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Colonel’s Journal

Tales, advice, gift ideas and knowledge from the Colonel . . .

maybe a few jokes too.

Post image for "The Wrong Century"

The Wrong Century Video Transcript Colonel: “I have a fascination with older things for some reason. You know there are always people who say they were born in the wrong century, and I think people say that because they have a connection to things that …

Blog feature image for The Hot Rod Garage

Hot Rod Garage Video Transcript Colonel: “I was trying to make a rationalization for owning this building or buying it. I told everybody to start with that it was going to be called the Hot Rod Garage and Car Museum or something you know. I …

A blog post A Sense of Pride

“A Sense of Pride”

Video Transcript Colonel: “You’ve got to have quality people to make a quality product. Now you can make average stuff… it’s no trouble to make average stuff. People may not have the sense of pride in their work or the sense of …

everyone is important thumbnail copy

“Everybody is Equally Important”

Video Transcript Colonel: “I decided when we got into this business that I didn’t want to work every day with a bunch of people that I couldn’t get along with. When we’re looking for somebody, we’re pretty particular about who we hire. …

Blog post peace of mind

“Peace of Mind”

Video Transcript Colonel: “I think what makes me happiest is to have peace of mind and that’s hard to do. It’s hard to have peace of mind about everything. I’ve had money keep me awake at night. I’ve had problems keep me awake …

WilliamRileyLittleton web

The Photograph

William Riley Littleton “The Photograph” My Dad, or “Pap” as I called him, handed me a photograph one day and asked, “Do you know who this is? I didn’t; however, there was a certain familiarity about the man in the picture that …

Blog Feature Image - Memorial Day

“Memorial Day” Video Transcript Colonel: “Sometimes I think Memorial Day gets kinda shifted. And I think we kinda move through it and don’t really think about it like we should . . . about the price that was paid for the freedom we …

Blog Feature Image - Colonel's Daily Journey - A Walk Through the Workshop

Colonel’s Daily Journey: The Outpost

Colonel’s Daily Journey: The Outpost Follow Colonel on his Daily Journey as he starts his day with a visit around the workshop, checking in on all the employees and seeing what everyone is working on for the day. Video Transcript Colonel: “One thing I …

mayberry dvl video

“Believe in Mayberry”

Colonel: “I think everybody, everywhere in the country wants to believe somewhere, there’s a Mayberry. I think people in New York City – somedays they think, ‘boy, life’s gotta be simpler than this, I mean somewhere (Colonel chuckles), this just can’t, can’t …

inspiration dvl video


Video Transcript Colonel: “I like to think that we, uh, influence people with what we do. That we make a product that people enjoy getting it, and they enjoy using it, they feel good about it, and uh, I get inspired trying …