Hot Rod Garage

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I was trying to make a rationalization for owning this building or buying it. I told everybody that it was going to be called the Hot Rod Garage and Car Museum or something you know. I was trying to rationalize it, and I learned a long time ago if you’ve got a bunch of old cars around the house or you bring one home somehow the wife just, you know, it’s always a problem you see. So I thought “out of sight-out of mind.” So I bought this old building and we restored it and I moved all my junk in here you see. Now, my wife thinks there’s snakes and spiders in here so she won’t come in here [Colonel chuckles]. So now I got a place to keep all of my junk. We keep all kind of things, so I got a lot of props so as we take photographs or we need stuff… and I’m kind of a collector anyway of stuff so it just kind of fulfills that need.”

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