A Letter From a Boy Scout

It all began in a hot air balloon basket

Last year, Miller’s High Life Balloon Crew came to Lynnville to show us their hot air balloon basket accompanied by the owner’s son and devout Boy Scout, Marshall. They brought out the basket, fired the burner and gave us a rundown on how everything works. Hot air balloons are undoubtedly a sight to be seen and a super neat invention but we did wonder about the courage it must have taken the very first pilot to take flight!

Colonel and Marshall in hot air balloon on the ground
Colonel in a hot air balloon

Later that same year, Marshall took a leather class during winter Boy Scout Camp and really enjoyed it. He and his fellow troops decided that they would like to get more practice with leather-working so Marshall took the initiative to reach out to his new friend, Colonel! 

Marshall wrote a letter to Colonel requesting some scrap leather so that he and his troops could work on some more leather projects.

Letter from Marshall to Colonel

Colonel was overjoyed knowing that some young boys had an interest in learning more about his craft and promptly sent a few boxes full of leather to Marshall and the other Boy Scouts. We received photos soon thereafter of Marshall working on some new leather skills!

marshall with leather-working supplies
marshall punching holes in leather project
mashall working on leather project
Published: February 19, 2024

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