colonel littleton leather care kit
colonel littleton leather care kit
colonel littleton leather care kit

No. 12 Leather Care Kit

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    • 1 – 7 fl. oz. bottle
    • Drawstring bag for storage
    • Kit contains 1 Bottle of Leather Care, 1 Horsehair Buffing Brush and 2 Soft Application Cloths
    • Specifically formulated for our natural, vegetable-tanned leathers
    • Made in America
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No. 12 Leather Care Kit

Colonel’s No. 12 Leather Care cleans, polishes and protects your leather items and is specifically formulated for our natural, vegetable-tanned leathers (steerhide, American Buffalo and American Alligator). Works well on all our leather products from bags to wallets and everything in between. Handy Col. Littleton drawstring bag for storage. 7 fl. oz. Bottle. Made in the USA.

(Contains 1 Bottle of Leather Care, 1 Horsehair Buffing Brush and 2 Soft Application Cloths)

“I’m a fan of well-traveled leather goods, but every now and then leather items may need a touch-up to revive them and keep them looking their best,” says the Colonel.

Directions for Use: Shake bottle well. Apply a small amount of leather care to a soft cloth and rub thoroughly into leather, particularly in areas of repeated flexing. Let dry. Then, polish briskly with a soft cloth or brush for a rich finish. Not for use on fibrous or suede-finish leathers. Keep out of reach of children.

Note: For best results, treat the entire item for a uniform look. This is not a spot cleaner. Marks from ball-point pens, oil stains, etc. are pretty much “there.” However, use of our leather care can help blend them, as well as other surface scuffs and scratches, into the background making them less noticeable. In time, they will all become part of the beautiful patina and aging process typical of natural leather.

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  1. Just received the CL leather balm kit. It was more than I expected. I tried it on my buffalo saddlebag and it made my bag shine and brought out all of the color in the hide.
    This is the greatest leather balm I have ever used.

    wizarddenny (verified owner)

  2. I own several CL products. I use the No. 3 Book Bag daily. Over the years it has developed a great patina on the backside, however on the flap side it has faded due to use in the rain and needed some help. I recently purchased the No. 12 Leather Care kit to help me with the fade. I couldn’t be any more excited about the results. The first application brought most of the color back, I used it again and it looks like new! I would highly recommend the Leather Care Kit! I am very satisfied with the results, and would not hesitate to use it again! Thank you, CL!

    patricksaindon (verified owner)

  3. Do not underestimate the value of the No 12 Leather Care Kit. Works extremely well on the Colonel’s leather products and Shell Cordovan Shoes and Boots.


  4. I have carried my Bentley Tote everyday for a couple years. The leather care kit has brought it back to life!! It doesn’t take a lot and this kit will last a long time.

    elliottj.uah (verified owner)

  5. I recently visited the store en route from Atlanta to Nashville. The store is an amazing place that showcases all of Colonel Littleton’s products. I bought several items and have just used the No. 12 Leather Care on 2 of my Colonel Littleton products. The Leather Care is an exceptional product that cleaned and made my products even more supple than when I bought them. It’s truly a great product.


  6. This is a great kit to keep all of your CL products looking great! I do have the older bottle that had a cork top and it left some black residue in the top but I just cleaned that out and it is good as new. I have over 6 CL leather items that I have used this on frequently for a few years and still have at least a half bottle left! It is great for bags, briefcases, portfolios, wallets or belts. I give any CL product five stars.


  7. We visited your lovely store in Lynnville, Tennessee, what a beautiful town. My husband was wearing his much loved leather coat. We purchased this care kit to restore it. We watched the “How To” video and practiced on my sons’s gloves before we went to work on his coat. My husband was very happy with the outcome. The coat looks great and now I have a care kit for all my leather goods! Thanks for your help.


  8. I have a leather journal that I use multiple times every day and the surface was getting rather worn, scratched and dinged up. A single application of this leather care product made my journal look as good as new again. It shines and feels as soft to the touch as it did when it arrived, maybe even more so. I love this product and it is so easy to use!

    catodd (verified owner)

  9. Wow! Your leather balm surprised me.

    First, unlike most products, there was no nasty chemical smell. Next, it really brought out the color and tones of the leather. Lastly, it made the leather feel, well, healthy. Not too soft, not too slick, but healthy.

    Well done.


  10. I received my No. 12 leather care today and all I can say is WOW! I am more then pleased with this care kit, I highly recommend it. I can’t say enough on how they package your items. With such care, very solid and I love the little bag that your item is in and they send a MOON PIE! along with a loving memory of how that got started. I saved every one of the cards of Info and dedicated two pages in my Journal to them for future readings, which I also bought from COL. LITTLETON.I would send a picture if I had a way of doing so. Thank you so much for the love you put into your work, it shows. God bless you all, Chrysler.

    n30772010 (verified owner)

  11. Excellent product! Finally a leather conditioner that’s not just an oil that soaks in and turns the leather black. It restores the color and feel of the leather without destroying the original appearance. It also makes it smell like new leather again. I highly recommend this product!

    grantmiller.personal (verified owner)

  12. Reasonably priced for what you get. I loved the brush’s leather top–nice touch!

    Tyler (verified owner)

  13. Asking myself why I didn’t buy this sooner?

    I have quite a few of the Colonel’s fine leather items, nine in all, with the centerpiece being my No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase. Being a leather admirer from way back, I knew the value of periodic conditioning and had used products from a local luggage shop on my Colonel Littleton goods. It kept the leather supple, but didn’t really improve or enhance the appearance of any of them.

    Enter the Colonel’s Leather Care Kit. The balm is wonderful, with a fragrance that tells you right away that this is serious stuff! The cloths that were included are excellent, with just enough texture to work the balm into the leather. But the brush REALLY takes it to a much higher level!

    I treated all of my items earlier this evening and, wow, am I impressed with the results! I’m sold, and you will be, too! (verified owner)

  14. Purchased this for the first time for my husband’s leather products he has. He was very impressed with the products and their ease of use.

    denise.rellar (verified owner)

  15. This is the first Colonel product that I feel falls short of what I’ve come to expect from the Colonel’s merchandise. The bag, rags and brush are on par. It the balm that I feel is lacking. It is thin, wispy and seems to be a short lived treatment for quality leather.

    bghall296 (verified owner)

  16. Just ordered for the first been looking this type of product for my gun leather


  17. I think the Colonel fell just a bit short on the leather care kit. The Leather Care does a fine job of giving all my Colonel Littleton products a great look. Easy to apply and they great look when buffed out. I do wish the brush had a bit of a curve to the handle and bristles, like a shoe shine brush. The slight curve would provide a more natural movement to the buffing action. I like the square short bottle as it’s harder to accidentally tip over but the cork does not seat well. With a nearly full bottle, air pressure pushes the cork back out. Even after wiping the cork stopper off and wiping the inside neck of the bottle clean, the cork still migrates out. Fine if it sets on a shelf but worrisome if packing it. I would prefer the security of a screw cap.

    Roger (verified owner)

  18. Just ordered 3 of these kits; one for myself and one for each of my two children. Once again my order came beautifully packed and within two days of placing the order. Love how the balm made my leather look! Am certain that this kit will keep all my leather looking great. Thank you for your excellent products and superb customer care!

    Julie (verified owner)

  19. Just used the Colonel’s leather care kit for the first time on a private stock iPad cover. It worked beautifully! The leather looks fantastic, still bearing the marks of its well-worn patina, but now with a matte glow that makes the piece look even richer. I also think it feels more supple than before. If I am wrong, don’t tell me; just leave me in my little stellar Col. Littleton world! (verified owner)

  20. I own quite a few leather pieces from Col. Littleton and was really happy to discover a leather care product made by the Colonel, expressly for the Colonel’s high quality leather! Upon getting the No.12 Leather Care I immediately applied it to my 3 year old No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase and transformed it essentially back to new! This great smelling leather balm removed all the superficial scratches and brought back the warm glow my bag had originally! I just followed the directions in the Colonel’s video and applied a small amount all over the surface, rubbed it in with the warmth of my fingers, and finished by brushing the leather with the high quality brush that came with the kit. Now I must get busy and treat all of my Col. Littleton leather goods with this fantastic product!


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Our Warranty

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