CNBC comes to Lynnville (to talk to the Colonel)

It’s not too often that travelers venture from afar to visit our offices, but on Monday, March 28th two world travelers made the trek from New York to Lynnville, TN. Producer, Liza Hughes, and Videographer, Gerry Miller, of CNBC News arrived at Col. Littleton to film a segment for the CNBC show “The Call”.

In November 2010, I co-engineered eight leather products, mostly for the iPad®, with Griffin Technology Inc., a Nashville-based company and one of the world’s largest providers of personal computing and digital media accessories.

This marriage of high-tech meets heirloom quality leather goods created a successful cooperative partnership between our two Tennessee based businesses, and also made for a good opening story on “The Call’s” new segment, “The Industrial Revolution”. This new weekly segment features companies with an emphasis on products made in America.

Colonel, CNBC producer Liza and videographer Gerry with their new personalized Col. Littleton products.

Gerry filmed all the Lynnville local sites and attractions along with a close up look at our team hand crafting leather goods in our workshop. After putting the spotlight on the Colonel for a quick interview, Liza and Gerry headed to Nashville to visit with Griffin Technology. We appreciate their visit, and hope you enjoyed the video.



Gerry adjusts lighting for Liza’s interview with Colonel.

Gerry films Col. Littleton products for the iPad®.

Gerry watches as Bud embosses initials on our No. 9 Journal.

  • Channel: CNBC
  • Show: The Call
  • Segment: The Industrial Revolution
  • Date: April 1, 2011
  • Time: 11:00 am ET (10:00 am CST)

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