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I often ask folks . . . “If you had your Grandfather’s pocket knife with his name and the date he received it engraved on it, what would you take for it?” The answer is always, “It would be priceless.”

Nostalgia is a good thing.

In my way of thinking – a sense of history and heritage grounds us in our busy lives today. No matter what the stresses and cares of the day, the comfortable feel of my grandfather’s knife in my pocket always takes me back to a simpler place in time.

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It seems to me that not enough heirlooms are being made today to pass down to future generations. Sorry, I don’t think cell phones and laptops are going to qualify. There are no pearl-handled pistols, no swords, and no engraved pocket watches. There are few hand-written letters or accounts of day-to-day activities being recorded in journals. All we have are emails and postings on Facebook and the like, which we know will be gone in the twinkling of an eye.

Creating Tomorrow’s Heirlooms. I have designed a large part of the items in our line with the hope that they will become family heirlooms. Look down the road, say a hundred years. Isn’t it special to think that someone who carries your last name and your DNA can also carry your personalized bone-handled pocket knife? Perhaps your Saddlebag Briefcase, No 18 Portfolio or No. 3 Grip will occupy a prominent place in the office of a great grandson. Imagine your great granddaughter and her children pouring over your leather-bound journal to see what you did back in 2014.

Heirlooms . . . links to the past – links to the future. Family connections that span space and time. Still-life frames of Americana . . . that’s what the Col. Littleton line is all about.


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When I design a Col. Littleton product, I use the best materials and construction I know how to use, because my goal is to create an heirloom-quality product. Remember, your Col. Littleton bag, journal, portfolio, etc. is an heirloom in the making that begins to soak up your story as soon as you put your hands on it.  Our products are definitely not fragile – they’re strong and durable and made to be used every day in your business, in your travels, in your life.  But, always think of them as family heirlooms.

Treat your bag as you would a bag your grandfather passed down to you; the one that traveled hundreds of miles beside him that could tell amazing stories of his life.  Treat it as if your son, daughter or great grandchild will be carrying it somewhere down the line.   – Colonel




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