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Completion of Colonel’s 1941 WC-6 Command Car Restoration

After several years of working on his beloved Command Car, Colonel has finally completed the restoration.

Read more about Colonel’s journey through the restoration process in the October 2021 publication of Military Vehicles Magazine or in the blog posts below.

The Beginning – Command Car Restoration – The Discover

A Work in Progress – Command Car Update August 2015

cover of military vehicles magazine october 2021 issue
See Colonel’s restoration story in the October 2021 publication of Military Vehicles Magazine.

“A Traveler’s Story”

Video Transcript

Colonel: “Last year, a gentleman in uh, Huntsville, Alabama, and he ordered one of our travel bags. And so he had to leave that afternoon, and so he packed a bag and went to the airport, and it was on uh, the Thanksgiving weekend which is I think the largest travel day of the year or something, that Saturday or something. And so he was in line, he finally got up to check his luggage through and the guys took his bag aside there, you know, and looked at it and the guy called another guy over and they looked at it with him. And you know, this bag has some copper tubing on it and everything and so he kind of volunteered and said ‘hey, that’s my bag. Is there something, you know, wrong?’, and um, people, you know, were lined up, huge line and everything. And the guys said ‘where did you get this bag?’ And he said ‘well, it’s a Colonel Littleton bag’, and he said ‘we’ve never seen anything like it. This is the greatest bag we’ve ever seen.’ You know, and all the people for Thanksgiving were waiting in line and they were admiring this Colonel Littleton bag. So, when you hear stories like that, I think that’s kind of neat. “

“A Wedding in Germany”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I hear all the time from people that they’ll be somewhere and somebody will come up to them and say, ‘is that a Colonel Littleton bag?’ and they’ll say ‘Yes’ and then they become, they almost become friends because they’re sharing the same thing. And, uh, there was a guy that uh, he was a customer of ours and he was headed, a trip planned to go back to Germany to meet, it was a cousin that he wanted to go see, and so, when he got to Germany and he got to his cousin’s house, and the first thing he said ‘I noticed, was my cousin had on one of your belts.’ And he said ‘I had on the same belt’ and he said ‘how strange is that? You know, that we never met, two different parts of the world and we were both wearing a Colonel Littleton belt and both thought they were great.’ You know, so uh, that’s kind of, that’s kind of neat.”

“Inside the Box”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “And we’re talking about product but the box that it goes in, the shipping box. I look at that as being us being a guest in somebody’s house. We want the tape on there straight, we want the box to be great, we want the label straight, like I want that box to make an impression as well as I do the product when they get into it. And I guess the other day, one of the ladies came back, uh, she had been on vacation somewhere and there was a leather shop there at this resort area and she was in looking at it and she said ‘Colonel, I just couldn’t believe it. So I got to looking at this stuff and said the stitches weren’t straight, the margins weren’t either. And I said this here, wouldn’t even get out of our shop, this wouldn’t even get down halfway down the line.’ She said, ‘I guess I just never been around other leather stuff, you know, since I’ve been working here, to realize how the quality level that we maintain.’ So, you know, I think everybody’s proud at what they do.”

“Three Rings and Twenty Seconds”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I don’t believe anybody can get as many emails as we do about our customer service people. There’s a real person that answers the phone, that’s to start with. The phone has to be answered by the end of the third ring. And if you put somebody on hold 20 seconds, that’s the maximum. If they’re on hold more than 20 seconds, then you’ve got to come back on and say ‘I’m sorry you’re having to hold’ or do whatever they can do or ‘can I have them call you back’ or whatever but they’re going to get back to them within that 20 seconds. People have got a gazillion places to buy stuff. They don’t have to call Colonel Littleton to buy some leather goods, they can buy it from a lot of different places. And, uh, if you do more than you get paid for, you’ll always stand out so far, that you’ll always do well.”

“Father’s Day”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “When I think about Father’s Day, it’s always pleasant. Because when I think of my dad, you know, he was somebody that tried to help you and I think everybody has some kinda something that they feel like they got from their father. And my father, he was an old country fella. He didn’t get a lot of education. But he was an encourager. He’d encourage you . . . anything I ever wanted to do as a kid and growing up, he would encourage me. I don’t care what it was. Even though he probably knew that it wasn’t gonna work out, he would encourage me. And so I think that’s powerful when you encourage young people, and even as I got older, he never ever said ‘Well, I don’t believe you can do that. I think you’ve taken off more than you can chew here. I think you’re biting off too big a deal.’ He always said, ‘I believe you can do it.’ And he always did what he could to help you out. So that’s how I see Father’s Day.”

“Plastic and Velcro”

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I somehow think that things had a lot of character at one time. And, I don’t think plastic and velcro is something that’s going to be a family heirloom. I just don’t deal in that, and uh, I take a lot of inspiration from old pieces of something that I pick up or I get a piece of an idea from this and a piece of an idea from that. And then I’ll play with it and mess with it til it look like what I think it ought to look like and really it usually looks like something that could have been made a hundred years ago, but I just adapted it, to use it, for, to function in today’s world. And so if you’re looking for a slick, black Italian looking briefcase, then I’m not you’re guy. I mean, I’m just not your man. But if you want something that’s Americana looking, and maybe a little taste of, uh, you know, the old west or something on a steam engine or train that somebody was carrying then that’s probably where I, that’s probably where I see it.

“How’s Your Conduct?”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “When I was a kid growing up in the country, in a small town, a lot of the older men, when they’d meet a boy, I guess rather than saying, well you know ‘How are you doin’?’ or ‘How are you feelin’?’ or something like that, they’d say, ‘How’s your conduct, son?’ And that just seemed to be something that was kind of a country expression I used to hear. I had kind of forgotten about it, until here in Lynnville one day on the street, a gentleman came by and he said, ‘Colonel, how’s your conduct?’ And it just hit me all over again, and I thought, what a great comment, you know? What a great question that is, or a greeting when you meet somebody. The governor was down here a while back. When I walked out to meet him, the first thing I said to him, I said, ‘Governor, how’s your conduct?’ He said, ‘Well, I guess it’s pretty good, you know?’ I said, ‘”Stellar” is the answer, Governor, gotta say “Stellar!”‘ So that’s kinda neat. So it’s kinda . . . I guess everybody that sees me now, they say ‘Stellar’ or ‘How’s your conduct?’ so it’s kinda become part of what we do.”

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“Always Do More”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I want things to be right. I don’t have anywhere for second-rate anything. I’m just not in the second rate business. And I say this even when I go speak to young people or college groups or wherever I go. One thing I always speak on in my subject matter most of the time is I always say: “Always do more than you get paid for.” I don’t care what job it is, I don’t care what you do; you figure out how to do more than you get paid for and you’ll stand out way above the rest ‘cause so few people even do what they get paid for. When you do more than you get paid for, you’re gonna really stand out. If they work for you, it’s not gonna be the first person you let go when time’s get tough. (laughing) You’re gonna be the one that gets promoted, be the one that gets the raise, the one that gets the business. It’s just . . . it’s not, it’s not that difficult.”

What Our Customers Say…

Every day, we receive notes from our customers telling us how they feel about our products, customer service, and our company in general. Here is just one of the many we’d like to share:

Dear Col Littleton,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about a mishap that I had with one of your products and commend you on the durability of your workmanship.  

I work for XXX at our XXX, GA, North America demo site and customer center.  We maintain an active construction site year round to train dealers, customers and perform demonstrations of our heavy equipment.  

In the spring of 2019, I got home and realized that I had misplaced my Col. Littleton Alligator Front Pocket Wallet with Flap and looked everywhere for it.  It dawned on me that I had to take some keys out of my pocket during a customer demo that day and that it must have fallen out.  I searched for days thinking that it would show up but to no avail.  

Fast forward about 9 months and someone came up to me and asked if I had lost anything – they proceeded to hand me the wallet which they found buried in about 4’ of mud and rocks.  The wallet was still intact with all of its contents even though it was covered in mud and had obviously been run over by a bulldozer many times.  

I have attached a couple of pictures of the cleaned up wallet and while it is obviously beyond repair, I thought you would be glad to know that not a stitch is missing.  I have been using my backup Col Littleton Buffalo Front Pocket Wallet until I can save up to replace the alligator one that I loved.  

Please keep up the good work, you and your team should be very proud of the amazing designs and workmanship that you continue to produce.

Michael N. in Georgia

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