The American Soldier – Recognizing Those Who Serve

The American Soldier – Recognizing Those Who Serve

Veterans Day is a special day to me, and I enjoy events surrounding the holiday that celebrate and honor the American soldier past and present. I am always humbled by the stories of courage and sacrifice by these men and women who are on the front lines securing our safety, liberty and way of life.

LTC Jeff Hackett speaks at his promotion ceremony

On Friday, November 5, 2010, in Washington DC, Major Jeffrey Scott Hackett was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in a military ceremony at the Pentagon – perhaps not a big deal in the worldwide scheme of things – but, you know, it really is a big deal when you think about it.

I’ve known Jeff almost from the day he was born and watched him grow up to fill this role. He has a brilliant mind. He could have chosen many paths in life, but all he ever wanted to do was serve his country, which he has done admirably as an infantryman, as a rifle company commander in Afghanistan and now as a LTC stationed at the Pentagon. (He always teases me by saying that someday he is going to catch up with my “rank” of Colonel.) I exalt him today, not only because he is like a son to me, but also because he is exemplary of all the unknown names and faces of those who have served our nation from the days of the American Revolution to the present and on whom our freedom rests.

Jeff, Ozelle, Jackson & Graham Hackett at the promotion ceremony

The American soldier does not serve alone – the service extends to those families who either travel from post to post or wait anxiously at home while their loved one serves abroad. Ozelle, Jackson and Graham will never forget that November day at the Pentagon when they had the honor of “pinning rank” on their husband and father, and I hope all of us as Americans never forget to give due honor to those who serve our country.



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