12 Best Father’s Day Gifts

12 best Father's day gift ideas

“Most of the things I do have a nostalgic feel to them… things that are handcrafted… things that can be personalized and passed down in families.” – Colonel Littleton

There is something special about a gift that can be personalized. It holds a unique charm as it reflects thoughtful consideration and a personal touch, making the recipient feel truly valued and cherished. Most of our products at Col. Littleton can be personalized, making them extraordinary gifts for events such as Father’s Day. Whether you are shopping for your father, grandfather or husband, this blog features 12 Father’s Day gift ideas that he is sure to love.

  1. Leather Tumbler Set
  2. Belts
  3. No. 3 Dresser Caddy
  4. No. 120 Valet Tray
  5. Col. Littleton Cologne
  6. Veranda Glasses – Set of 4
  7. No. 9 Journal available with Golf, Fishing, Ruled, and Unruled Fillers
  8. Wallets
  9. No. 5 Travel Grip Bag
  10. No. 2 Shave Kit
  11. No. 24 Leather Apron
  12. No. 1 Back Scratcher & No. 1 Flyswatter

1. For the on-the-go Coffee/Tea Drinker

The Leather Tumbler Set is a Father’s Day gift you simply cannot go wrong with. No matter where he carries it, he’s sure to evoke a fair amount of “tumbler sleeve envy,” but he shouldn’t let that bother him. Tell him to hook it over his finger and carry on. The leather tumbler sleeve can be personalized with his initials and is made in the Col. Littleton Workshop – Lynnville, TN USA.

Available in Vintage Brown American Steerhide, Tobacco Brown American Buffalo and American Alligator

2. Leather Belts that Last a Lifetime

The uniqueness of our belt collection is in their adjusting feature. The traditional front buckle belt allows only three inches of fluctuation. Colonel’s belt adds another 8 inches, adjusting in one-inch increments. This means that one size fits almost everyone, which also makes it a great gift item.

Aside from being one of the most functional and practical belt collections on the market, this collection looks uncommonly good… especially with khakis and jeans, for which it was designed.

Man wearing No. 4 Belt in Vintage Brown
No. 4 Belt in Italian Bridle Leather
No. 5 Cinch belt in Vintage Brown Steerhide and stainless steel hardware
No. 5 Cinch Belt in Italian Bridle Leather
no 4 tobacco buffalo belt - shown on a man
No. 4 Belt in Tobacco Brown American Buffalo

The Perfect Drop Zones

The No. 3 Dresser Caddy and No. 120 Valet Tray are without a doubt favorites among our male customers. Your dad might not know he needs one, but once it’s his, he won’t know how he survived without it.

Depending on the amount of random items he collects in his pockets throughout the day, you might find that the No. 3 Dresser Caddy will do the trick. However, if his pockets are more like Mary Poppins’ magic carpet bag, you might want to go with the No. 120 Valet Tray.

3. No. 3 Dresser Caddy

4. No. 120 Valet Tray

5. Love at First Smell

Classically understated – unmistakably cool. A hint of citrus makes this fragrance refreshing and delightful. Your dad will experience love at first smell when he opens this gift on Father’s Day. We could say more but we’ll let this review speak for itself…

Cologne bottle sitting on wooden table front view with lid and gift box

6. A Classy Touch to Dad's Study

For an especially sophisticated Father’s Day gift we recommend our Tobacco Brown American Buffalo Veranda Glass Set that can be personalized with one initial. With this unique gift, Dad can add a rich look to his study, library, media room or even in the boardroom. Just picture him in his recliner sipping his favorite beverage by the fireside and you’ll know you bought a winner.

The elegant Bison leather wraps are trimmed in American Steerhide and assembled with solid brass rivets. The edge stitching and coating are hallmarks of quality construction.

Also available in Italian Bridle Leather.

7. To Document Dad's Adventures

For the avid outdoorsman or golf enthusiast, the No. 9 Journal is the perfect Father’s Day gift. What sets it apart are the various fillers tailored to his interests. Whether he enjoys casting lines or teeing off on the green, there’s a dedicated fishing or golfing insert to document his adventures. And for moments of reflection or creative expression, ruled and unruled inserts offer endless possibilities. You can order the Journal with the filler that fits you Dad to a tee!

Fillers contains about 100 sheets of recycled “desert haze” paper, laced into the journal with ⅛” leather lacing. When full, insert may be removed and filed away. (Replacement fillers available.)

no9 brown american leather journal with notepad on wood desk
No. 9 Journal

8. Dad's Everyday Carry

Yes, we know… wallets are on nearly every Father’s Day guide. But there is a reason Col. Littleton wallets stand out among the rest. Our wallets have a special feel (and a distinctive leather smell) to them. Choose from Tobacco Brown American Buffalo, Vintage Brown American Steerhide, and American Alligator.

tobacco american buffalo leather front pocket wallet with initial personalization in front of vintage books
Front Pocket Wallet
No. 4 Billfold Wallet in Vintage Brown American Steerhide - 2 wallets on an antique desk next to vintage spectacles - Front wallet to the left, closed, showing 3 embossed initials - back wallet, center right, open and showing driver's license, a credit card, and cash
No. 4 Billfold Wallet
no 102 vintage brown billfold with personalization stamp
No. 102 Billfold

9. For the Traveling Man

No. 5 Grip lifestyle
No. 5 Grip Bag

Dad will be turning heads in the airport as he travels with this leather Gladstone-inspired duffle bag in American Steerhide.

His bag will be serial numbered and will feature a brass plate that you can have personalized with his initials. He’ll find a hidden interior pocket under the removable panel.

“While rummaging through my collection of vintage travel grip bags, I came upon an old Gladstone Bag which rekindled my long-standing desire to make one. Named after four-time Prime Minister of the UK, William Gladstone, the bag was prevalent in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I had always shied away from making it due to the complexity of the design; however, I loved the look so much I decided to muster up some turn-of-the-century British fortitude and go for it.”

– Colonel Littleton

10. A Traveling Game Changer

Whether for work or for fun, our No. 2 Shave Kit will be a game changer in Dad’s travels. This is not your usual “pop-open” shave kit. The combination of leather and canvas produces a toiletry bag pleasing to the eye and durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel for years. Even when this one is road-tested and battle-scarred, it will still have a look of quality and character. Available in American Steerhide and American Buffalo.

11. For the Man Who is Always on the Grill

No. 24 Leather Apron

There are so many uses for a good leather apron that I hate to categorize this one. Obviously, it’s great for the outdoor chef intent on cooking up some serious barbecue. The leather apron also serves well for the handyman in the workshop.

“You may not know what you’re doing, but in this apron you can fool a lot of people.”


We chose a tougher leather to give this apron its rugged look, so expect to see character marks – they’re part of the plan. Leather strap at waist adjusts through two brass d-rings to achieve a just-right fit. Three large pockets at the bottom. The brass oval plate on the center chest pocket may be engraved with three initials.

12. For the Dad Who Has Everything

Who needs a leather back scratcher or flyswatter? Absolutely no one. You can easily find cheap plastic versions of both of these items at your local discount store. These gifts are for the father who “already has everything” and can appreciate the novelty in a good conversation starter piece.

No. 1 Back Scratcher – Almost heaven . . . that’s where we’d rank a good back scratch. So, sooner or later there had to be a Colonel-inspired back scratcher. And, this handmade one’s a dandy. American oak handle with leather lanyard for hanging. Bridle leather pad supports three double-pronged solid brass “scratchers.”

No. 1 Flyswatter – This is our original 31-hole model. Handmade American oak handle with leather lanyard and bridle leather paddle. 20.5″ long. Brass engraving plaque. Substantial enough for the occasional wayward hornet or bumblebee.

back scratcher made of solid brass on a wooden table
No. 1 Back Scratcher
No. 1 Fly Swatter
No. 1 Flyswatter
Published: May 23, 2024

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