t fit. Hopefully, though, the Colonel and his staff will keep making current versions. I think if I ever need to get another phone, this holster would be a great magazine holder for my .380 Sig. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

    wtfleming (verified owner)

  2. A quality vertical case for a iPhone7 was hard to find online, but your model fit the bill. Very good quality. This was my first experience with Colonel Littleton’s products and I must say I am very impressed. Glad to see a company contributing to the well-being of small town America.

    tedtice (verified owner)

  3. This is a great case, fits my Iphone 7 snug, it won’t come out if the flap is not hooked. The only thing better than the case is the service I received, this is a great company to do buisness with!


  4. Got my No. 60 phone case today. Just what I wanted.Found a company that truly a high quality natural leather product. Col. Littleton you have won my trust. Great product!!


  5. I wanted to protect my iPhone X 256GB investment and searched for the BEST LEATHER HOLSTER cases and settled upon the Colonel Littleton No. 60 Phone Holster Large Black/Brown with Embossed Initials, after calling directly to the 1-800 number and speaking directly with Judy, who was polite,knowledgeable,and most helpful. The holster has been in service for a week now and it is a perfect fit. I have a thin case over the iPhone X, a PopSocket attached to the case, and it all fits perfectly. The holster connection to my belt is secure, stout and well designed. This is a superb product…..Thanks very much JMR


  6. My husband was very impressed with his birthday gift. The quality is undeniable. Thank you for moonpie;)

  7. Great holster for iphone8, perfect fit with thin case on phone. High quality construction, fit and finish.

    sandktahan (verified owner)

  8. What an excellent product. Looking forward to many years with this holster.

    trafuse (verified owner)

  9. Absolutely superb product. I bought one for my daughter, who had just purchased a new IPhone 7 Plus. The case was sized perfect for the phone and compared to the price of the phone, the cost of the case was an absolute bargain.

    Randolph Scott

  10. Great product!Fits an iPhone 8 with a thin case.Top quality,finish and service.Would highly recommend it and anything else from the Colonel!

    jm911 (verified owner)

  11. Excellent product and excellent customer service. No hassle at all on the return of one size for the other even though the original one was embossed. A class organization.


  12. I’ve got an iPhone 7 now, so I had to forsake the Colonel’s #46 case, which so fitly served my 4s that it was still in “flawless” condition when recycled. (That had supplanted the croc holster and phone I left in the boudoir of…well, this isn’t a Peterman catalogue.) It’s not the Colonel’s fault that the new phone won’t fit the old case, or that Littleton’s declined to revamp the old immaculate case–actually, maybe that’s on the crusty Colonel–but the new case is a bit too large for the 7, rendering it unwieldy in the pocket of my beautifully-broken-in leather jacket. Too big for the pocket and it falls out in a cab, hein? Like the earlier models, it has rivets on the inside front; unlike the earlier models, it doesn’t have a stamped advisory to turn the phone’s crystal away from the rivets. Una nunca sabe–maybe it won’t matter. But the product itself is as beautifully tooled as ever.


  13. I have purchased many Colonel Littleton products over the years and my recent purchase of the #60 continues my favorable impression! It fits my iPhone SE with Slim Armour case perfectly! Thanks!!

    rfritzsch (verified owner)

  14. Great holster. I am using with an iphone SE. Looks to be well made using good quality leather. Excellent workmanship.

    troush (verified owner)

  15. I received my No. 60 Phone Holster today, just 2 days after placing the order. This is the first Colonel Littleton product I have purchased and, hopefully, will not be the last! From the customer service, to the shipping speed, to the packaging, to the product itself – everything was a treat! Simply opening the package was a delight. It was packed with thought, care, and creativity. The No. 60 Phone Holster is an obvious work of craftsmanship and quality. The smell of the leather is enough to let anyone know this is a well-made product. I will look forward to using it and breaking it in. I have my iPhone 6 in a Spigen Ultra Hyrid Series case. It is a little tight, but with time should slide in and out with ease.

    I wish more companies had the pride of product, workmanship, and customer service that Colonel Littleton has.

    sechurnock (verified owner)

  16. I had recently received an iPhone holster from your group. I am very pleased with the top quality and the very courteous communicating service you provided. Also very happy with the “bonus ” of getting a beautiful coaster & delicious Moonpie. Thank you very much.


  17. Have received my fifth IPhone holder and as usual it is perfect since one of holsters was damaged by a new teething field puppy. My oldest unit while several years old is still fully use full and has much “character” for my field work as a photographer. The new one will be used for more formal ware whenever the black unit is not required.
    Thanks for making such a quality useful product.

    beauxpoint (verified owner)

  18. To say that I’m a Col. Littleton fan is an understatement! Just about every quarter or so I find an excuse to order something else from the Col. The quality is absolutely fantastic with everything I purchase and the style is a mix of history and what a gentlemen’s style use to be. I’m a CEO of a healthcare consulting company and have used my Col. Littleton products on three continents and in every place I go either in the US or abroad I get the same compliments every time and not just on my business Acumen but on my Briefcase, iPad Folio, IPad case, business card case and phone case….All can say is keep up the great work over there and I’ll be a customer for life!!

    Matthew (verified owner)

  19. I have my iPhone 5c in a UAG case. This case works perfectly. My iPhone 6 in a UAG case is a little long for this case. It fits perfectly but won’t snap. If you had this in a long 60 it would be perfect. The snap is not an issue. We have a case that we have used for over 2 years and the snap still works perfectly. It has never got too loose.

    Donald (verified owner)

  20. wonderful belt loop that can’t break. I am a boater and have watched my phone sink when the plastic clip broke. Tough and good looking. I do wander how long the flap button will last without getting too big and become ineffective. I would rather have seen a snap, or magnetic


  21. Awesome phone holster. I was tired of buying junk and decided to bite the bullet and buy a quality product. As soon as I opened the box I knew it was a keeper. It fits my Iphone 6s perfect by itself and will fit my phone with a quad-lock case too but it is a little tight. I’m planning on using it with the quad-lock. I’m sure it will loosen up with some use.

    malada (verified owner)

  22. Stellar product, prompt service.

    KPGautam (verified owner)

  23. This is an excellent product! It is build of high quality supple leather that wears well. My iPhone 6s is in an Apple leather case and it fits perfectly. I have used my case for 6 weeks now with no regrets.

    billheath (verified owner)

  24. Absolutely beautiful! The detail and craftsmanship is second to none. It is a perfect fit for the iphone 6 naked or with a slim edge protector case. Thanks for making such a great product.


  25. Great product and great delivery. Order online and you get a moonpie!!

    tdekruyter1 (verified owner)

  26. Excellent product, this is my second case, the first one was for my iPhone 5, (I always break the regular ones) can’t break these, tough and good looking. Super high quality. I got my new one and my wife said my belt was to ugly to go with it. So I ordered a belt.


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