American Alligator travel bag and briefcases with green wall and small portfolio and cup

American Alligator Leather

“American Alligator leather is, to me, one of the most beautiful and luxurious leathers in existence and a vintage find, although rare, is certainly rewarding.”

– Colonel

No. 41 Commander Briefcase in Vintage Brown American Alligator behind a No. 17 Hunt Bag in dark Tobacco Brown American Buffalo with dark American Alligator flap and trimOver the years Colonel has clocked a lot of hours digging through antique shops and flea markets in search of vintage alligator pieces.

The exclusivity and expense of products made of alligator is due in part to the fact that the alligator is found only in the southeastern United States inhabiting freshwater wetlands from Texas to North Carolina. Hides are sold by the centimeter, and only a small portion of the hide can be used in the production of alligator products thus adding to the expense.

Crafting products from alligator is an art that can only be accomplished well at the hands of an experienced and meticulous craftsman.

Over the years, we have slowly built up a small collection of American Alligator products which are handcrafted in our workshop here in Lynnville, TN.

Where Craftsmanship and Artistry Intersect

“It never occurred to me that I should go into business to make ordinary products.  As we all know, that market is already very well represented.  People come to Col. Littleton in search of extraordinary.”

– Colonel

In the final analysis once the vision is established, value almost always equates to time and materials . . . the time it takes to make something and the materials from which it’s made.  All Col. Littleton products are handcrafted and all are made of high quality materials.  However, our larger pieces in American Alligator are made from start to finish by one highly-skilled craftsperson who works in tandem with Colonel.  Colonel personally selects the hides with the right “personality” for specific products and determines how each hide is to be cut and matched for the most pleasing end result. These products are destined to become works of art, and the time and materials afforded them goes above and beyond what you might expect.

Visit our American Alligator Collection to find one-of-a-kind American Alligator leather pieces.

No. 41 Commander Briefcase in Vintage Brown American Alligator sitting on a dark brown fur-draped steamer trunk
No.1 Saddlebag briefcase in Tobacco Brown American Buffalo with brown American Alligator flap and Vintage Brown Steerhide Trim resting on a glass antique display cabinet
No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase in Vintage Brown American Alligator on green fabric with dramatic dark lighting

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