Colonel’s New Year’s Resolutions

I have always felt that New Year’s resolutions should be 

made to improve your life and enhance the

lives of others. So with that in mind,

my New Year’s resolutions are as follows…

1. Hug more pretty girls…

2. Eat more banana puddin’!

3. Finish the restoration of my 1942 Dodge Command Car.

4. Give more of my money to the government…

5. Then I’m going to quit working for money and instead

just try to be a blessing every day… I wonder if there’s

any taxes or regulations on being a blessing?

6. Finish the three books I’ve been working on for the last four years.

7. Get the CD, “Stories & Picking,” I’ve been working on for three years wrapped up.

8. Live every day by my new slogan,

“Thin’s in, but fat’s where it’s at.”

9. I guess I’d better cancel No. 3, unless I can get a government loan because being a blessing don’t pay that much.

10. And finally, I think I’m going to get an estimate on one of those Life Style Lifts.

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