“Excellence in American Business” . . . A Customer’s Perspective

Here at Col. Littleton, we receive great feedback from our customers almost every day. Now and then, a customer’s comments really jump out at us and speak to the spirit of what we are striving to accomplish in serving our customers well. We just wanted to share this customer’s experience and photo with you:

Customer-shared image showing his newly purchased No. 4 Belt in black, along with all of packaging and informational story cards, including a hand-written "Thank You" post card.

“Excellence in American Business”

“A Big THANK YOU to Col. Littleton, The Great American Leather Company.

“Over a decade ago a close friend who was terminally ill and confined to hospital garb gave me his favorite belt, a Col Littleton in brown.  I’m not sure how long he had it, but I have worn it almost daily for twelve years.  It still looks fine.

“Recently, I decided I wanted another in black and ordered via the internet … easy enough.  When I realized I had ordered the wrong width, I called their office early the next morning and was greeted by a customer service lady who called me by name and talked to me like a next-door neighbor.  The order was easily corrected.

“All email correspondence via order status was signed by the lady I had met on the phone.  Shipment was prompt.

“The shipping container and its contents were all first class.  The material advertising other of their products was in good taste, not cheaply done.  There was a hand written note from my customer service friend thanking me for the order.  Then there were the goodies – a travel pouch for the belt, a beautifully embossed leather coaster … and a moon pie treat accompanied by a fun story from the Colonel’s childhood entitled Moon Pies and Caviar.  The belt was everything I expected, but the package was a lagniappe – a little something extra.

“This is a picture of a company who gets a premium price for a superior product and follows with exemplary service.  Applause for Col Littleton.  This company could be a graduate school case study on how to build a successful specialty business.” – S.B. (submitted 02/06/2022)

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