Enjoy What You Do

Colonel working in his office

But as the old saying goes, if you enjoy what you do, that’s what’s important. That’s probably what you should look for, not money or fame.

The Wrong Century

Working writing down ideas

“I have a fascination with older things for some reason. You know there are always people who say they were born in the wrong century…”

Hot Rod Garage

Colonel working in the hot rod garage

“I bought this old building and we restored it and I moved all my junk in here you see…”

“A Sense of Pride”

Colonel posing outside of the retail store

“You’ve got to have quality people to make a quality product. Now you can make average stuff… it’s no trouble to make average stuff.”

“Peace of Mind”

Colonel sitting on porch

“I think what makes me happiest is to have peace of mind, and that’s hard to do. It’s hard to have peace of mind about everything.”

The Photograph

WilliamRileyLittleton web

My Dad, or “Pap” as I called him, handed me a photograph one day and asked, “Do you know who this is?

“Memorial Day”

Blog Feature Image - Memorial Day

“Sometimes I think Memorial Day gets kinda shifted. And I think we kinda move through it and don’t really think about it like we should.”

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Enjoy What You Do

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