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Andrew Jackson Tavern – A New Foundation


The old tavern landed in a perfect spot among a patch of cedar trees. It was set on a temporary foundation of blocks while the team devised a plan for their next steps. The building would need a solid foundation, one like it first had 200 years ago, and one that will keep it firmly planted for the next 200 years.



A pile of rock lay just beyond the building that will be used as part of the foundation and for a chimney. Local Lynnville resident, Rick Taylor, salvaged the rock from an old home years ago and had been holding onto it until the right purpose came along. Once he realized this old building was the perfect recipient, he hauled the heavy-weighted rock himself up to the farm.

Meanwhile, Colonel noticed one of the support beams underneath didn’t fair well on the trip. It was rotted out and falling apart and needed to be replaced.

TempFoundationBadBeam  RottedBeamweb



So what were they going to do? Stopping in at the Home Depot for a board was not in the plan. Colonel picked out a cedar tree right on the farm, cut it, then sent it off to the sawmill and brought it back ready to be finished.


ColonelandCedarTree  CedarTreeweb

Colonel inspects the trees on the farm, and finds “the one” and then he and Payton carefully cut it down.


cedartreefalls  paytoncuttingtreeColonelandCorysawingColonelandPaytonbyTreetractorcedartree


After a trip to the lumber yard, the large cedar tree was transformed into a new support beam for the tavern.


  PaytonExamsClosely  BeamandJackweb

A board made from the cedar tree was installed on the side for temporary support while the building was prepared to be set on the permanent pillars. An old railroad jack was used to support and move the building.



Colonel delivers the new cedar beam as Cory helps place it beside the tavern to get ready to install it.


Colonel always knows how to find the fun in restoration.


Colonel demonstrates hand hewing with an axe like they did in the 19th Century. After cutting the tree down, hand hewing with a broad axe or adze was done to shape the log. This time around, we have the convenience of a sawmill to ready the log for use. Though, it was Payton and Cory that cut the square notches into the beam to fit the under the building.

 PaytonandCedarBeam  CedarBeamCloseup

CorySettingBeam  CorysettingBeamweb


When determining where the building sits level, an old-fashioned water hose does the trick. Colonel demonstrates how it works by matching the water level on either end.

How do you know if it’s level or not? “If a guy riding by on a loping mule can’t tell, than it’s ok,” explains Colonel.

New Support Beam

Payton and Cory’s craftsmanship already shows as the beam is strategically placed on the tavern’s permanent rock pillars.



We’re off to a great beginning as the tavern has been set on its new foundation.

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