natural and khaki lynnville panama hat on trunk
natural and khaki lynnville panama hat on trunk
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
khaki lynnville panama hat with product stamped lining
khaki lynnville panama hat with product stamped lining
khaki lynnville panama hat with hang tags
natural lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
front side of natural lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
natural lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
natural lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
natural lynnville panama hat with leather accent stash band
inside of natural lynnville panama hat
inside of natural lynnville panama hat
natural lynnville panama hat with leather product stamped lining
natural lynnville panama hat with leather product stamped lining
natural lynnville panama hat tags

No. 2 Lynnville Panama Hat

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    • Available in Khaki or Natural color
    • Features brass eyelets and leather band
    • Hat body receives a special Teflon® coating that makes it oil and water repellent
    • 3″ brim
    • Secret “stash” band to conceal extra cash
    • Hat bodies are hand woven in Ecuador, and hat models are made in the USA
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

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No. 2 Lynnville Panama Hat

Available in Natural (Light Cream) or Khaki color.

There’s a certain comfort in a favorite hat… kind of like an old friend who keeps showing up season after season. A good hat shades you in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter.

No. 2 Lynnville Panama Hat features brass eyelets and an inside “stash” band to conceal a little “traveling” money as well as a place to sign your name. That way you won’t go home with the wrong hat. Panama hat bodies are hand woven in Ecuador, and hat models are made in the USA. 3″ brim. Leather band.

Hat body receives a special Teflon® coating that makes it oil and water repellent. “The Uncrushable” insert inside the hat protects against cracking caused by normal wear and tear.

Khaki or Natural color.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL

“I’m a ‘hat man’ of long standing. As a boy, I looked forward to getting old enough to wear a hat. I’ve worn one since that day,” -Colonel


Hat size is based on the circumference of the head where the hat brim sits. If you measure between sizes, we suggest ordering the larger size hat.

Small – Hat Size 6 7/8″ – 7″, Circumference 21 1/2″ to 21 3/4″

Medium – Hat Size 7 1/8″ – 7 1/4″, Circumference 22 1/4″ to 22 1/2″

Large– Hat Size 7 3/8″ – 7 1/2″, Circumference 23 ” to 23 1/2″

X-Large – Hat Size 7 5/8″ – 7 3/4″, Circumference 23 7/8″ to 24 1/4″

THE PROPER WAY TO PUT ON AND REMOVE YOUR HAT: Even though it seems the natural thing to do, putting your hat on or removing it by “pinching” it at the crown is a very bad idea. Not only will the oils in your skin stain your hat, this repeated action over time will break down the fibers and seriously damage your hat. The proper way to put on or remove your hat is by the brim. Take the Colonel’s advice, and your hat will be your best friend for a very long time.

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  1. I stumbled upon The Colonel’s shop while searching for a made in USA Panama Hat. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of The Lynnville No. 2, the prompt shipping, and of course, the extras bag (A great finishing touch on a seamless and satisfying transaction). Proud to purchase from an American business in my home state who exceeded expectations.


  2. For the ladies who are interested in a Panama hat–I LOVE my new hat and the quality is fabulous! I am a smaller lady, 5’1″ and the small (with the sizer inserted) fits perfectly. It is MUCH nicer than any other ones I have seen.


  3. I just bought my 3rd Col. Littleton hat. I love the hat. I have hats from other companies that I don’t wear. Wearing a hat is fun and I often get complements. It is important to shade your skin from the sun. Really a gentlemen is not fully dressed unless he has on a hat. Never leave home without a hat.


  4. Wow! Received my husband’s phone case with initials. He loves it! It is of the best quality and works well on his belt! No more excuses that he can’t reach his phone! LOL
    Also, loved the customer service and the packaging. The unexpected treats (moon pie and coaster especially) and the information. 🙂
    5 Stars all around.
    The next time we drive to TN we are stopping into your store. So fun!
    God Bless you, Colonel Littleton.


  5. I purchased this hat as a gift for my Dad. He loves it. He wears a 7 3/8 hat and the large size fit him well. The customer service and fast delivery were first rate. Great experience all the way around. Thank you, Col. Littleton.

    aailshie1 (verified owner)

  6. No. 2 Lynnville Panama hat: WE AIN’T IN PANAMA ANYMORE, TOTO!

    How much fun are the Colonel Littleton Lynnville Panamas??? A “Panama” straw hat is as American as mom, apple pie, and Teddy Bears, because the ORIGINAL American Teddy Bear, Theodore Roosevelt, popularized Ecuadorian straw hats during the building of the Panama Canal and brought them front and center into American fashion over 120 years ago!

    Fast-forwarding over a century, we now have a versatile, practical way to embrace Teddy’s inner Grizzly. I own two, because you never know whether your day will be khaki or natural-flavored.

    As one who practices social distancing with the sun, I particularly like the fabric inner band and grommeting (insertion of eyelets) of the Colonel’s Lynnvilles. Anyone driving an open-topped vehicle can appreciate the security of an easily-inserted stampede string whenever cross winds threaten….

    I can’t help but think if Charlie Sheen had been embracing his inner Grizzly with a Lynnville No. 2 instead of chasing Tiger blood in a vamped up, straw Hollywood offshore reject, he’d still be earning a living wage.


  7. As a Florida resident, this real Panama Hat clearly stands out among the many Floridians and their Florida Hats. I am very proud to wear my Colonel Hat amongst the very best Panama Hats. I regularly receive compliments on its look. I also have a felt fur hat. I split wearing them during the year. As I stroll down Beach Drive here in Tampa with my Littleton Panama, I know I am wearing the BEST Panama Hat in Florida. It is also perfect for tipping your hat to the ladies along the beach. Keep up the good work Colonel. You already know you have the Best Team for customer service, but you also have the Best Panama Hat. NN


  8. I have had a felt hat for years size medium so i ordered my panama hat in medium and it was to small. I sent the hat back and they shipped out a large the next day. The hat fits perfect and is great quality. I love it. Great customer service.

    jtaipalus1 (verified owner)

  9. I purchased my first No. 2 around the early 1990s’. Living in the desert of southern California at the time it was the best thing going summer and winter. Living in Virginia now and its 2020, getting close to fathers day and wife says would like a new hat that ones looking pretty beat up. I say if its a No. 2 like this one, yes ma’am. Still the best Panama going summer and winter. Thank You Colonel Littleton.


  10. Good Day Colonel I’ve been wearing your Panama hat roughly 20 to 23 years get compliments all the time but I see fit to write a review at this time for your customer service representative Naleta Hurt she went out of her way to help me with a problem I’m leaving Conway South Carolina about three months a year and I live nine months in St. Thomas Virgin Islands where I work I was in need of a new hat are usually ship it to my phone my address in them from home get it where it back down with all the virus going around I’m not flying I want your site did not see Saint Thomas is a shipping address call Lean and get the customer service rep she told me that St. Thomas was considered international had to go to the international site I went there and looked and shipping with and $53 After thinking about it I went back And talk to Mis Naleta she work with me I’ll change my address to the freight for the company uses in Florida she went Above, Judy sent me an email with shipping tracking number and she said it was gonna be delivered on Tuesday the 31 But it got there Monday the 30th was able to be put on my container it left on April 1 and I received this hats on April 4 so I give me us Naleta 10 stars and I take my hat off to her she is a gem in your customer service department Thank You Robert Brady

    robert3 (verified owner)

  11. This is the genuine article. A real Panama Hat! I have had another real Panama hat for about fifteen years. This one from Colonel Littleton is even better. In addition, their customer service is incredible! Each one I have spoken to is courteous, knowledgeable and unbelievably helpful!! You will be a very happy customer of this fine organization.


  12. This hat is quite possibly my new favorite. As a world traveler, I’m excited to share the craftsmanship of my Lynnville, Panama Hat with the world. I’ll be purchasing the Backroad Fur Felt Hat before winter as well. Great job Col. Littleton!


  13. I am really glad to have ordered this hat. The quality is truly fine and the natural ivory color is great for Florida most of the year. I know I will enjoy this hat for a long time to come. The packaging was first rate too. I am so pleased that I will be ordering a felt fur hat for the short but cool and drippy winter months, as soon as I decide on the color. Highly recommend.

    LeewardJohn (verified owner)

  14. Great Hat for keeping the sun off your face and neck in the hot, muggy, Houston weather. Lightweight and very well made and looks nice too!


  15. Love these hats. Stylish but great for working outdoors. I have 2 and the oldest was bought 18 years ago and is still great looking.


  16. Really great quality! I wear a 7 and I bought the small. Had to stretch it a little.
    Proud to wear a hat this sharp!


  17. Awesome hat. I have a lot of low end hats but this is the first high quality hat ive ever owned. Its amazing the difference. Love it!


  18. After much deliberation, I landed on a decision to purchase the khaki version of the No. 2 Lynnville Panama hat for an upcoming vacation which includes a cruise. I wanted a high quality hat that justified the price and I was absolutely not disappointed! The sizing was perfect and the inherent quality was obvious. Hey, may decide to go with the Natural color one soon! Way to go, Colonel! (Thanks for the Moon pie, brought back good memories!)


  19. I bought the white Panama Hat but my size fell between two ranges. I called Charlene and she told me the best way to order was call Joyce and she would set me up with the correct size hat and a size adjuster in case it was too big. No need, the fit is PERFECT. The look is timeless. Sun protection for me is critical and this is the perfect hat. Great products (I have many) and the best service of any company.


  20. Didn’t have to wait long to receive my hat. It appears to be very well made and even though the size medium is a little snug, it looks great.
    Thanks Colonel.

    P.S. Love the extras and the especially the Moon Pie.


  21. This is my third Panama hat from Littleton, so I must be pretty satisfied. I have a bunch of hats, but none have been nearly as nice as these. I’m still wearing the first one I got years ago as a work hat, patched with masking tape. I can’t seem to give them up.


  22. Just received my Panama hat and found the quality to be TOP SHELF everything plus what I expected from Col. Littleton. This is certainly a step up from the other hats I was looking at, the fit (a medium) is spot on for me, just a little tight which should be perfect to hold in place while boating or in a strong wind. This will be my new go to hat for sure.

    johnschuman11 (verified owner)

  23. Awesome hat! Fits perfectly and I loved all of the Colonel’s musings and advice that were included. Made me feel like I’m a part of the company and culture you are creating (moving forward into the future)! Thank you!


  24. I am in Ukraine (outside of the States)…Thank you for great service, great looking, fitting, and easy to ware hat! Love the hat band and the look is just great. The brim is just right being the 3″ size.
    The hat was boxed and quality of box is an excellent condition. Without a doubt this will be worn with pride. Thank you! You already have one more very positive and loyal customer 😉


  25. WOW what a hat and what great service. I am outside of the States and had some very great help from the service department!! Thank you again!! Now to the great looking, fitting, and easy to ware hat!! Love the hat band and the look is just great. The brim is just right being the 3″ size. You can tell the pride and care Col Littleton’s people and company are by the way the hat was boxed and quality of box it was shipped with. Without a doubt this will be worn with pride. Again thank you to the service department and the ease in which you worked with me.

    Bruce, March 30 2019


  26. I was looking for a good straw Panama hat. I chose to search by high price to low. I found Col. L. at the upper end price range. They should be. I understand the more expensive is not always the better product. But, the Col. Littleton, Lynnville Panama Hat is a superior product. A hat,especially a straw hat must be good or it quickly falls apart. I wear my Littleton hat most days. It keeps your body temp even in the heat, keeps the sun and glare out of your eyes. Frankly I started wearing hats in both Summer and Winter, I do not understand how hats went out of fashion, especially in the East where I live. I now feel naked, unprepared and vulnerable if I do not have the right hat for the weather and activity. I have yet to purchase the Col. L. felt hat,but it is on my list. When you receive your hat you also receive a few little items that at the time I did not fully appreciate. For example, they included in my package a leather strip. This leather strip is the greatest item. Your head swells and shrinks throughout the seasons. Tonight I just wrote to Col. L. and ,though I was buying a leather bracelet to have engraved for a Memorial , I requested if they sell the leather strips separately. I nearly discarded the strip,but it was such a fine piece of leather my instinct told me to keep it. They also included a nice leather piece which is next to my bed ,as I always have a drink when I get in bed and the leather from Colonel Littleton is of such high quality the drink rest, is still there and it does not fall apart. That is the real message I can convey. Every detail is thought through by this company. Anyone who questions weather America can make the finest products needs to buy something from this company. Is it expensive, perhaps it is at first but a good hat properly maintained should last decades. My Panama hat is the strongest hat of its type I have ever seen. Every other Panama type hat looks and is cheaply made when held next to the Col littleton hat.
    I know someone else who bought a briefcase type piece. I have a good briefcase but almost wish I could justify buying another. The leather products are superior. These are generational items. If properly cared for the leather will outlast any of us. If you want to pay for initials feel free ,if you want to spend just as much maybe more but own the very Best Buy here, I seldom spend my time writing testimonials. My time is too valuable and I am too private to put my name on something I do not produce. There are exceptions to every rule. Colonel Littleton’s leather products rival the finest from Asprey or Godard or Hermes. You know these names and Hermes does make fine things, but they are fully priced and make the Colonel seem reasonable. Of course we are limiting the discussion to the most elite and expensive leather Makers in the world. But few know of Colonel Littleton, everyone else who can afford the name products likely is not familiar with the Colonel Littleton leather line. Yes these are expensive items. They will last lifetimes and retain value, if maintained, like anything else of quality for fifty to one hundred years, I can say no more . Get over the price if you can and be a big boy and buy yourself or your wife or your family the finest, No no one will know you spent $1,000 on a duffel bag ,do you want them to? I buy quality or I wait. Wait ,save buy the best, I own two saddles,one I traded for thirty five years ago and it was at least twenty five years old then. It was a Crosby and I do have a back up saddle ,Crosby and it was purchased new and it cost over $1,800 years ago, The price per ride is cheap same with the Colonel. No this is not a store for everyone, but who sends the most on a Panama Hat as everyone thinks they are disposable. Yes if you buy a cheap Panama Hat it is disposable. Buy the Colonel’s and maintain it and you will never need a second. I live buying fine things and maintaining them. If your lazy, poor or into disposable goods this is not the place for you. If you are into having that which you need and prefer owning the Best Buy anything sold here. The leather products and the hats are certainly no brainers. I bought a leather bracelet tonight and I do not wear bracelets. My father beat me and broke my skull against a stone wall when I showed up at a barbecue upon returning from College. I was wearing some stupid outfit and he threw me up against the side of our house. Yes, I left bleeding from my head. I also never took my dress for granted when I was invited to someone else’s home. I was 19 and my Father believed at 18 you were on your own ,he gave me a single check each year to pay tuition and room and board and everything else, It was a large check, in 1978 I received $40,000 a year. But, in return I was expected to be at the top of every class I took and I was. He died and so did my son. But, I now beat in sad, lonely and tough. If this resonates with any reader then your a Colonel Littleton man. If not it is something you must decide yourself. I cannot relate to the weak yuppy who forgets that being tough is a life long pursuit.


  27. I got my Panama hat in yesterday. Looks great and wears even better.


  28. I just got this hat, but I already love it. It was a little big but in the box there’s a piece of leather to make it the correct size. Thank you so much.


  29. Great experience doing business with your company. First quality Panama Hat that I’ll enjoy for a long time. My “noggin” doesn’t have the natural protection it once did, so I predict this hat will become a good friend. Lastly, as a customer, I really appreciate the special way I was treated.


  30. I have had several PANAMA HATS, but this is the best of all of them. Fit is perfect, quality is fantastic !
    I have worn this in high winds and it has never blown off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. My son and namesake chose the Colonel’s Hat to help give me a real hat after 90 years.
    Now I feel more like 75 and hope to look it.
    Thank you all for keeping the world real!
    We hope to come see you and Jack Daniels and College of the South again in those great mountains!


  32. This hat hits all the right marks. Well made, high-quality materials, and good looking to boot! I initially ordered a Large but exchanged it for an XL with the help of Colonel’s awesome staff. Shipping on both deliveries was extremely fast and the refund for the first item almost immediate (after they got it back). I’d recommend ordering up if you’re deciding between sizes. Overall I’m quite impressed with the fit and finish of the hat and the overall buying experience. I’ve already gotten three compliments after less than a week of wear. Can’t wait to see all the places this hat takes me. Thanks, Colonel!!


  33. I was a bit nervous to order a hat online. No need to worry. Well made, well packaged. Perfect fit. His new favorite hat for sunny California days.


  34. We came into the store and was amazed at the quanity and quality of leather goods that were displayed. We had already looked at video’s and researched the Panama Hat online. He was trying on the hats when the nicest sales person came and helped us. He is very difficult to find a hat to fit exactly snug due to having a small head. She then suggested a hat sizer that made it fit snugly and perfectly. She also took the time to explain where the materials were weaved and the care it took for making the hat. Only the best material. We are so pleased with the look and feel of the hat.


  35. Very pleased with the hat. I played golf in one for many years and finally wore it out.
    Looking forward to wearing the new one for many rounds of golf.
    Thanks Colonel Littleton for a quality product, made in the USA and for a reasonable price.


  36. I’ve owned many hats in my lifetime, the quality of this hat matches up to the best quality hats I have owned. This is my second purchase from this company and expect to be a long time customer. I appreciate the leather on the inside to put my name inside. It fits well, looks stylish, and I expect to get a lot of wear out of this purchase.

    ninothestar (verified owner)

  37. I’m impressed with the high quality of this hat for the money. I get complements on it all the time. The features it has makes it stand out. I gave it 4 stars because it ran a little big(not much though).


  38. Top shelf , pleased with the hat , the quality , fit and comfort plus the best service , these folks know what they’re doing and they do it well right down to the mini-moon , thanks Colonel and all your folks too!


  39. Happiness is a hat that fits, especially when it’s a gift! I enjoy Colonel Littleton’s stuff and will probably order more. 4 stars until I see how well the hat lasts!


  40. This is one fantastic hat! It’s very well made and lightweight (especially appreciated in the steamy summer months!). The fit is great as well – and all for a very reasonable price. Congratulations on a quality product, it’s nice to see some people still know how to do it. I’ll be back (something tells me there’s a No. 2 hat in my future)!

    hardwickd (verified owner)

  41. I ordered this hat (through Amazon) in a small and found it to be a bit small. Reordered the medium and it is perfect. I REALLY like the hat. As with all of Col. Littleton products it is unique, classy and of highest quality.

    The Moon Pies are an added plus.

    Wiley McClary


  42. Was just gifted the Panama hat by my daughters. Always loved the macaroni picture frames, but the adult daughter gifts are pretty good too. Excellent quality and a “smart” look. Looking forward to hot summer days being shaded by this gem. Good work Colonel!


  43. I took a job in ST.Thomas V.I. back in 1993,
    when i got I was not a hat man but this tropical sun made me one, I tried a few other did like then I found the Colonel and been a hat man. I get compliments every day on my hat, and I ENJOY IT DEARLY.


  44. I’ve worn my hat almost everyday for close to 5 years. I live in Florida and this hat is perfect. I get compliments all the time, and highly recommend it.

    Prescott (verified owner)

  45. We took a road trip to Lynnville because of this hat and we were glad we did. My husband loves this hat. The hat fit is true to size.


  46. Hat arrived yesterday. Took it for a spin on the deck last night with a glass of wine. Love it. My dad always wore a hat with more than one for each season. Need to start thinking about one for the cool weather. Thanks

    timdonoghue (verified owner)

  47. Just got my hat today. The delivery service was less than gentle with the box, but the Colonel’s crew packed it very well. The hat looks great and fits well. Looking forward to wearing it for a long time.

    frscott (verified owner)

  48. My first item that I have ever purchased from the Colonel. Was purchased on Saturday and was worn for the first time the next day to my worship service. Also drove my 42 Chevy truck that same day for the first time. The number of compliments are way to many to mention. A wonderful purchase on my part. Thank you Colonel for the marvelous merchandise


  49. I purchased a hat based on what I recalled the military cap size I used to wear. The hat arrived perfectly but I misjudged the size of my noggin! No worries… I shipped it back and now have a GREAT hat that I look forward to wearing while at my cabin. Besides all this I have now acquired a taste for moon pies!
    Thank much Col. I salute you sir! Yours truly, SSGT. Purdy USAF


  50. My wife and 3 daughters bought this hat for me a couple of Christmas’ ago and I loved it so much they bought the #2 Backroad Fur Felt hat! The panama fits like a dream and looks fantastic. I added a couple of tail feathers from my rooster in the brass eyelets and I’m the best dressed man this side of the Mason-Dixon line.


  51. Just received this hat and took it to sunny (and warm) FLA for a getaway. The hat is just fantastic….well made, and very light to wear in the heat. Bonus…the wife liked it! Shipping was lightning fast, and top shelf as always. Colonel Littleton is always a pleasure to purchase from!

    Leo (verified owner)

  52. My wife gave me this hat for Christmas. As it was a surprise and she guessed on my hat size, the medium was a tad to small. The staff at Col Littleton was great and I ordered a large so that I could compare both hats. My head measures at 22-3/4 and the large ended up being a better fit. I love the quality and feel of my new hat.


  53. Ordered for my husband for Christmas – its wonderful.


  54. I bought this hat as my summer pool hat. It is also an excellent summer dress hat. The liner is very absorbent, breaths well and the leather band is color fast. I have had it for three summers now and it still looks great.


  55. Purchased the Lynnville Panama Hat to complete my Spring/Summer wardrobe. My father always said that a man is never fully dressed without fine shoes and a perfect hat. This hat is outstanding and the quality is remarkable. Received the hat within three days and fits like a dream.


  56. Enjoying my second Lynnville Panama in spring and summer and my first fur felt in fall and winter. Each gives added protection to that area where the hairline used to recede but has now become practically non-existent. When I ordered the wrong size on the Panama, the customer service could not have been more responsive in getting me into the right specs.

    V.F. (verified owner)

  57. Bought this hat at the store in Lynnville. It fits perfectly and looks awesome! Love, love, love it!


  58. The fit. The look. A true classic. I have received an incredible number of compliments on the hat. Many thanks to the Colonel.


  59. love it
    wear the hat and it is comfortable and stylish. can’t go wrong with Col Littleton


  60. just sick
    i have had this hat for a month or so. i feel like a genius. actually, its starting to get crazy how many compliments i get.


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