Made In USA


Video Transcript

Colonel: “I like to think that we, uh, influence people with what we do. That we make a product that people enjoy getting it, and they enjoy using it, they feel good about it, and uh, I get inspired trying to treat people right. I want our customer service to be as good as we can make it and maybe the best there is out there. That inspires me to do that, to give people, uh, a good experience, to make them feel good, to make them feel like that somewhere in America, that it’s still the way it ought to be. That your word means something, you stand behind it, you deliver a good product, if you need help, they’ll help you out. And that motivates me every day, uh, you know customer service and treatin’ people right, is kind of like courtin’ an old maid, you just can’t overdo it. *laughs* You know, so, I think, I think that speaks for it.