How Would You Caption This?


Here’s a letter from our customer, Mr. Houghton, who joins our special list of regular customers (whom we lovingly call “Colonel Addicts”). Mr. Houghton, please let your wife know it HAS NOT been proven that a Colonel Littleton addiction is bad for your health. We appreciate the business and know you are better off in the company of the No. 4 Grip.

So, what caption do you think best fits below?


Ladies – this afternoon, as I was boxing up the No. 4 Grip for repair, my wife, simply rolled her eyes and said I have an addiction. If memory serves me, this may not be the first time she said that. Given I’m the only male in the household (1 wife, 2 daughters and 3 female labs), the conversation advanced, as they often do, resulting in the following pictures. Sadly, it does not include our entire portfolio, but regardless, I’d like to think of it as a healthy passion.

A number of captions have been offered, to include:

• Got Colonel?

• What problem?

• It all started with a Moon Pie

• Personalize this.

• Where’s Colonel?

Not clear if I hold the record for owning the most Col. Littleton items, but perhaps I’m in the running.



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