Col. Littleton Adjustable Belts

Video Transcript:

Colonel: “A little information about the Colonel Littleton adjustable belt: Our belt is adjustable on the side. As you can see here, if you unhook the hook, it has nine holes. You can secure it in any one of these holes, so it gives you quite an adjusting range depending on whether you buy the small, large, or extra-large sizes. They all adjust within that range. This belt, something else I’d like to mention too, when you wear it, always wear it in the middle hole and adjust it on the side. That way, the front of the belt will always look good. If you wear it in this hole, that hole, or that hole, you’ll eventually just have it looking like you’ve got railroad tracks across the front of your belt. I designed this belt several years ago, secured a patent on it, and we were the only ones making this belt. So it’s really unique. I got the design from an army rifle sling. I think you’ll enjoy wearing one.”

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