Col. Littleton Underwrites Two Nationally Syndicated Programs on PBS

In the fall of 2013 Col. Littleton joined companies such as Nissan, Griffin Technologies and The Nature Conservancy in underwriting two musical programs – Music City Roots and Bluegrass Underground – for American Public Television.

The shows air in tens of millions of homes in markets that cover about 75% of all US households. Check your local PBS station for air times in your area. You’ll see the Colonel in sponsorship billboards prior to and after each program.

I became interested in the Music City Roots/Bluegrass Underground movement because, like Col. Littleton, they are keepers of the flame of tradition.Their showcase of Americana Roots Music is a perfect fit for our collection of Americana products – all born and bred in the USA.

About Music City Roots

Music City Roots is a weekly live radio show and HD webcast featuring the finest roots and Americana music from or passing through Nashville. Every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. CST, four or five guest artists perform to audiences of 300-600 people in a fantastic barn at the historic Loveless Café, reaching the world via Livestream.com and flagship radio partner Hippie Radio, WHPY at 94.5FM. Music City Roots shines a light on musical diversity, quality and authenticity.

About Bluegrass Underground

Bluegrass Underground is a monthly musical event hosted in Cumberland Caverns since 2008. The program also airs weekly on the AM radio station WSM. The show celebrates Americana and Roots music – musical art forms that are uniquely American. It is an understatement to call the show unique. Bluegrass Underground is filmed in front of a live audience at Cumberland Caverns’ Volcano Room, a subterranean amphitheater, 333 feet below McMinnville, Tennessee. Bluegrass Underground won a Cine Golden Eagle Award for professional non-fiction in spring 2012 and a Telly Silver Award that same year.

At Col. Littleton we’re all about keeping it real and keeping it Americana.

This music is woven into the very fabric of American culture. Even though its roots run deep, it really is a whole new genre of music.

It’s not necessarily about high-powered superstars and not driven by record and concert sales. It provides a global platform for music of artistic integrity, rooted deeply in the culture of Tennessee and branching out to the world . . . artists young and old, known and soon-to-be-known, sharing their hearts and baring their souls for all to enjoy.

Not only is the Music City Roots/Bluegrass Underground movement the keeper of the traditional flame, it is a trusted tastemaker that looks to the future of music in all its forms and sub-genres: bluegrass, folk, alternative, western, rockabilly with crossovers into rock and jazz.

I hope you’ll tune in to some of the PBS shows.

Each show is different and every artist is different. It’s just like that box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get, but there’s a lot to enjoy in every episode.

Excerpt from Music City Roots

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