Made In USA
Ultimate Luxury - American Alligator - Col. Littleton Product category image for American Alligator, featuring a close-cropped photo of the top of an Alligator No. 3 Grip Travel Bag

American Alligator

There’s American Alligator, and then there’s everything else.

“To me, American Alligator is the benchmark by which all luxury handmade products are measured.  American Alligator in the hands of a skilled craftsman results in truly unique products with timeless beauty and intrinsic value.

“Our alligator products are made from hand-selected and hand-matched wild American Alligator hides, intentionally chosen to show the natural markings that are common to an alligator raised in the wild.  I personally select the hides for specific products and determine how each hide is to be cut to achieve optimum beauty.

“Alligator products are the shining crown of our fine craftsmanship.” – Colonel