All In the Family

We love to see how appreciation for our “functional works of art” is rooted in a family. This letter came from our customer Captain Zachary Lanier Nash, United States Air Force (Pictured on the right here).

(Pictured: Dr. Christoph Halfmann and Captain Zachary Nash sporting their No. 5 Cinch Belts)

Dear Col. Littleton,

One hundred and forty-seven years ago my great, great grandfather left his home in Prussia and came to Somerville, Tennessee making his profession a lock and gunsmith. These old German roots run deep and to this day my family loves quality, nostalgia, leather, brass and functional works of art. When we discovered Col. Littleton it was a natural fit. Like you, we have many treasured items in our home: spectacles, tobacco tins, pocket watches, pipes, dusty tintypes from Berlin, German letters from 1866 to the late 1970s and an old steamer trunk.

Seven years ago we reunited with our German family. An email from my mother to the last known living relative resulted in a returned email containing a digitized picture of my mother from when she was three years old and letters from Great, Great Granddaddy. It seems they saved old stuff, too.

I am now stationed in Germany with the Air Force and we have spent two wonderful Christmases with our beloved family. And, wouldn’t you know it, among them are a world champion pistol shooter, watch collectors and people who love brass leather and functional works of art. When I saw my cousin carrying a No. 5 Dispatch Bag, that’s when I knew that your products embody something greater than simple quality, they are a part of our lives. And, I would hazard a guess that’s because a part of your life and those of your craftsmen find their way into each item you sell.

There are those of us in the world that love a 20 year old jacket more today than when we bought it. Your company embodies this kind of thinking by making products that allow for that kind of enjoyment. I’m sure if my great, great grandfather had been able to purchase a No. 5 Cinch belt, I would be wearing it today. Our family’s values survived a treacherous ocean journey, the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis, the Great Depression, two world wars and years of separation. It doesn’t surprise me that we share a love of your fine accouterments.

Thank you for your continued commitment to all things worthy of keeping.


Zachary Lanier Nash, Captain, USAF


I have enclosed a picture of my cousin Dr. Christoph Halfmann and me after planting some trees near his cottage on the North Sea in Dangast, Germany. His son got him a No. 5 Cinch Belt while traveling in Tennessee. We both proudly wear one in this picture.

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