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Colonel sitting in rocking chair on front porch playing guitar.It Ain’t A Story . . . Until You Tell It.

It seems Colonel is always reminded of a good story . . .

“I grew up in the rural south, and that was just part of it. . . people telling stories.  I always associated moments or things with stories, and I would retain them, or I’d see something and think it has to have a story with it. So I’d write them down. Then I was introduced to Steve Ivey, who owns a recording studio.  We got to talking and were sharing ideas, and then we decided to collaborate. And, one day it all came together.”

Colonel spent some time in the recording studio and now he has his own CD!


Colonel sitting on a stool, talking into a recording mic in a studio.              Colonel and Steve Ivey sitting at sounding board.

TALES & TUNES – 16 Tracks of Stories & Instrumentals

All Lyrics by Colonel Littleton / Music by Steve Ivey

These stories are about everyday living, what’s important in life and the experiences you have.  Colonel says, “Some of us are smart enough to learn from people’s experiences. But, most of us have to learn it on our own, and experience is a dear teacher.”


Colonel also designed a one-of-a-kind leather cover for the CD. He’s pretty sure there is not another leather cover out there like it!

“All I really wanted was to make a leather CD cover, so I made a CD to go along with it.  I guess if I got up the nerve, I’d do a vinyl album so I could have a leather album cover.”

Colonel’s new CD shows off his unique storytelling and sense of style, much like you’ll find in his leather goods.

Colonel's Tales and Tunes CD with the leather CD cover.

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