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American Buffalo by Colonel Littleton

Nothing Says “AMERICANA” like American Buffalo.

Our history is filled with stories of this majestic animal that thundered across the plains in the early days of America and is forever a symbol of our heritage.

Watch the video to learn more about Colonel’s vision for our unique American Buffalo products.

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Because of its historic significance, I have always wanted to feature some products in American Buffalo. I looked at buffalo hide samples for a long time, and much of what I saw was an insult to the integrity of this great animal. Because buffalo is a low-yield leather; and, therefore, expensive to process, tanneries often “paint over” the entire hide covering up the natural texture along with the blemishes inherent in buffalo so the entire hide can be used. Then they actually stamp the texture onto the hide. This process definitely increases the yield and decreases the cost, but it takes away the natural character and feel of the leather.

I really got excited about doing some products in American buffalo when we brought hides into our local tannery and had them naturally hand-tanned and double tanned just like our steer hide. The result was the difference in night and day. We got fantastic leather with a wonderful, rugged texture. I hope you’ll like the end result as much as I do.

American Buffalo No. 1 Saddlebag BriefcaseLOVE IT FOR WHAT IT IS.

Before you buy, you have to understand buffalo and love it for what it is. Even though most buffalo live on ranches today, their genetic makeup is that of a wild animal. They are shaggy, rough, tough and rugged, and their hides reflect their genetic heritage and habits. So, you should expect more character, nicks, scrapes and variations in color. Personally, I love the ruggedness and vintage feel, but I realize not everyone does. Also, you should expect our American buffalo products to be a bit more expensive than their cowhide counterparts, since the hides are smaller and the yield much lower. Remember, too, buffalo hides are more difficult to come by, so every product may not always be available at any given time.


Incidentally, I do know that the scientific name for American Buffalo is Bison . . . however, use of the name “Buffalo” is popular in American culture and that’s what I like to use. After all, it was “Buffalo Bill” not “Bison Bill” and the “buffalo nickel” not the “bison nickel.”

Hey, if it was good enough for Buffalo Bill, it’s good enough for me.





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