Brands As Art

“Art takes many forms. At Col. Littleton you might say we have a new type of “brand awareness.” Having been in the leather business for many years I have come to appreciate the artistry of rancher’s brands . . . so much that I have designed and have a patent pending on a concept to bring this artistry to the forefront as a new art form. I believe it deserves to be displayed and appreciated as an important part of American culture; specifically, the cowboy culture of the American West.”ColonelLittletonSignature 1600pxl

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Art on a Leather Canvas

When a hide comes to us with a rancher’s brand, we set it aside as something special. Colonel inspects and hand picks each branded hide and with a careful eye envisions the possibilities. Some will become part of a finished product, such as a bag or portfolio, and be placed in our Private Stock Collection. Others will be chosen for our Brands as Art Collection.

“Visitors to our Private Stock Retail Store in downtown Lynnville invariably assume that we have ‘branded’ the hides ourselves after the fact. I carefully explain that these are AUTHENTIC RANCHER’S  BRANDS branded by the rancher. We couldn’t make them look the way they do if we tried. These brands have grown with the steer, stretching and changing with the elements and environment over time.” Colonel

Colonel chooses exceptional branded hides for the Brands as Art Collection – where a rancher’s brand journeys into art.

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         All of our hides go through a double-tanning process, giving them the color, softness and quality that is associated with Col. Littleton leather goods. Brands as Art features unique brands cut away from larger hides, laid on a wooden backing and framed in leather that displays its own character and unique markings. No two finished pieces of artwork will ever be the same. Branded leather will also be interpreted in the form of wall hangings, rugs and other concepts as Colonel further develops the Brands as Art Collection.

A Piece of Americana

How you display Brands as Art is up to you. Hang it on the wall in your living room. Display it on a table or shelf. What started out as a 150-year-old tradition of the American West, marking cattle to identify a rancher’s ownership, has found new meaning and purpose . . . an artful purpose. The letters, numbers or symbols that make up a particular branded piece may take on a special meaning for you. Or, you may discover an appreciation simply for the art of the brand itself. Either way, these branded works of art will add something truly unique to your living space.

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These one-of-a-kind pieces are available in our Private Stock Store and on our website.

As Colonel says, “This is a true piece of Americana made from an actual rancher’s brand that I see as a piece of art on a leather canvas.”

We invite you to find your own piece of Americana.

Colonel finds the right pieces of leather to frame a Brands as Art piece.

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Each framed piece has a certificate on the back which has been signed, numbered and dated by the Colonel.

“I have looked at literally thousands of cattle hides and am ever amazed at this art form. To me, it falls somewhere in the realm of hieroglyphics, cave art and graffiti. There’s even an art to reading the brands. You’ll need your best decoding skills and probably some research to decipher them.” Colonel

These one-of-kind pieces are available in our Private Stock Store and on our website.

We invite you to find your own piece of Americana.

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